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WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge: Week 5

Week 5 of the Mixed Match Challenge on Facebook Watch pinned Elias and Bayley from RAW against married couple Rusev and Lana from Smackdown Live!

Before the match gets underway, Bayley and Elias strum away on their guitars in the ring.

The match starts off with Rusev singing his very popular hit, “Lana is the best. Lana number 1”. At first, it looks like the men will start the match off, however, Rusev tells Lana she can start the match, which leads to her excitement.

The two women lock up to start the match and it quickly leads into Bayley putting Lana into a headlock takedown. Bayley does some quick moves on Lana and keeps on the offense which eventually sends Lana into the corner. She gains some confidence from Rusev and the crowd and leaps forward to tackle Bayley to the mat, to which she follows up with some fists to the face and a kick to the face.

Bayley takes control of the match yet again only to have Lana roll out of the ring. She heads over to Elias’ guitar and picks it up as if she plans on using it. She starts screaming, “I want to win”, as Rusev convinces her to put the guitar down. The match then focuses on the men.

Rusev and Elias lock up with each other, only to have Rusev come out on top and focus on Elias’s ribs. The focus on the ribs is because of Braun Strowman’s attack on him last night on Monday Night RAW. These attacks on Elias culminates in Rusev attempting to get him in the accolade, however, Elias does counter the move and in return suffers a suplex. Bayley then tags in. Lana comes into the ring and heads straight for Bayley taking her down. Lana then hits Bayley with a facebuster.

She follows this up with a pin and gets a two count. Continuing with the offense, Lana uses the ropes to tie up Bayley as she strikes her in the back of the neck with her knee. The back and forth action continue between the women as Bayley gains control. Bayley gets Lana perched on the top rope to prepare her for the Bayley to Belly only for Lana to counter out of it and get the pin and the win!

Rusev and Lana then celebrate in the ring and announce that it is officially Ravishing Rusev Day!

Lana tweets and speaks to Renee Young about her first victory:

Next weeks challenge sees Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode team up to face Nia Jax and Apollo Crews.

What do you think of this result? Are you happy with a Ravishing Rusev Day? Talk about the match in the comments!!

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