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Hey all! Apologies for the late redux for this week’s Main Event, but here it is, so let’s get right into it. Better late than never, right? It’d be rude not to!

The thing about Main Event is that despite it being an irrelevant show for the weekly WWE programming, the women tend to have some of their best work showcased here. Though we rarely see Match of the Year candidates, Main Event has some hidden gems that are worthy of being on RAW and SmackDown – and this battle isn’t the anomaly.

Our one match of the night consists of the rowdy Brit, Paige, facing off against the self absorbed and fairly charismatic Summer Rae.

Paige begins by clapping in an attempt to get the crowd on her side and manages to take the lead after slapping Rae on the backside and throwing her to the ropes in an attempt to trip her over. Summer dodges the latter half of the maneuver however, by rolling over Paige at the last second. The match then consists of Summer dominating for a bit, including an impressive hit that knocks Paige outside of the ring for a short while.

The match then switches gears as Paige forces in a few knee smashes to keep her opponent down. And, despite the few reversals Rae throws in, the former Divas champion manages to get the blonde in the RamPaige for the win.

Thoughts: Going into this match I expected the typical formula that these two tend to offer. On Summer’s side of things I thought we would be getting some good offense, funny in-character moments and then an inevitable loss. And on Paige’s side of things I expected some semi decent kicks, slow movement and some unenthusiastic shouting towards the crowd. Thankfully, this isn’t entirely true.

Summer managed to really get the crowd behind her as a heel by yelling at them, showing ignorance towards their comments at some points, and gloating comically at her short lived momentum over Paige. This is the kind of Summer that I wish we could see more of. Instead of the valet that awkwardly stands on the outside as her male counterpart attempts to get over with the crowd, seeing Rae actually work on her own is far more interesting. She clearly is able to get the crowd to believe in her as a heel as almost immediately we see her being booed and already the center of attention. Not only that but she manages to strongly remain in this role throughout the duration of the match, whilst also providing comic relief and allowing the audience to stand behind her opponent. Summer is a great worker and this short but productive match proves so. She can work the crowd, make the TV audience laugh, and simultaneously allow her opponent to gather support.

And whilst I almost never compliment Paige, I have to give it to her here. She does a great job throughout the entirety of the match. Though it’s a similar moveset to the one that we’re used to seeing, she makes it work. It doesn’t feel repetitive and everything feels like it has a place. We aren’t seeing Paige randomly scream just because she can, we see her scream because it gives her momentum and feels like the perfect moment. The Brit also works the crowd wonderfully by clapping to get some support and even banging the ground to build up a louder atmosphere in the arena. She wonderfully sells all of Summer’s moves, especially the one that knocks her to the outside, and most definitely allows Rae to look like a strong performer (even if she does end up taking the loss). Although this will never be the first match that comes to mind when discussing her career, this is definitely a really great one to watch back. Paige does a great job, and, as of recent, it’s probably one of her best.

Paige and Summer both do a fantastic job by working the crowd and bouncing off of one another’s moves coherently. This is a solid bout and should definitely be revisited in the near future. And whilst Summer’s losing streak is somewhat frustrating, at least we get a good match out of it.

How did you find this match? Do you think both women did a solid job? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • Similar like their every other match. The only good part

  • Summer BAE

    She’s still one of my favourites but Paige is boring these days she hasn’t got that same intensity she had in NXT and she really needs to expand her moveset outside of a series of kicks, running knees, a fallaway slam and the RamPaige..

    • Mark

      I’ve always seen her as the same. In NXT she was doing hair throws, whipping her opponent’s necks off the ropes, doing headbutts, etc. She’s always been the same. The only time she got better was during her feud with AJ, and then went back to her old self. lol.

      • eh, that feud with AJ ruined her. Their matches were so sloppy, her matches with Nikki were far better.

        • aldo

          Her matches with Nikki were amazing. Too bad WWE ruined what could have been a solid feud between them.

    • Darren C. #ItCouple #Cesaro

      Paige hasn’t got the same intensity since AJ left

  • Joel

    Even though Paige won , she’s not the same as she used to be and i dislike it. I know the spotlight can’t shine on the same people but Paige needs to go back on the prowl for the Woman’s Championship.

  • GailKimStan

    Summer has better mic skills than all the four horsewomen

    • Sienna Fan #PinkiesUp

      I disagree.

      • SummerRaeThe1stLady

        What you listening to baby? Because not one of them can speak better than Summer even when they don’t stutter

    • Darren C. #ItCouple #Cesaro

      None of them are great but Sasha, Becky and Charlotte are better than Summer.

