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WWE Superstars Redux (November 8th, 2013): Foxy Falls to Another ‘Total Divas’ Foe

Hello readers, and welcome to another WWE Superstars Redux. I’m filling in for Jack this week, and it’s his loss, because we’ve got a nice exciting match on deck between Alicia Fox and Naomi, who of course has Cameron by her side. Let’s watch:

We start the match, as we do with so many, with a tie-up. Naomi takes control, wrenching Alicia’s arm. Alicia cartwheels out of it and reverses the hold. Noami soon does the same, except with a somersault, bringing Alicia to a sitting position the mat and kicking her in the face.

Naomi goes for an early pin, but Alicia simply stands up out of it. Impressive! Slightly odd, but impressive! Alicia tries to roll up Naomi for a pin of her own, but no dice. She again wraps her arms around Naomi, capturing her in a hold, but Naomi arm drags her out of it, dropkicking her in the face for good measure.

Alicia exits the ring for a breather, reentering the ring after a few moments. Naomi tries to show some good sportsmanship by helping Alicia to her feet, but Alicia slaps her hand away. This turns into a shoving match, which Alicia wins with a knee to the stomach. She drives Naomi into the corner and then takes her out with a hair mare. With Naomi down, Alicia takes her time before locking her in a sleeper hold.

Naomi slowly fights Alicia off, going for the attack, but it’s reversed into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Naomi gets pinned, but kicks out at two. Alicia hits her with a Northern Lights suplex, going for another pin. Naomi kicks out again. Alicia catches her in another sleeper, giving Cameron the opportunity to fire up the crowd and help Naomi power out of the hold.

She’s woozy, but Naomi gets the better of the ensuing exchange, hitting Alicia with a firey hurricanrana. She continues her momentum out on the ring apron, kicking Alicia in the head, flipping over her back into the ring and attempting a springboard move, which Alicia blocks. Naomi perseveres, though, hitting a leg drop and going for a pin. Alicia kicks out.

With a jab to the eyes and a really unique-looking leg maneuver, Alicia goes for the pin. Naomi kicks out, and Alicia immediately keeps on her, pulling her to her feet. Naomi turns it into a monkey flip, though, getting to her feet, ducking a clotheline and hitting the Rear View. Naomi gets the pin and the win!

Thoughts: I think these two really gelled well, which surprised me. Usually – at least to me – Alicia’s unreigned style tends to clash with her opponents, but I think meeting a woman with a similar springy athleticism helped. She sure sold Naomi’s moves like a champ.

I’m glad Alicia is able to bust out some really interesting moves, breaking that “heels are boring” mold with one move whose name I’m not even sure of! You know, that one with the legs and the smashing of the face. Heels aren’t all rest holds and taunts, and Alicia showed that. She was able to do exciting moves, but keep her heel character visible by acting snotty towards Naomi when she offered her a hand.

I think if the WWE needs a foil for the babyfaces, Alicia’s the perfect one. She sells their moves well and has a few interesting ones of her own to dish out, so the match isn’t one-sided. To be honest, if we have to have a Diva jobbing to the Total Divas stars, I’d rather it be Alicia. She’s makes losing much more exciting than Aksana does. Hey, even if she’s losing, at least it’s more entertaining than her being AJ Lee‘s voiceless sidekick.

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