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WWE TLC Predictions: Divas Battle Royal

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Tonight at TLC, WWE will crown a number one contender for the Divas Title. Who will it be? The Diva Dirt team weigh in…

Bobby: You know what, I’m going to go out on a limb here. I know it probably won’t happen, but I feel like if I believe hard enough, there’s a slight… slight possibility it may. You’ve got your favorites heading into it like Layla, Kaitlyn, Alicia, or Natalya, but behind them is the dancing Diva waiting to explode her talent in the ring, and that is Naomi. Granted, she could very well be tossed out within ten seconds as a running joke for everyone that’s excited to see her actually be in a match, but I hope that she actually gets to show off what she can do. I’m talking wheel kicks, booty calls, running flip corner kicks. Okay, truth be told, I’d probably be over the moon even if all she did was slap someone, but here’s hoping she shocks us all!

Cryssi: It’s not usually easy to predict Diva battle royals, because normally they’re a cluster you-know-what. I don’t feel like this one is going an exception to that rule either. I said earlier in the week that it’s fair to assume Kaitlyn will come out the victor tonight because shes really the only face wrestler they have right now. Shes has two great matches with Eve, and it would be a nice little story to build up again. Eve could just be so put out that she has to face Kaitlyn again, and Kaitlyn could look at this as her chance to finally win since she knows all the tricks Eve will pull out in order to keep her precious belt. It seems the most logical choice to have Kaitlyn win tonight. I’m picking Natalya to win the battle royal tonight. :)

Erin: Though I’m sure I won’t be the only one here to make this prediction, I’m gonna take a leap and say that Naomi will finally break out in the Divas Division by winning this match. When looking at the competitors in this Battle Royal, I surveyed the babyfaces to see who most realistically could feud with Eve. The two top faces, Layla and Kaitlyn, have been in the title hunt very recently, so them winning would pretty much result in more of the same. As someone who is always up for something new and fresh, I’m hoping that the WWE lights a spark under the division by putting someone new (Naomi) in the spotlight. So, Naomi for the win.

Jack: Kaitlyn and Layla being the #1 Contender is far too over overdone and with the newly thrusted spotlight on Natalya, I’m going to pick her to win the match. The girls had some funny interraction when Natalya had some troublesome bowel movements so now she has a troublesome set of friends in Hornswoggle and Khali, maybe we could get something interesting by pairing the champion with Nattie.

Melanie: Nothing would be a better Christmas gift for me than to see Natalya or Naomi win the battle royal tonight and become the next Divas Champion. I can only pray that that’s what happens. Fingers and toes are crossed. However, I’m guessing Kaitlyn wins.

Steven: One of the best things about battle royals is that you can create a fresh, new rivalry without having to haphazardly throw together a unbelievable storyline. I think most people are expecting Layla or Kaitlyn to pick up the win tonight, but if I’m being completely honest I think both of their times have passed. They have both had several opportunities in the past two months and I think it’s time for someone new to step up. I would love to see Naomi shock everyone and pull out the win. We all know how impressive she is from her time in FCW and NXT, and I think she could put on some great matches with Eve if given the chance. As for her dancing gig… Brodus doesn’t really need TWO dancers, does he?

Who do you think will win? Comment with your predictions.

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