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WWE Superstars Redux (October 9th, 2014): We Used to Be Friends

Heeeeeey everybody! I don’t know how things are going across the pond or across the rest of the world, but the weather here has been ridiculous this past week. Storming and hail stoning and end of the world type stuff one minute, and uncomfortable sunny heat the next. What even?

Last night saw WWE revisit and ageing rivalry as Naomi went one on one with Cameron. It’s sure to be an interesting match, so let’s get on with.

Naomi’s out first, and funk is on a roll as she’s all smiles. Her expression turns sour as Cameron’s music hits. Renee Young is on commentary still, and she takes us down memory lane. On Total Divas right now, Naomi and Cameron are at odds. But they broke up a while ago on TV so this is where trying to cross storylines doesn’t particularly work. But if you’re willing to be reasonable and let that go, then it’s no a problem.

Naomi wants to get straight down to it, but Cameron’s a little more concerned with her aesthetics, as Renee so graciously puts. Naomi’s not one to wait in line behind a mirror, however, so she goes for a roll up attempt right away that almost costs Cameron the match.

Cameron’s unimpressed and comes back with a kick to the mid-section and some right hands, but Naomi takes her down off the ropes with a beautiful Thesz press that the crowd pops for. Cameron heads to the safety of the outside and, from there, she taunts Naomi. But Naomi’s not going to take it and she lines Cameron up for a sweet looking would-be dive. Before Naomi jumps, Cameron slides back into the ring and Naomi is able to keep herself up on the apron. She nails Cameron with a kick to the head. Naomi lines her up for a shoulder to the gut, but Cameron counters with a shot to the mid section and then a big kick to the head.

Cameron with a pin attempt and a count of one to add to her belt. She taunts Naomi as the latter tries to gather herself on the mat.

“We used to be friends!”

Cameron with a suplex and a split-legged pin attempt for a two count. Frustrated, Cameron locks Naomi in on the mat, but Naomi’s not done for just yet. She fights out and hits a beautiful tidal hop, complete with a stunner! Beautiful! Cameron’s sell is fabulous too, and I’d be surprised if she gets up from that quickly.

Lo and behold she does, but it’s not for long as Naomi throws everything but the kitchen sink at her, and finishes her off with a Rear View for the one, two, three!

Naomi dances herself home as Cameron leaves, disappointed but, I’m sure, not deterred.

Thoughts: Renee Young said it best: Naomi absolutely should be having matches with AJ Lee and Paige. Cameron’s sell from that stunner was so on point and I loved it. I thought this was a decent match. I’m always impressed with Naomi and while Cameron might not be up to Naomi’s standard just yet, Cameron does have A LOT of personality and sometimes, in WWE, that ends up taking you a lot further than God-given talent. We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds, but it would be a crime to deprive Naomi of a run with the Divas Championship.

You hear me, Trips? Vince? Queen Steph?

Until next time! Ciao x

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