Impact Spoilers (Night #2): Sept. 10th & 17th, 2009

Our Impact Zone hook-up, Camden has sent in ongoing spoilers from tonight’s second night of Impact tapings. These scenes will air over the next two weeks leading to the No Surrender pay per view on September 20th. Click the ‘+’ to read:

Full spoilers now added.

Impact - September 10th & 17th, 2009
- Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament: Semi-Final #1
The Beautiful People def. Christy Hemme & Tara
Tara & Angelina start out, Love has brief control with some kicks and chops but Tara quickly comes back and then tags in Hemme. Angelina dominates Hemme and tags in Velvet Sky. Sky drags Hemme by the hair to Tara’s corner and screams: “Do you love Christy Hemme?!”

Tara tries to get the win on Sky after the standing moonsault, but Velvet kicks out. Hemme goes for the FFG but Angelina manages to pin her.

Meanwhile, Madison Rayne comes out with a brown paper bag with her face on it and holds it up. She then turns it around and it says, “I’m sorry!” The three leave the ring together.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament: Semi-Final #2
Sarita & Taylor Wilde def. Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed

Thoughts after the cut:

Melanie’s Thoughts
As expected, it looks like they’re burning off the tag tournament matches with the finals to take place at No Surrender in three weeks. The Beautiful People are the first team to advance, later tonight they should tape Kong/Saeed vs Saritaylor. Stay tuned for spoilers! If I had to hazard a guess, I expect the finals will be TBP vs Saritaylor, which I’ve felt should be the title match from the beginning.

EDIT: As expected, Saritaylor went over Kong & Saeed. That sets up The Beautiful People vs Saritaylor in the finals to determine the first ever Knockouts Tag Team Champions, I’m assuming at No Surrender.

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  • Hunt-A1

    nooo, have madison as a top face, tna creative team are sooooo confusing to me!

  • Kaledrina

    err.. huh? madison back with tbp? i hope it’s just some warped trick of hers or something. it’s like they temporarily broke her away from them so she could from another team just to make up the numbers?

  • Al

    It’d be epic if Madison is setting up The Beautiful People to screw them in the finals. I’ll laugh so hard if Madison turns and costs them the title as revenge. Think Trish getting revenge at Wrestlemania for what Vince did to her.

  • Ed

    Is it just me or is Hemme getting dominated a lot in these spoilers? Not that I’m complaining…

    I smell a swerve with the Madison Rayne thing.

    Why on earth are they crowning the 1st champions at No Surrender when Bound for Glory is right around the corner? That’s just idiotic. Why not have the semi-finals at No Surrender and then the finals at BFG where it will mean more? *rolls eyes*

  • Kaledrina

    roxxi is still there. she was part of the lumberjack match :)

  • Kaledrina

    also from the spoilers, it looks like they’re restarting the tara/kong feud.

  • PedroPedroso17

    Madison turning on TBP would be the best thing to do, but I don’t know, maybe they think a trio is sexier??!! Oh well, here’s hoping Taylor and Sarita get golden, both girls deserve it.

  • kerry246

    I hope Madison Rayne isn’t back in The Beautiful People because I prefer them as a heel duo, and her as a solo babyface. She can’t be their “tag-along” forever, she never got to do much as part of the group, I want to see her in more matches and on her own, doing her own thing. She’s much better as a babyface.

  • BobAnthony

    TNA’s writing HAS TO BE the equal of the WWE…no direction with their women’s division! NONE AT AL!!

  • BobAnthony


  • RKOyou

    I think it’s all PART OF MADISONS PLAN,at No surrender,Madison will screw angelina and velvet out of the titles and that will be her ultimate revenge,I’m sick of Madison being in the beautiful people,she’s so wasted and all angelina and velvet do is throw her in the BG and don’t let her talk,i’m sick of it,hopifully madison turns on them and becomes a big babyface star because already gave her a new entrance and everything

    I knew the finals would be angelina and velvet vs. sarita and taylor,i called it from a mile away,sarita and taylor for 1st tag team champions and taylor for 1st woman to hold both singles KO title and the KO tag team titles

  • msatimberlake

    LOL i knew Madison couldn’t last by herself but i am happy she is back with TBP, i really didnt want to see her as a lost cause she belongs with them, not by her self and with this being said i want sarita and Taylor to win but i got to give this to TBP just becasue they got Madison back and she will spray something in there eyes and TBP will get the win Unfrotuantly, also they have ALOT of ENEMIES in the Knockout Division so with them winning it will be easier for them to get Tag matches ever week and with Sarita and Taylor winning they really have no enimies as of late so would be lame so got to give this to the beautiful ppl. but these next few week of TNA are going to AWSOME b4 THe PPV i want to see Tara in tht MMA fight with cody thats gonna be funny and we will see what she gots.