WWE Main Event finally gets to #FEELTHEGLOW! This week’s episode kicked off with the most popular woman’s entrance in the game right now. Naomi continued to twirl and twerk her way into the hearts of the fans this week. However, this match definitely was not going to be a party thanks to the Queen of Black Hearts, Natalya.

The match begins with some standard lock ups allowing Nattie to get the upper hand. Natalya’s advantage is short lived thanks to her boasting and she is served with a flurry of kicks from Naomi. Naomi continues her unique offense going for the Sunset Flip for a two count.

Natalya uses the referee to goad Naomi into a drop toe hold to the ropes.  Nattie attempts a pinfall, but is not successful, choosing to then taunt the crowd as she places Naomi in a modified abdominal stretch. The two ladies trade momentum back and forth until Naomi is able to one up Nattie with a leg sweep and gain the win.

Thoughts: I feel like these two ladies always put on a good match. This rivalry between the two spans all the way back to WrestleMania 31 where both women played a role in the multi-team tag match. Since then a match up between Natalya and Naomi has proven to be a safe bet when the WWE needed a women’s match that could deliver. At this point, the ladies have wonderful chemistry together and seem to really bring out the best in each other. I really hope to see the writers of SmackDown Live do something with this pairing.

What did you think of the match? Do you feel like this could be a long term feud? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Edwards1992


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  • Izzy4lw

    Oh. That was all?

    The Pros here: Naomi and Natalya are always going to be a safe bet to put in a match together because they’re both very good between the ropes and their styles contrast so much that they can really play to those dynamics to keep the crowd invested, so I was excited to see this match. Also, Naomi FINALLY got her singles match and FINALLY got a win.

    The Cons: 3:20 from bell to bell – really WWE? really? you put the best female wrestler in the ring with the most exciting female wrestler and give us less time than it takes to nuke a TV dinner? really? Also, whoever came up with that ending needs to be fired- Naomi won with… a leg sweep. Let me repeat: a legsweep. I’d have preferred a rollup to the ending we got, unless the aim was to make Natalya look like a joke. The booking and time alotted for this match is on par with Charlotte vs. Alicia Fox a few weeks ago, except BOTH women in this match needed a win and a strong showing and neither one of them really got it. Smackdown continues to give all their women time – but at this point it begs the question: How many of them is it really benefitting?

    • Gail-Rollins

      Your last question is exactly why the “every woman gets a chance to shine” booking DOES NOT WORK.

    • Those 3 minutes were still longer ×10000 than anything Nia and Alicia have gotten in the last two weeks, aka zero.

      Just see the last SD episode and all those reactions to every girl. That will explain how it benefits everyone and how anyone can win a match.

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        • howie_ruhl

          This is really the only appropriate response to the user above. Good bot.

      • Izzy4lw

        I know that our opinions regarding booking and how the WWE should run are fairly different, but hear me out here:

        In the WWE, you live and die by your booking. You can be seen every single week, but if your booking is shite, your character and your opportunities will diminish and if you’re mismanaged as a character on a consistent basis, the crowd may cheer and you may still get pops, but nobody will believe that you can win, which leads to disappointing title feuds because the crowds will give up on you as soon as the feud begins. Perfect example of this was Dolph Ziggler, who has spent so long being mismanaged (but has been consistently featured) that when he challenged for the WWE championship, nobody cared. Their match was underwhelming, their crowd support was minimal compared to most championship matches, and no matter how good Dolph Ziggler is (because he is good) nobody believed he could win the big one, so nobody really cared. They’re on his side now because he’s going for a midcarder belt, but the women don’t have that- every woman then, by definition, should be booked as a star to get the crowd invested, and this match right here was not that match.

        By default, we can also look at the Undertaker, who still gets some of the most consistently big pops of any WWE superstar, but who is only seen maybe 2 months out of the year. Why? because throughout his career (and even though he’s probably been on TV for a grand total of maybe one year in the last 5-9 years) he’s always booked very, very well. He’s booked to look like a threat, he’s booked so you believe he can will himself into a match just by existing, so even though he’s rarely seen, he’s booked incredibly well.

