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WWE Superstars Redux (November 4th, 2016): Alicia outfoxes Dana Brooke

Alicia Fox is back in action on her seemingly new home, WWE Superstars. This week’s episode kicks off with Alicia versus Dana Brooke.

The match begins in a tie up with Dana overpowering Fox. Never one to back down or be placed in a corner, Alicia releases some of her trade mark crazy with a hard slap to her opponent.

Brooke catches the upper-hand early and keeps it with some offense from Alicia peppered in as well. Fox is able to counter an irish whip from Dana and land a kick to her unsuspecting foe. Using the momentum from the counter, Fox is able to hit Dana with the scissors kick for the win.

Thoughts: Is anyone else LIVING for how on point Fox has been with her gear lately? I feel like ever since the end of Team Bella, Fox has been slaying with her gear choices.

I was so excited for Fox to pick up the win. Even though it was a short match, I thought it was worked well. I liked how both ladies sold the story of Dana being so strong and how Alicia used her veteran savvy to overcome the strength difference. I also commend Corey Graves (as always) for adding a layer to the story by mentioning how Alicia Fox is one of the strongest women on the RAW roster as well. Just that simple statement helped put over that despite how physically strong Alicia is, she was still having trouble going up against Dana. He successfully elevated both women at the same time.

This win helped Alicia, but because of the way it was crafted, did not take away from Dana’s credibility as a competitor. I hope this will be the beginning of a momentum push for Foxy, she has definitely earned a spot in the mix on RAW.

What did you think of this week’s WWE Superstars match?

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