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Referee Aubrey Edwards joins SHIMMER 113

SHIMMER 113 is scheduled to take place in NYC on April 5, the weekend of WrestleMania. Just yesterday on SHIMMER’s Twitter account, it was announced that Aubrey Edwards will be joining the referee crew.

Credit: Twitter

At SHIMMER 113, fans can expect to see a great line-up of female wrestling matches. So it is only appropriate that Aubrey Edwards makes her appearance for this event.

Edwards has refereed a variety of different matches for both men’s and women’s divisions.

Credit: Squared Circle Sirens

Perhaps the biggest event Aubrey Edwards has called, was at the second Mae Young Classic. Edwards was hired by the WWE back during the summer to call the MYC, and also various NXT tapings. She is not the first female referee WWE has hired, with Jessika Carr being the first since Rita Chatterton refereed back in the 1980s. Some other smaller promotions Aubrey Edwards has refereed for include Seattle based promotions such as DEFY Wrestling, ECCW and WCWC.

Aubrey Edwards also has the ability to stand her ground firmly in the ring. Unlike a lot of other refs who often go down after a simple “bump” by one of the combatants, Edwards makes it known that wrestlers will not get away with touching the ref. She can be seen shoving other wrestlers down who try and test her. Here is Edwards dishing out a stunner to an unfortunate fellow referee.

Credit: Twitter

At the time of this article, there is not a lot known about the line-up for SHIMMER 113. You can expect to see more information popping up regarding the event throughout the coming months in early 2019. However, with the announcement of Aubrey Edwards as the referee, it’s a guarantee that this event will not be one to miss.

SHIMMER 113 is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. EST on Friday, April 5 during WrestleMania weekend. Catch the event live at La Boom in Woodside, NY.

Are you going to SHIMMER 113? What shows are you excited to see during WrestleMania weekend?

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