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WWE Superstars Redux (September 9, 2010): A Shattered Dreams Production Starring Gail Kim and Jillian

This week on Superstars, we have our first look at the new NXT rookies accompanying their Pros in a mixed tag match. We have Goldust (accompanied by Aksana) pairing up with Gail Kim going head to head with Primo (accompanied by AJ Lee) teaming with Jillian. Definitely a possibility of interference by the rookies, but will it happen? Will the winning streak started on Tuesday be continued by Primo and everybody’s favorite Songstress Jillian? Or can will a new Shattered Dreams production break the box office? Lets find out!

(Quick note: If you didn’t see William Regal’s rap at the beginning of the program, seek it out! It was funny as hell and he even tried to “groove” whilst rapping! If Jillian can get an iTunes album, I think Regal should have one of his own. Now back to our Divas report!)

Out first is the (somewhat odd) pairing of Goldust and Gail Kim, with Aksana at his side. Quite a good reaction for this team! Gail is in her lovely lavander gear while Aksana is staying with her pro’s colors, a black top and pants with leopard print trimming. She’s stunning, no doubt about it. Next out is Primo and Jillian, accompanied by AJ Lee.  Jillian’s sporting her usual outfit but this time it’s sea green – very nice color on her! AJ’s in a purple top and black shorts, very bouncy and energetic. The rookies exit the ring as the bell chimes, and it’s Primo and Goldust starting things off.

I confess, I didn’t pay much attention (despite my fondness for Goldust). I’m here to see Gail and Jillian, those two never disappoint! After hitting a slingshot on Primo into the ropes, Goldust tags in Gail. She mounts the turnbuckle, seeking perhaps a missile dropkick on Primo but he exits the ring as Jillian enters the fray. Opting out of that move, Gail jumps down and ducks under a running clothesline by Jillian. The two turn and Gail gets the upperhand, hitting a forearm shot and a kick to the thigh before whipping Jillian into the corner. She hits her vintage crossbody, sliding through the middle ropes. Jillian turns and manages a forearm but as she goes for a shoulderblock into Gail’s stomach, Gail jumps and instead lands on Jillian’s back, knocking the breath out of her. Gail’s mounting the turnbuckle but Primo gallantly enters the ring, moving Jillian out of the way. He puts his hands out, as if daring Gail to do something about it – which she does, hitting a beautiful missile dropkick that sends Primo down hard!

Gail is on fire but as she turns around, Jillian hits a nice kick to the stomach, knocking the wind out of the high flyer. Jillian and Primo have a brief strategy session before turning to the still-recovering Gail. Going for the double-team, they push themselves into the ropes for momentum, but Goldust grabs Primo’s legs, pulling him down to the mat and out of the ring. Distracted by her partner’s problems, Jillian turns back to Gail but the distraction costs her dear as Gail hits a jumping clothesline, bringing Jillybean down to the mat hard! Gail goes for a cover but the referee is himself distracted by the action on the outside. Unable to get his attention, Gail hauls Jillian up by the hair, she hits a forearm before running to the ropes for momentum, but Primo pulls the second rope down, causing Gail to fly out of the ring to the ground below. With a cry of triumph, Jillian hauls booty to the outside and pulls the still stunned Gail to her feet, throwing her back into the ring. Smartly she goes for a pin but it’s good for only two.

A forearm sends Gail reeling back to the mat. As AJ looks on, Jillian steps on Gail’s hair and grabs her arms, pulling up her upwards until the referee’s count hits four. Jillybean’s up her old tricks, counting along until forced to release the hold. As Gail rolls to her stomach, the blonde hits a hard kick to her back before hauling her up to her feet via the hair. She sends Gail into the corner but anticipating the move, she jumps and latches onto Jillian’s neck with her legs. But before she’s able to take advantage, Jillian squirms around until she’s got her back to the corner and simply slingshots Gail over her head onto her back! That had to hurt! Another pinning attempt gets another two. Another shot of AJ sees her looking fustrated. Props to Cole and King (for once), as they’ve put over the women’s match at Night of Champions, and also details about AJ and Aksana.

Looking fustrated herself, Jillian pulls Gail up to a sitting position, driving her knee into Gail’s back, pulling her head backwards. Aksana starts clapping on the outside, which the crowd takes up. Kim responds, squirming out of the submission hold, hitting blows with her elbow but Jillian puts a  stop to this by a hard forearm shot that sends Gail back to the mat. Pulling her up, Jillian goes for a powerbomb but when she gets Gail up on her shoulders, Gail pummels Jillian with shots to the head that disorients her enough for Gail to hit a hurricarana that has an added effect with Jillian hitting the second rope throat first! Gail crawls towards her corner, looking for the tag. Both girls tag in their partners and its in the following exchange I see why Goldust is probably the best pro. We all know he’s good on the mic, but he’s pretty damn good in the ring too. He dominates Primo for a few minutes, but when he goes for a cover, Jillian runs in to break it up. He stands and looks at her and starts to do his vintage breathing thing but Jillian slaps the gold off his face! He reels but turns back around to snap his teeth at her face. Jillian stumbles backwards and walks right into an Eat Defeat! Primo almost gets Goldust off guard but the veteran turns it into his finisher and finishes off the match.

Aksana is estatic and after jumping up and down, she rolls into the ring to celebrate with her pro. Gail gets a hug and so does Aksana…a rather tender hug followed by a kiss to the back of Aksana’s hand. What a gentleman! She looks pleased as punch, and Gail grabs her hand as well as Goldust’s and raises both in the ring to another pop by the crowd. As the camera fades away the two still celebrate in the ring and deservedly so. This was an excellent match. Gail and Jillian work so well together, it’s a pleasure to watch them everytime. Not a move out of place it looked and Aksana did her part by getting the crowd to their feet. AJ mostly watched, possibly trying to stay in her babyface role. That will be an interesting dynamic as the weeks progressed. However, I’m sure seeing two veterans like Gail Kim and Jillian work their magic in the ring was a great learning experience. Great job by everyone!

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