        If I were a WWE superstar, I think I’d rather spend some time away from TV then be shown and have my character run through the ringer so I lose credibility as a title contender; it happened to Foxy – the Nia/Fox feud did nothing for Alicia. She got screen time sure, but then she got brutalized in the ring (bad for credibility). Before that the last time she was featured heavily was in the divas revolution- teams edition! angle, and she was mostly used to pad out Bella Army and proportionally, she took more losses than Brie or Nikki did, making her the weakest member of the team (not good for credibility). Before that, she was regularly featured during the AJ/Paige feud as Paige’s sidekick, and she got her ass handed to her as a stand in for Paige, since Paige would use Foxy to keep AJ away from her. Once again, not good for her credibility. She is lucky in that she has a good gimmick when she’s allowed to use it, but everytime she’s regularly featured on TV, she’s used to put others over, and this mismanagement has made it so that nobody in the audience at these events truly believes she can do anything else.

        Not saying RAW is better, because if they’re going to keep women off tv they NEED to have a plan for them when we do see them (which at the moment they don’t- I don’t think), but what SD! is doing may build a division where women get mismanaged to the point that people no longer see them as title contenders, and once you fall into that bucket by the WWE universe who attends the shows and management buys in, you’re on the jobber list forever.

        • But how don’t they see them as contenders when they all get reactions and they all did at Backlash and even that contendership match?

          They did nothing to distinguish Dolph’s character from what he used to be, he’s constantly repeating the same thing and he had no history with Dean Ambrose, he just won that 6 pack, which lead to the match. Plus, both were faces in the match so crowd couldn’t care about anyone specifically in that match. When he got to the Miz, probably the biggest heel on SD, thats where they knew who to cheer for and who to boo. They even made it more interesting with Maryse coming into play and the retirement angle. None of that happened during that ”feud” with Dean.

          Even the stuff Alicia and Nia did got them a lot of cheers/boos at COC, but clearly with the lack of follow up, that will probably change. Nia went from having vignettes/matches every week to not even getting either, while they made sure for Bayley to get both after her loss at COC, and we know why, one is valued more than the other.

          That’s why those hiatuses hurt them a lot and you know the next time Alicia emerges, it will be again to put someone over. Instead of trying to rebuild her like they are doing with some of the characters on SD, they’re relying on the same old, which is good atm, but in the long run, it won’t be.

          • Izzy4lw

            and I think, by and large, that you have the main points right- we need multiple women in multiple storylines; I am a huge proponent of building up a division in which, while not every woman needs to be seen every week, they need to be seen often enough to get over and be built up. I differ in that what I want to see on TV – I want to be meaningful. No matter how short the match or how small the promo, I want it to be meaningful in the development of the women in some way. Sometimes, you can do wonders to a feud with a two minute promo if it’s good enough, and you can do amazing things with a 5-9 minute match with two talented ladies. Whatever it is, I want it to be meaningful, and not just them being shown for the sake of being seen. That’s where I struggle with SD! personally – I see the women, and I know they’re getting out there and the crowd is seeing them, but for example this match did absolutely nothing for them (and I know it’s just a main event match, but that’s no excuse to not further their development, Sunday Night HEAT did it all the time)

          • and I agree with that, they should aim at using them in some sort of storylines, but at least if not possible, it’s good to see them on TV without having to sit backstage or home. That’s better than nothing.
            Maybe this match will lead to a rematch soon, we don’t know, maybe not, but time will tell.

  • conan_kun
    • PoisonFelino #Watermelondrea

      Hahahahahahhahahahaha xD

      I guess they haven’t reached their perfect form just yet xP

  • saul de la efe

    hey WWE, remember your so called “WOMEN´S REVOLUTION”
    well, probably it´s not your fault cuz you have been sexist all the way from early times
    but, actually the movement its not about charlotte, becky, bayle and sasha exclusively
    let me explain
    when you say WOMEN´S revlution
    you are talking about the WHOLE female roster including ALL the female roster, from wrestlers to announcers to interviewers to ALL FUCKING WOMEN INVOLVED IN WWE

    natalya and naomi are probably in the top 5 of you division and you shit treat them?!


    • saul de la efe

      *flips the table*

    • Izzy4lw

      okay 1) breathe girl, you’re going to have an aneurysm.

      2) What does Sasha and Charlotte and Bayley have to do with this? they’re not even on the brand responsible for their shitty booking.

      3) only 1 HW is on SD! and she’s been booked like shite as well. I mean, I’m assuming you saw SD! and saw the major booking issues they have regarding all their female talent, not just these two (though these two are in desperate need of a strong direction) – so the anger here needs to be focused at the road agents of SD! not four women who have no say in how they’re booked, and three of which aren’t even on the show to influence Nattie and Nao’ shitty booking.

