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WWE Superstars Redux (September 28th, 2012): Eve and Layla Deliver in a Non-Title Rematch

Hola everyone, and welcome to this week’s Superstars Redux. This week, we’ve got a rematch from Night of Champions, albeit this time not for the Divas Championship, as Eve squares off against Layla. Can Layla prove Eve’s title win was a fluke victory? Or will Eve cement her status as Divas Champ? Find out by scrolling down!

After the entrances of Eve and Layla, (which are actually refreshing since Matt Striker and Josh Mathews have something interesting to talk about going on in the division as opposed to the random three facts about each Diva we normally hear), the bell sounds and the two Divas lock up. Eve with a nice flip over as they exchange wrist locks, and Eve scores with a sunset flip attempt that Layla counters into a dropkick. Eve laughs it off and offers a hand shake, but Layla refuses the offer and executes her bridge roll up pin. Eve counters into a roll up of her own, but Layla gets her shoulders up as the two continue the wrist locks.

Eve tosses Layla to the outside, and goes for a spear, but Layla hits some sharp kicks for a two count. From there, she goes for her springboard corner crossbody, only Eve kicks her off the ropes for a two count. Eve now takes the advantage, continuing her assault over the former champion with a choke hold in the corner. She kicks Layla to the canvas, before reverting into a really nice leg submission that I may have never seen set up in the way miss Torres executed it. Eve breaks it off and Layla now starts to fire up in the corner, but Eve kicks her down and heads up! She leaps off with a moonsault… but Layla just barely rolls out of the way and scores with a kick to the skull for the win!

Thoughts: I really liked this match, much like I did at Night of Champions. Eve and Layla work pretty hard together and they seem to put in various spots to stand out from the typical match we normally see in these Superstars bouts. I’m sure Layla will be the one facing Eve at the next pay per view, especially due to her rematch clause and now victory over the Divas champ. Not sure I would have went for this match being on Superstars as opposed to Raw, but if it would have been on Raw you can pretty much guarantee it wouldn’t have been given the same time it got here so I’m not as bothered about it. Hopefully Eve moves on to Kaitlyn once Layla’s rematch is out of the way so that we can get closer to this mystery Diva attacker storyline playing out to the finish!

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