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Your Two Cents: Greatest Heels and Babyfaces

“Your Two Cents” is the new interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: In all of women’s wrestling history, who was/is the best heel? The best babyface? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

Our Two Cents

Batting for Team DD this week, it’s Steven giving us his personal opinion on this week’s topic:

Steven | If I had to choose the best heel in women’s wrestling, my choice would be Sara Del Rey. Never before has a wrestler been able to strike fear in my heart by merely existing until SDR came along. Everything from the way she brutalizes her opponents to her cool, calm and collected demeanor, is enough to make me cower in her presence. When I finally got the chance to tell her how much she intimidated me, she took it as the biggest compliment I could give her. A true heel, indeed.

As for the best babyface, I’m gonna have to go with Lita. When I first started getting into women’s wrestling, Lita was the first Diva I felt a connection. She managed to break boundaries, not only with her in in-ring skills, but with her unique appearance and her fiery, never-say-die attitude. I believe it was these qualities that led fans to get behind her in her hey-day.

Your Two Cents

@3frankf | The best heel in all of women’s wrestling is Vickie Guerrero. By just saying two words, she has managed to become one of the most over people in women’s wrestling as far as heel goes. There was a promo a few weeks ago with her, Dolph, Swagger, Christian, Rhodes, and Otunga. Each one got a speaking part, but when Vickie got the mic; the crowd booed her out the building and she didn’t even say “excuse me” yet. It is amazing how someone who isn’t a wrestler and for the most part, only a valet is one of the biggest heels in wrestling currently as no other heel can generate as much heat as her.
Clinton Bowman. | Best heel hands down? Vickie Guerrero. It’s a no-contest. Michelle McCool and Layla come VERY close, as does Madison Rayne, but no one can get the crowd to hate them with just two simple words like Vickie can. As for best babyface? It’s really hard, but I’d have to pick two. Manami Toyota and Cheerleader Melissa. For Toyota-san, some of her best matches as a babyface are against monster heels such as the Bull Nakano-types, and her babyface-in-peril stuff is phenomenal. For Melissa, she is EVERYTHING John Cena is. Charismatic, the ultimate apron cheerleader (see what I did there,) a beautiful BFIP, and draws you in to everything she does. Much like Cena, her execution isn’t top level, but what she does execute well, she blows most women’s wrestlers out of the water. Doing the bare minimum isn’t a bad thing for Melissa.
@johnreport | Best female heel ever is Sherri Martel. She got over no matter who she managed. Never cared to be cheered. Pure heel. A legend. Best faces ever are Trish Stratus & Mickie James. Great looks, awesome comebacks, sympathetic, fiery & tough too. Can’t pick. Right now Mickie is the best face. For heels it’s the Beth Phoenix/Natalya duo. Dominant with talent. Winter is close. Love her gimmick.
Josue Guzman | My vote for best babyface: Lita. Fearless, talented and charismatic, Lita had it all as a face. She was part of the very popular and successful stable Team Xtreme. The crowd would go crazy for these three when they were in the ring. In her own single matches, Lita would get strong pops from the audience, who frequently cheered her on and chanted her name. I believe her strong fan base is the reason why was given the opportunity to main event Raw TWICE and both times win the Women’s title!

My vote for best heel: Vickie Guerrero. Love her or hate her, she has made a career of having the WWE Universe hate her and it doesn’t look like she is stopping anytime soon. Multiple feuds, great mic skills and ability to get BOOs from the audience with just two words, is there any real reason to doubt that Vickie is the greatest heel. The fact that she isn’t even a wrestler and can get a strong reaction from the crowd than most Faces is proof as to why is the greatest Heel.

Mondarious D. Brantley | In all of women’s wrestling the best babyface in my opinion would have to be TNA’s Velvet Sky who recently just became the Knockouts Champion. She played the role of a heel very well and glad she’s a face now because TNA used the underdog storyline to allow Velvet gain more followers and reach the top of the Division. Choosing the best heel is a tie between Karen Jarrett and Vickie. Neither one are wrestlers, but they can get heat from fans just don’t what they do best. The moment they enter the arena fans start to boo, but that’s just the tip of the ice berg give them a microphone and the fans starting booing even louder.
William Rivas | Best heel – Melina. She played the role so perfectly. From her revealing outfits and distinct variations of hair color, she epitomized a great heel. Both her storylines and matches demonstrated how well she could act and speak. Best babyface – Lita. When Lita’s titantron illuminated the arena, everyone’s excitement rose. She was an outstanding character and was someone that utilized her abilities to entertain the audience no matter the size. Her storylines with Trish (also a great heel) in my eyes, solidified her as an amazing face. Victoria/Torrie (respectively) come extremely close.
@xAJLeeNerdx | I would say Torrie Wilson is the best face of all time, she was great in the ring, decent on the mic and could get major pops. She played a face for a long time and was very convicing. Her wrestling ability was always on point and she barely botched or look sloppy. In my opinion she is what set the bar for the wrestling attires the current divas wear. She wore clothes that looked more of a photoshoot/playboy outfit than a wrestling attire and the fans loved it. Torrie is like the Girl Next Door and could never be replaced ! Now I would say Trish Stratus is the best heel ever because she was always on point with her promos/segments and she was VERY VERY CONVICING. I even thought she acted like that in real life for a moment! Her facial expression was perfect, I would never thought or picture that she would ever turn face again. Her matches was always entertaining and something people looked forward too! Out of all the female heels in WWE, she got the biggest crowd reaction ever!! Just the way she presented herself was great! She absolutely nailed her 2004-2005 heel character! Like she was the “slut” of WWE but always wore classy appropriate clothes and ring gear! In my opinion her storyline with Christy Hemme was absolutely the best fued she ever had when she was the a heel. She is the definition of a “WWE Diva” and set the bar for these models turned wrestlers today! Her and Torrie Wilson will never be forgotten by the fans and WWE.

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? Who do you think are/were the best heels and babyfaces in women’s wrestling? Tell us in the comments…

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