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WWE & TNA House Show Rundown: Results from July 1st – July 5th, 2011

Having trouble keeping up with all of the mainstream women’s wrestling that takes place off TV? Well fear no more! Diva Dirt has got your back with the House Show Rundown! Without any further ado, let’s kick things off!

Over on Raw, as a tour of Australia took place through the weekend, Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly, teamed up with the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix, to take on former champion, Brie, as well as Nikki, in a tag match that should be very familiar to readers of the house show rundown.

Smackdown had the week off it seems, but TNA gave us a few shows this weekend as well, pitting reigning Knockouts Champion, Mickie James, against the now non-zombified Angelina Love, with Winter in her corner.

This past weekend’s house show results below:

Friday, July 1st

WWE Raw in Sydney, Australia

Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly def. The Bella Twins
“Next up, Kelly Kelly came out to defend the Divas Title against Brie Bella accompanied by Nikki Bella. The Bellas attempted to get the upper hand before the match, which brought out Beth Phoenix to even the odds. Suddenly, the Raw GM chime went off and Justin Roberts announced that he received an email from the anonymous GM via his iPhone and that it would be a tag match. Kelly scored the pin.” (Source)

TNA Impact Wrestling in Brooklyn, New York
Mickie James def. Angelina Love (w/ Winter) to retain the TNA Knockouts Title
“Love was accompanied by Winter. Solid match. James was very over. They did the world’s “most infamous referee” bit with Earl Hebner and the crowd was all over him. Hebner did the Bret Hart mannerisms in response.” (Source)

Saturday, July 2nd

WWE Raw in Melbourne, Australia
Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix def. The Bella Twins
“Before the bell, Brie and Nikki double-teamed Kelly, bringing the run-in from Beth Phoenix (complete with music) to make the save. The Raw GM emailed in and changed the match to a tag team match. A fairly basic and short-ish divas match. Beth was worked over for the majority of the match before Kelly made the hot (in all senses of the word) tag and hit all her main spots (stinkface, Thesz press, bulldog) and the K2 for the Pin on one of the Bellas (couldnt tell which).” (Source)

TNA Impact Wrestling in Asbury Park, New Jersey
Mickie James beat Angelina Love (w/ Winter) to retain the TNA Knockouts Title
“I attended the TNA show last year in Brooklyn at the Cyclone stadium, and this was a near carbon copy from the match that I believe saw Angelina beat Madison Rayne. But it was basically the same match lay out, with Earl Hebner coming down to the ring, doing the Bret Hart pose, wearing his “Damn Right I Did It” t-shirt, etc. (By the way, who would have expected Hebner to get more mileage out of the screwjob than Bret or HBK, but I digress). Mickie won with her Last Kiss Goodnight Kick, in probably the longest match of the night. Not a bad contest by any means, but Earl def takes away from the bout with his antics.” (Source)

Sunday, July 3rd

WWE Raw in Perth, Australia
Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix def. The Bella Twins
“Scheduled to be Kelly Kelly vs. one of the Bellas, but The Bellas attacked Kelly before the match. Beth Phoenix ran out and made the save (complete with entrance music and spotlight). The Anonymous GM made it a tag match.” (Source)

Monday, July 4th

WWE Raw in Adelaide, Australia
Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix def. The Bella Twins (Source)

Tuesday, July 5th

WWE Raw in Brisbane, Australia
Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix def The Bella Twins (Source)

Thoughts: Pretty basic this week, though a good detailed report from a few events. Not much else to say on either of these matches that hasn’t been said before, though it sounds like both made for a good solid event.


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