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Charlotte Flair keeps her promise on taking down the Riott Squad

Two weeks ago on Smackdown Live!, Charlotte Flair suffered a beatdown attack at the hands of the Riott Squad and their pack like mentality. The beatdown of Flair with the three on one attack left her with a bad taste in her mouth. Just last week, Flair defeated Liv Morgan as she starts her revenge on the Riott Squad. She preceded to tell the commentators, “That’s one down, two to go”.

On tonight’s Smackdown (Feb. 13th), Flair continued her promise by facing Sarah Logan. Logan, of course, is accompanied to the ring by her fellow Riott Squad members, Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott. The champion then comes down the ramp and heads into the ring, only to be followed up by her backup of Becky Lynch and Naomi. The match starts with Logan heading straight for Flair.

Before Logan goes for her opponent, she paces back and forth a few times in her corner of the ring like a dog ready to pounce. She then goes directly for Flair. The two lock up in the middle of the ring. Logan continues her attack on the Queen by taking her down to the mat several times. Flair is able to finally get the upper hand and gives Logan a boot to the face, knocking her out of the ring.

Smackdown Live! returns after the break to Flair in command of Logan. Logan then chops Flair right across the chest. Logan, realizing what she has done, receives multiple chops by Flair, backing Logan into the corner. Flair picks up Logan, but Logan counters out of it and tackles Flair to the mat. Logan goes for a pin, but only gets a count of two. Logan continues to beat down on her and gives her a butterfly suplex, which ends up with another near fall. A trade of knees occurs with Flair kneeing Logan in the face to which Logan replies with a double knee to Flair’s face, which leads to yet another near fall!

Logan then continues her attack on Flair and keeps the pressure on the champion with placing Flair in a submission move. After Flair gets on her feet she attempts to get some offense in by giving a chop, but Logan ends up getting her caught in the rope and providing a suplex. Flair is finally able to get Logan into a backbreaker and then follows it up by a HUGE Natural Selection to where she gets the pin. Naomi and Lynch celebrate with Flair as Naomi counts on her fingers that there are two down. Flair ends the segment by yet again letting the commentators know that she now has, “one more to go”. Ruby Riott, Flair has your number.

The Riott Squad went on to issue a challenge to the babyface trio:

Which will now officially take place on next week’s SmackDown in a Six Woman Tag Team Match:

What were your thoughts on tonight’s match? Do you think Ruby Riott will suffer the same fates as her squad has? Let us know your comments below!!

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