      • saul de la efe

        oh nono don´t get me wrong, they have nothing to do, but it seems WWE just cares about those 4, yes becky has been treatted like just a “championship holder” (plus we know WWE has always left her as the last in the 4hw) but if they have this C-CLASS show, which by the way usally has more tv wrestling time, WTF they gave them 4 min?! trashhh
        and i repeat it is not about the 4HW is about WWE´s crappy “women´s revolution” that is only happenning because they saw UFC pushing their women and other “companies” as well

        • Izzy4lw

          also realistically I think it was because AJ put Steph on blast and the Bella’s spoke out- their biggest stars were throwing them under the bus; they had to do something.

          Also… I think the WWE has ‘given up’ on it’s older women. They seem to want to wipe the slate clean, as it were- I can bet when Asuka gets called up she’ll get the star treatment- Ember as well, likely Peyton and Billie too.

          Unfortunately, it pisses off the fans and those of us who KNOW that the vets like Naomi, Natalya, and Alicia can still go in the ring, and they’re being given up on for no other reason but that they debuted at the wrong time. -_-

    • AsaAkira #wickedBARBIE

      Fun fact: Lilian Garcia truly began the Women’s Revolution.

  • Danii

    This match makes me frown. Since the brand split, Naomi has had shitty booking. She’s been forced to the back of the line as Alexa/Becky and Nikki/Carmella have taken the spotlight. I know this is more and likely due to WWE trying to keep the face vs heel bit, but come come man! A 3min match? Last year Naomi had the most matches of any of the women. Mixing it up with Becky, Paige, Nikki, all the ladies and had good long matches. She’s been far too good for too long! To see her talent wasted makes me sad. Her gimmick is gold. I don’t think we’ll see her get some light until Eva Marie makes her return. But even then, her talent will be wasted as she’ll have to carry her in matches.

    • sweetpain

      I love Carmella but I can’t believe she got a storyline over Naomi once the brand split started. Her booking over the years has truly been a mess!

  • 3???????

    Tf was this mess

  • 3???????

    Felt like I was watchin two random green NXT women

  • 3???????

    Felt like I was watchin Saturday night slam

  • 3???????

    Felt like I was watchin TNA

  • Dez

    What a ground-breaking match ??
    Never seen the move Nattie did to Nay on the ropes before…?

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      It’s a match on Main Event… do you expect them to pull out pile drivers and Samoan Drops onto a burning table?

      • Izzy4lw

        Main event matches are usually, and historically, given more time and have even been better than the SD or RAW matches from time to time. We all expected since they’d be on Main Event then we’d get to see them have an actual fleshed out match, and what we got last night was 2012 booking with the more perplexing ending I’ve ever seen.

        • Crazy. #RIPMae

          Yes but the user above is acting like Nattie using that move is bad. It’s apart of her moveset, what do you expect? That’s why I added in the pile driver comments. But I do agree with you, the match could’ve been better.

    • PoisonFelino #Watermelondrea

      I’m so bored of that move.
      I wished she’d go back to use that wheelbarrow move

      Aside from that, she’s been adding quite a few cool moves and spots to her recent matches.


    • Geek God

      Natalya is the most boring woman in WWE History, I’m surprised they haven’t fired her over this simple fact alone ??? even Rosa Mendes would be 1000x more interesting to see at this point

  • GailKimStan

    Scrm Naomi finally gets a win and it’s a mess

  • TheG.O.A.T

    My favorite part of the match was Nao’s entrance glad she’s getting over but the match was underwhelming. It was like the match began then ended out of no where to that lame leg sweep. Don’t get the booking of this match

  • Mark

    Don’t know what people are expecting. Naomi and Nattie are the new Ivory and Jacqueline of the division. They got lost in the shuffle and now they’re “talent enhancers.” They both have been for a long time.

    • fearlessfoxy

      at least Ivory and Jacqueline had some great runs as champions and had their time. Nattie had the shortest reign ever and they didn’t even try with her. Naomi hasn’t even had her chance yet :(

      • PoisonFelino #Watermelondrea

        I know, right?
        Nattie and Naomi have been feuding even before the whole women’s revolution started and we never got a longer match out of them. WTF?!

  • Booking 101

    I still had a slight hope that maybe they would start building Naomi for a title run but if this is their way to do it than… This is going bad.

