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WWE Superstars Redux: AJ & Kaitlyn vs. The Bella Twins

WWE Superstars may no longer be airing on, but it is airing in international markets, so we’ll continue to review the show’s matches when and if they’re uploaded to YouTube.

This week on the show, we’ve got the team of AJ and Kaitlyn taking on Brie and Nikki Bella. Let’s watch:

Both teams are coordinated in their attire, AJ and Kaitlyn looking positively golden while the Bellas are wearing the attire that got quite a reaction on Twitter earlier this week, being that said attire are matching catsuits that show quite a bit of skin. Personally, the first thing I think when I look at them is how uncomfortable it must be to wrestle with the constant threat of butt crack exposure looming over your head.

Anywho, fashion statements aside, we begin the match. Kaitlyn and Nikki start things off, Nikki getting the first blow in with a kick to the stomach. Kaitlyn retailiates by driving Nikki into the corner, bodyslamming her before tagging in AJ. AJ gets a lift from Kaitlyn, slamming herself down on Nikki and going for the pin. Nikki kicks out rather quickly and goes right on the attack, but AJ ducks a blow and dropkicks her in return. AJ tags in Kaitlyn, who propels her into Nikki in the corner via an Irish whip.

Nikki walks right into a backbreaker from Kaitlyn, who goes for another pin. Nikki kicks out again, but it seems like Brie didn’t have much faith in her twin’s resilience, as she was halfway to breaking up the pin when she kicked out. Backbreakers must be Nikki’s secret weak spot. Kaitlyn chases her out of the ring, and Nikki takes advantage of the distraction, attacking her from behind. She tosses Kaitlyn out of the ring, where Brie uses the moment of referee distraction to drive her back-first into the apron. Nikki then takes over, tossing Kaitlyn back into the ring.

She props Kaitlyn up against the middle rope, choking her with her knee. The referee calls for a break and she relents, only to resume the attack a few moments later. This time the ref forces her away, and Brie takes the moment to land a kick at the back of Kaitlyn’s head. Nikki tags in Brie, and the both of them shove Kaitlyn roughly into the corner. They keep tagging each other in and out for an excuse to repeat the double-team. On the third switch Nikki Irish whips Kaitlyn right into Brie’s elevated knees. This time Brie stays in and proceeds to mock Kaitlyn’s anguish as she tries to crawl over to AJ and tag out. She then locks her legs around Kaitlyn’s midsection and catches her in a choke hold.

Kaitlyn manages to get to her feet, but not without the Bella clinging to her back. She backs into a corner a few times to knock her loose and then frees herself completely with a sidewalk slam. This gives Kaitlyn the chance to finally tag in AJ, who immediately springs to the top of the turnbuckle and hits Brie with a crossbody. On fire, AJ hits Brie with a clothesline, Nikki with a dropkick and Brie with a spinning heel kick. AJ tries for a pin, but Nikki breaks it with a kick. Kaitlyn enters the ring and removes Nikki bodily, heaving her over the top rope. Gotta love a girl who gets right to the point. She follows Nikki and starts pummeling her on the outside.

Meanwhile, inside the ring, AJ charges for an attack, but Brie dodges it, allowing her to land throat-first in the ropes instead. She hits AJ with a Bella Buster and pins her, getting the 3-count while Nikki stops any hero acts from Kaitlyn. The Bellas celebrate their victory with plenty of mockery and L symbols on their foreheads.

Thoughts: Pretty standard tag team match–nothing bad about it, but nothing really special either. This match was short compared to other WWE Superstars bouts, so maybe that’s why I feel a little underwhelmed. Nothing stood out much. I’m kind of glad they decided to forgoe a Bella switcheroo this time, allowing them to get a victory from Brie’s ability to act quick and beat AJ to the punch. There was no real trickery this time, and I think that’s needed from time to time to show that the Bellas aren’t so weak individually that they need to fool their opponents and switch places to get a win. The Bellas have the twin magic up their non-existant sleeves, but they don’t always need to put it to use. The threat of it is enough, as proven by Kaitlyn’s tendency to get distracted by the Bella behind her back. That’s what the Bellas should do: threaten the trickery, but don’t always enact it. That way, you can really fool them.

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