  • DivaLicious

    Paige is starting to get a little stale. The “this is my house” catch phase is getting very old. She said it 3 times I believe. I agree with (summer BAE) Paige does need a new moveset & throw in a new attire too. Tired of the all black attire every week. Feels like she don’t wash it offen. Paige needs to be repackaged.

    Summer Rae just needs to get a win that’s all.

    • Divalicious. #SummerTime


  • Mark

    Summer Rae seriously needs to go over Paige one of these weeks. And cleanly.

  • Unbreakable Eva Marie

    I feel really conflicted with Paige, obviously she will eventually find herself in the title picture, last year Paige vs The Bella’s basically created the “revaluation”. And now she has fallen to the bottom of the heap. It’s kinda sad, personally I think it would be good if Paige and Summer teamed together with Emma to fight the 4 horsewomen. Kinda like the Original Women of NXT vs 4 Horsewomen. But they’d need someone else.

    • Louis

      Cue Audrey Marie return lool

      • BLKLTR05

        I’d rather see Naomi since she was technically one of the first women in NXT that is still around. Of the one’s that have left Id rather see Maxine come back. Definitely more impact than Audrey Marie

        • Unbreakable Eva Marie

          Ah yes technically she is an NXT girl. But I meant the developmental NXT. Heck if any NXT girl would come back I’d want Kaitlyn. But Naomi is 100% deserving of a push. P.S Love the Pearl Icon.

      • Unbreakable Eva Marie

        Who? Jk I know who she is. She is that women who could wrestle, but had 0 personality, was basically just WWE trying to recreat Mickie James and now she’s Tyler Breezes girlfriend… Which I am jealous about.

        • Louis

          Watching her was like eating cardboard,But the girl had moves! When NXT started as a developmental territory wasn’t it Paige,Emma,Sasha,Summer,Audrey Marie, Ivelisse/Sofia Cortez and Raquel Diaz who were the first crop of women from FCW. I LOVED Raquel Diaz! she was life!!

          • Unbreakable Eva Marie

            Yes all of those Women except Audrey was injured so she came over later. And had that secret admirer feud with Sasha. Also Foxxy’s sister. Who wrestled one match.

            Agreed Audrey had talent just lacked a good gimmick. Whereas Raquel Diaz had a good gimmick and had amazing mic skills. She just lacked in ring skills. And if she stayed I don’t think Paige would have won NXT championship. I think they would have given it to her

          • Louis

            For sure, there was definitely a shift just before Paige won the title! you could tell they were having a hard time deciding who was gonna be the first champ. I think Emma and Paige were the obvious fan favourites, but I would of loved to have Raquel could have been if she stayed and lived out her journey. There was one more girl too that was there and there are loads of pics with her ,Paige and Sasha but she never made her debut?! forgot her name lol

          • Unbreakable Eva Marie

            I think even Summer stood a chance of winning. It was either going to be Paige, Emma or Summer

      • yassss

      • Darren C. #ItCouple #Cesaro

        True! Audrey was the best part of the women’s division in NXT during the first “season.

        Audrey > Paige, Emma and Summer

    • Roman Reigns Supreme


      • Unbreakable Eva Marie

        Or let’s not forget some other popular storylines. Such as “I’m a crazy bitch, so you’re all gonna suffer”
        “We’re BOTH crazy bitches, therefore we are enemies. There can only be one crazy bitch… Even though practically 4 other women have this same recycled character”
        “I am a heel diva therefore I am also a body shamer”
        “We’re in a feud so I’m gonna attack you after your 2 min match”
        And finally “I’ve been champion for so long, I’ve just broken a record. No one will ever beat me”

        • Roman Reigns Supreme

          So true I forgot all about the “Mentally Unstable crazy chick” we always have one of those every season.

          • Unbreakable Eva Marie

            When Paige, Aj and Alicia all had the same gimmick… That was laziness personified

    • B J

      They could play out Paige Emma Summer vs Charlotte Becky Sasha and at the height of the feud insert Bayley but she’s in the middle and doesn’t know which side she belongs too…

    • Darren C. #ItCouple #Cesaro

      It would be atrocious

  • Rita Gomes

    I thought this match was boring and very stale and it was not Summer’s fault. Paige as been delivering very weak performances in the ring against women who are less experienced than her and it just makes the match very weak. Like I said in the Superstars Redux, Nattie,as the veteran, helped Summer and they had a solid showing. This ME match was just stale

    • Darren C. #ItCouple #Cesaro

      Summer is a flop

      • Rita Gomes

        Summer is not the best wrestler but she had a much better match with Nattie like I said. Paige is just looking very bad in the ring with women who don’t have enough experience and can’t carry a match

  • Roman Reigns Supreme

    There’s something about Paige I just don’t like.I can do without the screaming and saying “THIS IS MY HOUSE!!!” Over and over again.