    Let’s take 2 women that have a lot of chemistry with and each other and are great wrestlers and put them in a 3 minute match because women’s revolution…

    People want to proclaim the whole everybody on SD is equal but no….. The women are not equal between themselves and they are not even close to getting the same treatement and spotlight that the guys have. Under developed characters, this fear to book serious and compelling female characters are still very much alive on SD. Just look at the 2 women’s feuds going on right now.

    Raw isn’t much better but since the man are being booked as bad as the women it looks like they are more equal.

    • They are equal sweetie, everyone has won a match, unlike on Raw where Dana and Alicia have done nothing but job.

      On SD you see rookies pinning Becky and Nikki, while on Raw that won’t happen in the wildest dreams. That shows equality, along with everyone getting a chance to compete in the first title match, and not just selected women.

      They have 2 feuds going on + another match this week. How many feuds on Raw? That’s right, one, the other two girls are supporting roles while Nia and Alicia are nowhere to be found bc well, “the feud is over” and it’s impossible to find anything for them to do. Please.

      • Gods_Giift

        Naomi has never won a match, sweetie

        • Robann

          She literally just won this one. And she won a live match with Becky and Nikki…..

        • Have you watched main event orrr?

          • Gods_Giift

            she hasn’t won on SD.. you know the show people actually watch

          • im not getting into that, but its clearly that she has won since the draft, something alicia cant even say

  • The match was ok, idk what that ending was for.
    Maybe they’re planning a rematch for the preshow this Sunday.

  • B J

    I stan for Naomi.

    This match… Yawn

  • nice little match

  • fearlessfoxy

    Why did they have to book such a short match for these two? It’s not like Main Event has so much content and the writers literally have to cut things out to make the show..

    • BO$$

      Because they are boring and no one wants to watch them!

      • jamal lyon

        Loads of us do, though

      • Speak for yourself

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    This match was all about Natalya, she looked as dominant as ever and was giving life to her heel character. Naomi playing the underdog was kind of surprising for me but it worked out so well, that surprising out it nowhere pin was well executed and sold by both of them.

    It was a short match, but told a story and it was nice. Is not always about how many minutes they are on the ring, but how good is the match itself. This is superstars so I don’t expect their best encounter here.

  • SashaBanksBoss

    Queen Naomi is the most underrateed superstar in the WWE she needs to face Becky and she should be the one taking the title from Becky at some point. And this match was kinda boring i dont know if its because it had Natalya in it i like her but i find her boring to me she lacks personality and her moveset is always the same you know whats going to happen and i find her way too slow in the ring. She needs to play a better heel like when she had the pin up string gimmic with Beth

    • BO$$

      Natalya is boring whether a heel or a face. Her attire is terrible and her mic skills are even worse! She is way to soft in the ring, she needs to be more agressive!

      • Amy

        Bring 2008/2012 Nattie back

  • Dropitboy

    That was a bad match which is sad given who was in it.

  • Danny?

    I enjoyed the match but then it just ended so abruptly. I was expecting Naomi to make a comeback and get more offence in before the end of the match. I really hope they put them on the preshow for No Mercy this Sunday.

  • Carolution

    that ending. so random and dumb.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    This match was the best one on one SD Live match since the brand split.

    • Daria ‘Jersey Devil’ Berenato


  • Daria ‘Jersey Devil’ Berenato

    This match wasn’t bad, it was just rushed, it was a average Main-event worthy match

    • Gracious Kim

      It wasn’t even Main Even worthy. It was pre brand split SD shit ?

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Let’s not act like SD has had many singles matches… we always have tag matches or no contests.

    • Daria ‘Jersey Devil’ Berenato

      no one acted like that

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        You replied to my post saying “IM”

    • but at least everyone is competing

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        Everyone on Raw is competing too. Besides Summer.
        Paige is injured.
        Emma officially joined Raw last week.

        • Daria ‘Jersey Devil’ Berenato

          Nia competes for one week, disappears for two weeks then competes again, Alicia is gone, Summer is gone, it]s a plain mess

          • Crazy. #RIPMae

            Well, I’m happy for now because Raw won’t get too stale because we have many options for the championship feud. I hope when Charlotte loses at HIAC (assuming), we’ll get new challengers like Summer, Alicia, Dana, Emma and Nia.

        • they aren’t, bc we don’t see Nia and Alicia at all

    • BO$$

      Smackdown is a mess right now. The only established characters are Becky and Nikki. They are trying to put them all over at once and that doesn’t work. They want everyone to win and right now no one has momentum heading to the ppv.
      Terrible, just terrible.

