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Your Two Cents: Should WWE and TNA Bring Back Intergender Wrestling?


Your Two Cents is our interactive feature where we ask for the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers.

This week, we’re asking this: With Lucha Underground leading the way, do you think TNA and WWE should bring back intergender wrestling? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

  • Aaron Levine: Absolutely! Intergender wrestling challenges the female wrestlers to do much better in sports entertainment. There are so many variables and facts to consider when competing against a male wrestler as the physiques are different. I always enjoyed watching the excellent performances and interactions as well as chemistry between the male wrestlers and female wrestlers. It’s what has gained strength, momentum, and prestige for women’s professional wrestling. Being able to defy the odds and take on challenges.
  • Ambrose Bolton: Yes! Intergender wrestling should be brought back in the sports entertainment. That is what made wrestling that much better and especially for the women’s division at the time. Although WWE’s Divas division today would not be ready for these sort of matches, but the TNA’s Knockouts division would be as they are well solid wrestlers.
  • @DaveMuscarella: I can’t see it ever getting approved by sponsors on a TV-PG show.
  • Gerard Veteran: Absolutely. If anybody did it first, TNA would. I could see Gail Kim or Kay Lee Ray being the first female X Division Champion. I could see Havok being the first female TNA Champion. In WWE, Sara Del Rey should be the first female WWE Champion. It’s just logical – it’s the epitome of a credible female champion in a major company. Pull the damn trigger. Get out of your boys club mentality in smoke filled rooms.
  • @GiantsDrink: Spike has a firm stance against man-on-woman violence, so TNA would need to switch networks first.
  • Greg Demeule: I don’t think that’s so much of a problem as this fake reality. Every good wrestling character should tell the audience who they are what they stand for and why they wrestle. Lucha is doing a great job with that.
  • @IAmGlitterati: No. It doesn’t work and it’s never believable. Unless it’s Kharma.
  • Joseph Roberson: I don’t think so. When a woman competes with a man it instantly puts her on a higher level than the women that only compete in the division. It’s the reason why Chyna‘s entry into the women’s division was such a bust.
  • Kevin Heilbronner: On a regular basis, absolutely not. A few here and there are fine. Chyna, Kharma and a few others could hang with the guys and make it look believable. But 90 lb. AJ or one of the Bella twins in the ring with anyone but Hornswoggle is ridiculous.
  • @LanoomAES: TNA has the talent/”believability” factor for some match-ups. WWE simply does not on either point.
  • Matthew Brown: Most definitely yes! Intergender matches were what made the Divas more entertaining in the attitude era and everyone loved a good male vs. female and intergender tag matches. Just look at the battle of the sexes match between Trish Stratus and Lita. Not only was that match iconic but it also made them both the Divas what they are today! TNA should definitely bring it back as it might put the Knockouts back on the map and the Knockouts are tough ladies so they could handle being chair shotted and tossed around the ring by the men just like Lucha Underground!
  • @nanagabynka: Definitely! But it should be kept as a special feature backed up by great story telling.
  • @pikatrick: Absolutely. Chyna is probably most known for her matches with men. It’s that interaction that made her and other women stand out.
  • Randi Parker: Absolutely, the spot between Beth Phoenix and CM Punk at the Royal Rumble a few years back was great. If they give it a story, like with Lana and Rusev vs. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter this past summer, I was waiting for something to be announced involving Lana and Zeb, I thought it could have added a new twist to the story. I could also see Stephanie McMahon going against any male wrestler the Authority has gone against.
  • @RyanBaxter123: Yes! And they could start with a simple Natalya vs. Tyson Kidd match at a PPV!
  • Yuna Zoey: I want to yes, but my head is saying no. I thought of some of the Divas going up against the men is very meh in my eyes. Right now there isn’t really a Diva on the roster (NXT included) that could really stand up against the men, unless they brought Kharma back. Another reason for my no is I never ever ever want to see a repeat of <Santina Marella! That was a dark time in the divas division… Let keep that where it belongs, as a bad memory.

And now we turn it over to you…

Give us your two cents! Should WWE and TNA bring back intergender wrestling?

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