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Your Two Cents: Charlotte’s Next Challenger

Your Two Cents is our interactive feature where we ask for the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers.

This week, we’re asking this: Who should be the next woman to challenge Charlotte for the Divas Title? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

  • @9oseph: Natalya, Alicia Fox or Naomi. I’d love to see Natalya and Alicia champ one more time before their time in WWE ends.
  • @ADanaBrookeFan: The debut of the Total Diva Dana Brooke.
  • Adrian Flores Kanellis: If they don’t want to put Sasha Banks into the title feud they should use Alicia Fox as a mid-time story.
  • @burmy87: WE WANT SASHA. I keep hearing they’re saving her for ‘Mania, but can the ‘E really afford to wait that long?
  • Christine Calvert: Naomi, Sasha or Natalya. And one of those three should take it away from Charlotte. I didn’t think anyone could top Nikki Bella‘s boring reign, but Charlotte’s may just be worse.
  • @DarkHaze4L: Natalya, she’s well deserving of a championship match. Love the NXT girls but the veterans need a chance to hold.
  • @eringeeky: Naomi or Brie Bella. I think holding off on Sasha vs Charlotte until closer to mania would be best.
  • @Haupstadtaffe: With Finn Balor and Sheamus as champions, Ireland needs a female champion: Becky Lynch, the last of the Four Horsewoman to win gold.
  • @IziWWE: Alicia Fox DEFINITELY deserves a shot! Longest serving woman and is a one time champ? Also, Brie and Sasha.
  • @KurtiusMaximus: It’s about time Naomi got her shot and reign! It’s ridiculous they’re not capitalizing on her incredible talent!
  • Matthew Brown: I think Brie should get a shot at the title. I think it’ll make more sense as they can still make it personal like they have with the Paige feud. I mean Charlotte did take the title from her sister and end her sisters record history reign so it’ll make sense that Brie would go after Charlotte’s to get revenge for her sister’s loss!
  • Mauricio Córdova: My predictions are: TLC: Charlotte vs. Paige. RR: Charlotte vs. Natalya vs. Becky Lynch. Fastlane: Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch. WrestleMania: She will drop the title to the boss, Sasha Banks.
  • @megan_rea32: Natalya!! After her incredible match with Charlotte at TakeOver, they’ll being the house down again!
  • @nicolesbrianna: Brie!! She already pinned Charlotte and she didn’t even use her finisher.
  • Richard Dix Sasha should not only challenge. She should win.
  • @sexyfruitrollup: Charlotte isn’t gonna lose so quick, so I’d throw her someone like Nattie or Alicia. Someone who knows how to hide her weaknesses.
  • @Smurfparr: I’m hoping Paige actually wins it off Charlotte to make her quest mean something, Becky challenging her while Sasha feuds with Naomi.
  • @VonBlade: Assuming they get a feud that matters and time to wrestle, Sasha.
  • Xavier Taylor: Naomi of Team B.A.D., with a quick switch to Tamina Snuka maybe toward the middle or end of the feud and Alicia Fox of Team Bella, perhaps doing the same with Brie since she can work the crowd with that YES YES YES chant.

And now we turn it over to you…

Give us your two cents! Who should be Charlotte’s next challenger?

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