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Zoe Lucas added another to growing collection of titles

RISE Wrestling broke records last week with their LEGENDARY event. As previously reported, the star studded event showcased 60 women from the independant scene. The main event pit the Pheonix of Rise Champion Mercedes Martinez against Kylie Rae in a No Ropes Submission match.

Rae defeated Martinez to become champion with a vicious crossface. Afterward, Miranda Alize came out to celebrate in Rae’s hard fought victory. We have a happy ending for Rae right? Not quite. She only had mere moments to bask in her win when Alize turned on her friend.

In an attempt to save Kylie, Martinez returned to stop the onslaught from Alize. However, the new champion wasn’t out of the woods yet.

Earlier in the night, RISE Wrestling introduced the RISE of the Contender 30-woman battle royal match. Similar to WWE’s Royal Rumble, the winner receives a title match after all the participants are eliminated when thrown over the rope. In the end, Zoe Lucas eliminated Aerial Monroe to win the inaugural event.

Unfortunately for Kylie Rae, the winner can have this match whenever they see fit. Lucas waited no time to bank on her illustrious reward and wanted her title match immediately.

Lucas quickly took advantage of the situation, and made short work of the champion. Once the bell rang, she hit her with a Scorpion Kick to win the gold.

This is her second title within a weeks time. Previously, she won the Ironfist Women’s Championship, ending Melanie Price’s 581-day reign. Zoe is also the reigning RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Champion.

What do you think of Zoe Lucas’ ascension to the top of Rise and her recent title wins? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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