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Xplosion Write-Up (November 11th, 2014): A Tangled Triple Threat

Hola Knockout fans! We’ve got some Knockouts action on this week’s edition of TNA Xplosion featuring our current feuding TNA mothers, Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell with Angelina Love also thrown in the mix for this triple threat match up.

Out first is the queen bee herself Madison Rayne, who has traded her praying at the ramp entrance for a more familiar wave of the hand as she comes down the ring; cameraman still running from behind. She’s introduced by one of opponents, Angelina Love who has been filling in for an absent Christy Hemme on Xplosion for the past few weeks. (Where is Christy on Xplosion anyway?)

Out next is Taryn Terell who salutes the crowd with all smiles in my favorite gold attire. She drops a peck on the cheek to one fan in attendance before entering the ring. Last but not least is our ring announcer/opponent in this match Angelina Love, who I’d imagine would love nothing more than to win this triple threat match and declare herself the winner.

Once in the ring, Angelina takes a few seconds to compose and flaunt herself. After seeing enough, Taryn makes the first strike with a forearm to Angelina with Madison on the opposite side to deliver her own forearm to Angelina. Madison takes down Angelina and soon sights her eyes on her former MILF tag partner. The two tie up until Madison goes for a backslide pin attempt. Taryn kicks out and tries her own pin fall via small package but likewise Madison kicks out. The pair exchange more pin attempts until Angelina breaks the pin and gets back in this match.

She goes after Taryn, whipping her to the corner where Madison is hanging out. Madison retaliates to Taryn’s unintentional crash with a take down much to Angelina’s approval. The former Beautiful People collides soon mutually high five each other before beginning to work on Taryn, striking her with kicks as she’s on the ground. Angelina and Madison continue their double team attack on Taryn, sending her to the ropes feeding her a double elbow strike as we take a quick break.

Back from the break, the beat down on Taryn continues as Madison and Angelina are still in control of this triple threat match. Madison delivers a kick to the gut to Taryn with a complimenting running knee from Angelina and yet again another take down from Madison. As Taryn lays on the grounds of the ring, Madison and Angelina proudly stand tall, high fives and compliments to each other.

They whip to the corner of the ring and Angelina lands a running strike. Madison follows up with one of her own but Taryn manages to get her knees up to block Madison. She ten elbows an oncoming Angelina and climbs the turnbuckle to land a flying clothesline on to Madison.

Taryn’s momentum is short lived as Angelina manages to hit a big clothesline onto Taryn. After some taunting, Angelina gets her hands dirty, kneeing Taryn’s back while pulling her golden locks. The referee begins to count the illegal hold while Madison lands a big boot to Taryn’s head in the midst of it all.

Angelina sees a chance for a win and goes for a pin fall on Taryn but Madison quickly breaks it up. Uh-oh, suddenly there is an animosity feeling between Madison and Angelina. Madison puts her feelings on Angelina aside for now and knees Taryn before sending her to Angelina’s direction. Angelina lifts Taryn and side slams her to the mat. Now it’s Madison who seeks a chance at a win and goes for a pin but Angelina breaks it.

As the former Beautiful People partners exchange words, Taryn hits a double clothesline. She then headlocks Madison and at the same time, Angelina headlocks Taryn. Getting back on her feet, Taryn breaks her hold along with Angelina’s. Taryn then lands a series of clothesline on to Madison, wrapping it up with a swinging neck breaker and delivers the same pattern to Angelina. Taryn raises her arm high, signaling a climb to the turnbuckle and once on top she hits a cross body onto both of her competitors!

Taryn pins Angelina but Angelina gets her shoulder up before the three count. Giving it one more try, Taryn climbs the turnbuckle but Madison tries to knock her off. Taryn manages to brush Madison out her way and flys to Angelina who manages to dodge Taryn’s flying clothesline. Landing on her rear, Madison grasps Taryn and holds her to set up a Botox Injection from Angelina. Angelina lands it all right but onto Madison as Taryn was able to free herself just on time! Out of nowhere, Taryn hits her Cutter on Angelina (see what I did there) for the pin and win! Again, I ask where is Christy to official declare Taryn out winner?

Thoughts: A very decent match up by all three Knockouts.

With the current ongoing feud between Taryn and Madison, it was a nice touch to see some action displayed TNA’s second show Xplosion as it helps add more to their fire. Throwing in Angelina was fun in my opinion as we are aware of her history with Madison as friends and enemies and doesn’t have too much going on with Taryn so it sets a pace level for them. She played her role as the Heel perfectly here and Taryn picking up the win also helps her begin to build her own momentum.

That’s Xplosion for this week Knockout fans! Hasta luego!

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