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WWE Superstars Redux (March 27th, 2014): Same Dance, Different Show

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s WWE Superstars Redux. Someone call Queen Bey as “I SWEAR IT’S DEJA-VU”! Battling tonight are Emma and Summer Rae, two Divas I’ve seen face each other 5793102846 bazillion times already. The two differences today are 1. the fact the match is on Superstars instead of NXT, and 2. Fandango has bothered to support his woman this time and he’s ringside. In honour of Fandango, I order you all to speak the normal TO THE VIDEO! below in the same style as he would say FAAAAHHHHHNNN-DAAAAHHHNNN-GOOOOOO. Deep breaths everyone…



Out first this week is the sizzling Summer Rae, accompanied by her man who she’s been seriously getting to grips with on Total Divas, Fandango. Let’s hope they don’t need to get a room tonight. Although, Summer could get a room to change that ring attire. Not a fan. Bring back the NXT attires. I don’t want to see tassles!

Out next to a nice reaction is Emma! Sadly, the nationwide arena crowds aren’t as practiced at doing the “WOOOOOAAAAH” when she tries getting in the ring, yet I’m sure they’ll learn in time!

Summer starts the match with a kick to the gut of Emma, yet the Australian retaliates with a shoulder block. Summer then ducks under Emma, and Emma hilariously plays mind games by laying next to Summer, sending the Total Diva seething. Summer tries to jump on Emma, yet the bubbly Emmatainer dodges it before laughing at Summer. Summer then boards the Emmaplane and it seems like the turbulence has affected Emma aswell! Summer makes her way to her nearest emergency exit, outside the ring, where she is met by the flamboyant cabin crew member. Like breathing apparatus in the event of a crash, Emma comes down from above, grabbing Summer by the hair. However, Summer decides she doesn’t need any additional help with her respiratory system and sweeps Emma’s legs from under hear, sending her crashing to the mat.

Summer goes for a cover before stomping at Emma and going for another pin. Being relentless will definitely get Emma out of breath. Summer then utilizes her epic arsenal of submissions, wrenching Emma with a lotus lock and bodyscissors. Emma tries to pin Summer yet Summer kicks out and keeps the bodyscissors locked in. Emma eventually elbows her way out and hits a gorgeously fluid schoolgirl for two. Summer fights back with a tight front facelock. The move is successful for a while until Emma makes a major comeback.

After two clotheslines and a major punch to the face, Emma hits the DilEmma and the refreshed named Emmamite Sandwich. Makes more sense than just Emma Sandwich. I see what they did with the Vegemite reference! Emma grabs at Summer’s ankles and although Summer gets free at first, she ends up being tripped by Emma and submitting to the Emma lock. Another win for Emma. Another loss for Summer.

Thoughts: A nice little contest from these two, I liked it! The opening comedy was entertaining and I thought the way that Summer shifted the momentum was pretty original; I don’t think I’ve seen something like that too often! The front facelock spot before Emma’s comeback seemed awkward and like the girls were maybe lost to what was next to come yet other than that, this was short and mostly sweet!

What I didn’t like though was that this was yet another loss for Summer. She only won her debut against Natalya and since then, she’s not won in singles action. She’s only won one other match to my knowledge which was the Main Event match from this week, and she didn’t gain too much from that considering she didn’t score the pinfall. I think a Face will be champion next so I think that Emma has been called up at the complete wrong time to be honest, so pushing Summer seems like the logical thing to do. WWE and logic don’t really mix though do they?!

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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