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Xia Li makes the save for Aliyah; Summer Rae makes SmackDown appearance

On this week’s SmackDown, Aliyah had a match with Natalya for the second week in a row. Last week, Aliyah embarrassed Natalya by defeating her in 3.17 seconds in her debut match. In the process, she became a record holder as the fastest victory in WWE history.

Before their match this week took place, Summer Rae was in the audience. Summer was announced as one of seven legends to return for the Royal Rumble on Jan. 29. She has rejuvenated her past animosity with Natalya and the two have been trading shots on Twitter ever since.

For this week’s match between Aliyah and Natalya, it lasted longer than 3.17 seconds but it did end in a disqualification. Natalya wouldn’t let up on Aliyah in the corner so the referee called for the bell. She continued to attack Aliyah until Xia Li made her way out to the ring. Li would land a roundhouse kick to the midsection knocking Natalya out of the ring as she retreated up the ramp.

In a digital exclusive, Aliyah thanks Li for helping her as Li says she has her back.

Elsewhere on SmackDown, we had Naomi facing Charlotte Flair in a second Championship Contenders Match. Once again, Sonya Deville placed herself in a position to cause Naomi a loss as she was the referee of this match. And once again, she was the catalyst for Naomi losing.

Flair had Naomi in a Figure Four and before she even bridged it into her Figure Eight, Deville called for the bell in favor of Flair. Naomi never tapped.

Later on backstage, Adam Pearce was speaking with Eric Bischoff and he came to the decision finally that Deville is abusing her privilege. He books a match between Naomi and Sonya for next week.

As we know, Naomi has tried to have a match with Sonya now on a number of occasions. So we’ll see if it ends the same way next week.

On 205 Live tonight, Lash Legend picked up a victory against Fallon Henley. Legend has now won two out of her three matches since stepping into the ring.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for further news and results from the women of SMackDown.

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