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Zoey Stark Vows To Step On Becky Lynch’s Face At MITB


If you missed the June 12 episode of Raw, Zoey Stark started to cement her spot on the main roster ahead of Money in the Bank.

Becky Lynch took to the ring to face Chelsea Green, but after a short promo she would get interrupted by Stark. Lynch said in her promo that Trish Stratus was so scared at Night of Champions that she got herself an insurance policy in that of Stark. The two traded back and forth insults including Lynch telling Stark she has no personality while Stark told Lynch to look at herself in the mirror. Stark also adds that Lynch will never beat Stratus.

Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville would then enter the mix as Green was set to take on Lynch. During the match, Stark watched from the top of a ladder that was on the stage. Lynch would pick up a win after a fun transition in the end.

Green went for the Unprettier which was reversed by Lynch into the ManHandle Slam. Green countered that into a roll up but Lynch kicked out at two and applied the DisArmHer which gave her the victory by submission.

Natalya was backstage in a quick interview with Byron Saxton. Saxton mentions how Natalya hasn’t been quite herself since losing so quick to Ripley at Night of Champions. Natalya mentions she hasn’t been the same and maybe she shouldn’t be her former self.

In a Digital Exclusive, Kayden Carter and Katana Chance were seen walking backstage talking about Money in the Bank hoping to get a tag team title opportunity. Deville and Green were laughing at them walking by and called them walking highlighters based on their outfits. Deville stated that both her and Green will always be first in line for a tag title opportunity. The KC’s said that they are always complaining so they are never having fun. After they are done with their pity party then they can come to the after party.

A second women’s match of the night was between Shayna Baszler and Raquel Rodriguez. Rodriguez was big on offense at first, but it only took Rousey to get involved to cost her the win. As Rodriguez attempts to take care of Rousey on the apron, Baszler rolled her up near the rope while Rousey used her foot to keep the pin down. Baszler achieved the victory.

There was a promo that aired for Rhea Ripley. She received a new title belt now named the Women’s World Champion as the SmackDown Women’s Title is no more. The lineage continues from one belt to the other. For more on that you can click here and view the promo below.

On Raw Talk we see Lynch training for Money in the Bank.

Lastly, we saw Maxxine Dupri get physical with Valhalla. During a match between Chad Gable and Erik, Valhalla went after Dupri but was met with an arm drag that distracted Erik enough for Gable to get the win. Dupri has been training with Gable and Otis.

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