Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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WWE announces Women’s Tag Team titles for 2019

Tonight’s episode of Raw was pre-recorded, and so most fans didn’t expect any huge news to come out of the Christmas Eve edition of the Monday night mainstay.

All of that was blown out of the water, when Vince McMahon dressed as Santa Claus delivered some presents to WWE fans and the WWE Universe.

According to Santa McMahon, the WWE women’s division will get their own tag team championships, starting at some point in 2019. There were a few other announcements, which can be heard in the video in the tweet WWE sent out, immediately after it aired.

The announcement came during Raw around the same time a six-woman tag team match was occurring (again) on the pre-taped event.

Besides the announcement from Santa, the news garnered little reaction from the announcement team. However, Twitter, primarily the women’s roster, caused a frenzy.

The women’s division already houses several stables of women that could snag a tag team title, like the Riott Squad, the IIconics, Absolution, Boss & Hug Connection, and Nia Jax and Tamina. The roster is filled to the brim with partnerships, and possible partnerships.

There’s no word when the tag team titles will drop in 2019, but WWE certainly has our attention.

When do you think they will drop the titles? Who is your favorite to win the first Women’s Tag Team Championships?

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