      • Daria ‘Jersey Devil’ Berenato

        It’s working though because every girl is getting reactions

        • BO$$

          Every girl on raw is getting them too but on Smackdown you have a champion who looks weaker than her challengers and that is not the way to book a fighting champion like Becky wants to be!

          • where are Danas, Nias and Alicias reactions, or more so their matches and victories (in Foxys and Danas case)?
            Thats exactly how to book a champion and a challenger, equally good. On Raw Charlotte is seen as unstoppable force and Sasha and Bayley are presented as the only ones who can stop her, meanwhile on SD, it can happen with anyone. Plus, Becky has always been booked as an underdog and the one against the odds.

          • ?sa-n?-t?

            well who said Becky gon get what she wants… https://m.popkey.co/5bdf20/Mwb43.gif

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        I know right

  • Daria ‘Jersey Devil’ Berenato

    Even when all the women aren’t on SD at the very least they put them on main event, RAW doesn’t even put them on SUPERSTARS

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      Just for that they’ll book Sasha vs Summer for Superstars again.

      • Daria ‘Jersey Devil’ Berenato

        Good, we can finally have a match that’s main event worthy

        • Crazy. #RIPMae

          Yes, main event worthy as in on the actual show Main Event.

          • Geek God

            Ha! Got em! ??????

  • TheDarkShaw

    That match was not all that good…

  • Monkey Tennis

    Not great. To be fair, there’s only the one upload of the match doing the rounds online right now (the one used in the article above) and it isn’t of the highest quality, so any review of the match should take that into account. Having said that, it probably wouldn’t have looked a whole lot better in 4K. Ultimately it felt like what it was – and pretty much exactly what Natalya and Naomi have been doing since the brand split – just filling time. It’s another example of creative giving them something to do, whilst simultaneously giving them nothing to do.

    And yes, I know that sounds contradictory. What I’m trying to say is that for all their appearances, Nattie and Naomi still feel like nothing more than supporting characters, at best… or extras, at worst! And when they finally get a little spotlight on themselves, what do creative give them? A couple of minutes to put on a match.

    Unsurprisingly, the match was lacking. Arguably some of the blame for that could perhaps be placed on Nattie and Naomi. But at the same time, they’ve been given a minimal amount of time to have a match with no particular substance behind it (beyond it being face vs heel). With that in mind, I can forgive them for maybe ‘phoning it in’ a little. Although, what was going on with that finish is anyone’s guess.

    The match also highlighted how Naomi and Nattie’s characters are still in need of serious work. Naomi remains a glow in the dark gimmick and movie quote. Nattie’s heel work consists of her executing a move and then showboating to crowds. Neither woman has much to work with and that’s only adding to their anonymity in Smackdown’s women’s division.

    • Izzy4lw

      THIS. If I could like this a million times, I would.

      At this point, I’m unsure who to blame for their directionlessness – the options are either 1) Natalya isn’t very creative and Naomi is fine just being a human glowstick, or 2) SD! creative sees both women as fillers in favor of the most pushed woman of 2014 (Nikki) and the crop of new talent.

      Personally, I think it looks like the WWE is trying very hard to push the newer women to showcase it’s revolution, and have effectively given up on the old guard (Naomi, Natalya, Alicia, etc) because creative has been known to be lazy, so why spend time undoing the damage of years of mismanagement when you can just call up an NXT girl and rely on the NXT brand to do the work for you!

      I’ve said from the beginning that SD! woman are not equal despite being seen every week, and I think this proved my point.

    • Booking 101

      Once again, spot on. We have discussed how character development as been non existing for them (and a better part of the SD women’s divison).

      At this point I understand their frustration. There is never worse than being a loyal employee for so many years to just get the short end of the stick. Nattie and Naomi have ALWAYS been mistreated by WWE. It is such a shame to see this. Even if they didn’t want them as part of the “main event” scene on the divison, they could have, at least, given them the chance to create some decent moments.

      Nattie’s rivalry with Charlotte was the perfect metaphor for how WWE as booked her throught her career. It was pretty much a “We really don’t care about you so we are going to bring the same lame ass formulas as always and make your character as stupid as possible”

  • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

    Eva Marie suspension is what threw everything off Nikki wasn’t supposed to return at SummerSlam but she had to after the suspension and the wwe wanted Nikki as a face but had to return as heel at SummerSlam which means they had to do a double turn the options for a heel turn was Becky Naomi and Carmella and the only choice that made since was Carmella