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    Paige beats Charlotte…AND keeps racking up wins on superstars/main event?! Why hasn’t she got a shot? Probably because they won’t put Charlotte clean over anyone anymore and that drives me NUTS!!!

  • Louis

    I really do think Paige needs a legit whole new look! I personally don’t like the Grey ends to her hair, I think the black hair really help sell her character and also if not most importantly…she needs a new attire and pronto! I don’t know why they haven’t given anything new sooner tbh, my favourite gears of hers was her debut attire and the one she wore at wrestlemania 31 in her tag team against the Bellas that she wore all year pretty much! I would love it if they gave her a raven styled look with a black feathered cloak and something with a collar? maybe even like a playsuit kind of style with a corset? I don’t know….something edgy and fresh but also something that takes her back to basics…plain black hair, less makeup….
    Ive noticed increasingly the past few months that Paige is a lot less intense and aggressive than she used to be…she seems very unenthusiastic and even too cocky in her ability…it comes off very lazy and sluggish! her appeal and whole character that made her so famous has completely vanished for this girl that is the very thing she vowed never to become…
    She should look back at her career so far and study her success and what got her there….I want the old paige back tbh…but this is the kind of stuff im thinking for her…The Raven gimmick would be awesome…

    • B J

      Love it

    • Darren C. #ItCouple #Cesaro

      Paige needs something fresh and not the same matches.

      I would kill to see Paige getting screentime in the male division, but not as girlfriend

  • fearlessfoxy

    I like the spinning heel kick Summer does but I wish she would add a few more kicks to her moveset which would look really impressive

  • Xavier

    Paige herself has mentioned her moveset and character is not what it used to be thanks to creative. She had even talked up against creative during the ‘revolution’, she was as bored and frustrated with it as we were, she is also the result of her turn against Charlotte, originally I believe that wasn’t part of the overall plan but they ran with it. No other woman had been screwed out of a title win more than her in 2015 and yet she was given no resolution which made her character look moronic, much like what they are now doing with Sasha.

    In short I feel she’s being punished or held back for something she would have said or done backstage. Also remembering that notoriously girls on Total Divas were held away from the title scene due to Vince not wanting to risk exposing any title changes or storylines surrounding it.

    Paige needs to be in the title hunt, id be wrestling half assed as well if girls like Dana were being put over me for no apparent reason.

    • well she beat everyone in 2014, she has no reason to complain. She also was involved in almost every title match last year. don’t be mad at Dana for getting the same push every NXT star gets upon debut.

    • HouseOfMaryse

      She was in the title picture most of 2014 if she didn’t have it she was hunting for it. There’s no need for her to go after the title now. WWE pushed her too far too fast and it only hurt her in the end character wise. Charlotte is heading the same way it’s a good thing that Sasha isn’t being pushed as hard or they’d all be awkwardly twiddling their thumbs on the sideline

  • ann. ?

    I like Paige but she’s getting so stale. She needs to add new moves, all she does are kicks, it’s boring. Also, she should get new attires

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    Also, Summer is SO good on the mic and has become quite solid in the ring. I’d be ok with her getting a push if she quit screeching so much.

    • SummerRaeThe1stLady

      I love her screeching it’s beautiful and brings more intensity to the match when girls scream and stuff i don’t get why people get so bothered over it

  • SummerRaeThe1stLady

    Summer slayed continue slaying Queen #PushSummerRae #GiveSummerRaeChance #StarOfTheMatch

    • Darren C. #ItCouple #Cesaro


  • SummerRaeThe1stLady

    Wait…..why this just now getting a redux I saw this already um..

  • Roman Reigns Supreme

    Summer Rae’s new theme should be called “JOB TO ME JOB TO MEEEEEEEEEE”

  • aldo

    I’ll never get tired of Paige’s entrance!! And Summer perfect as usual. Oh, but I forgot, we are back to the 2 min matches on Raw with no logical storyline, so I guess it doesn’t matter if Paige and Summer put on a great match here.

  • Marlon Eric

    Damn, Paige just don’t give a fuck no more with her ring gear.

  • this match was fun and entertaining

  • Sandra #SashaLee #NaoLynch

    Paige just gets so lazy whenever she’s not in the title picture and I’m honestly over it.

  • Darren C. #ItCouple #Cesaro

    I don’t know yet why WWE fired Ivelisse and Audrey ant not Summer

  • Nikolas Dombkowski

    I really need King off commentary!

  • NaNa

    Commentary needs to stop laughing during the match and start calling it. So unprofessional how they’re not even paying attention and goofing off during their match.