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WWE’s Storyline Reason for Mickie James’ Exit

Buried in’s recent Top 25 Dirty Deeds is this interesting tidbit: They are claiming that Mickie James was ousted from WWE by Lay-Cool. Kayfabe, of course, but pretty funny.

Counting down the top 25 dastardly moments in WWE history, including double-crosses and back-stabbings, Michelle and Layla‘s treatment of Mickie James ranks at #23. In particular, they point out the ‘Old MacDonald’ segment on SmackDown during which Mickie’s face was superimposed on a pig.

At the end of the piece, however, is this:

Team Lay-Cool’s cutting words did more damage to James than a Singapore cane ever could. The former Divas Champion may have fought back, but Michelle and Layla’s bullying affected her so deeply that she was gone from WWE within months.

Thoughts: Well, that explains that mystery!

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