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According to a report by PWInsider, the entire Raw Women’s team (RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Nia Jax and Alicia Fox) are all backstage for tonight’s special SmackDown 900.

This comes just days before Sunday’s Survivor Series PPV, where the Raw Women’s team will square off against the SmackDown Women’s team (consisting of Nikki Bella, SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, Carmella, Naomi and Alexa Bliss) in a 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match.

Nikki Bella and Carmella are booked for a heated match on tonight’s SmackDown and a preview from WWE.com reads as follows:

“Following another heated altercation last week, the captain of SmackDown LIVE’s 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Women’s Elimination Match, Nikki Bella, will square off against longstanding adversary Carmella tonight.

Will The Fearless Nikki finally teach some respect to The Princess of Staten Island? Will coach Natalya and the other members of the team look to play a part in the outcome? And what effect will their ongoing altercation have on Team Blue’s chances of reigning supreme over Team Red at Survivor Series?”

What do you think will happen on SmackDown?

  • #Hooligan

    This is the best way to highlight these women, I hope it will be GOOD

  • SweeneyTodd

    SD Women should have been at RAW and not RAW at SD…the standing of SD Women is low enough against RAW and now Team RAW at SD with sure another long Charlotte Promo.

    • perceval

      Last night, it was SD’s men that showed up on Raw. Tonight, it’s the women’s turn to face off.

    • The Earl of Lemongrab

      I agree, SD women would kill in the promo they have great talkers

  • conan_kun

    I looking forward to see something like Charlotte faces Nikki again, Bayley faces Carmella, Becky in the same ring in main roster with her fellow Horsewomen.

  • sounds great, I just hope it wont end up with the 4HW staredown in the end

    • conan_kun

      How do it call 4HW staredown when 3 of them are teammates, it’s Becky facing 3 on 1 situation.

      • easily, they always found a way, but I hope tonight it will be everyone involved

    • TabbyK

      It’s gonna happen probably not at the end but in the middle of the brawl.

  • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

    It’s so predictable what’s gonna happen raw wins the women and tag with SD winning the main event

    • Boo Dallas

      If the men’s match would be the last match theb it should be the deciding factor so it should be 1-1 (Tag and Women’s) before the men’s match.

  • Femme Fatale Venus Fly

    The promos should be KILLER!

  • -B

    i can see a brawl break down between both teams, it’s so obvious
    hope that the segment is gonna be a long one tho

  • TabbyK

    I know it’s gonna be a mess but I don’t care I’m excited to see them all interact.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Lord please let us have a massive women’s brawl!! Please!! I’m begging you!!

  • Wilson #LEAVEK2ALONE

    I’m here for a moment like this

    • MK126

      SOME PEOPLE WAIT A LIFE TIME… FOR A MOMENT… LIKE THISSSSSS! Im sorry but kelly clarkson popped in my head and id be happy AF if this happened during the bella vs mella match

    • Shan

      I miss Victoria and her theme. These women had awesome themes. Kelly winning against Victoria always made me cringe. Also, how did Candice run without that top completely disappearing? How did she do anything without it just not being there?

  • The Earl of Lemongrab

    Seeing their teams side by side, team Raw looks underwhelming. Although I know they’ll probably win all I can see in their team is Char,Sasha and Bay. Nia and Alicia just looks like background characters. They so screwed up Nia’s build up, they should’ve introduced her like Kharma going after the ladies one by one not beating local competitors.

    • glassjaw

      I can’t believe I’m advocating this, but I do think that Dana Brooke should have had Alicia’s spot. She’s a decidedly inferior worker, yes, but she’s had more storyline involvement with Charlotte and would provide another dynamic to the team. I see her and Nattie having an altercation at the PPV if they’re both cheerleading though.

      • The Earl of Lemongrab

        Yeah they’re probably just gonna use Dana for distraction

      • Boo Dallas

        Dana is still part of it as a valet to counter Natalya’s role. Alicia Fox valeting does not make sense. Dana and Natalya makes sense for storyline.

        • glassjaw

          It would make sense – Alicia has the same experience and championship background that Nattie has, who is Smackdown’s team captain.

          Throw Dana in the match and have her commit a blunder so awful Charlotte turns on her.

          • Boo Dallas

            Natalya actually gets utilized every week on SmackDown and her veteran status is legit as she is the best wrestler amongst the SmackDown women’s division and she’s midcard with every women also midcard except Nikki who is topcard while Fox appeared in Raw like 3 times after the draft and her teammates are miles better than her in term of wrestling and booking, Fox is a jobber while Bayley and Nia are top card then Charlotte and Sasha are main eventers, it doesn’t make sense to have jobberlicia acting as coach to main eventers so it makes sense that they take different approach with Dana who is with Charlotte against Natalya who is a coach.

          • glassjaw

            If you actually think Nattie, who I’m convinced ha writers colluding in a corner each week devising ways to saddle her with embarrassing gimmicks, is in a better spot than Alicia then… well, frankly I don’t know what to say to you.

            Alicia is being billed as an asset to the team because of her “veteran” status and as a former champion. The same billing could have applied to her as a cheerleader for the team, while Dana got her chance to prove herself to Charlotte.

          • Boo Dallas

            LOL are you seriously trying to invalidate my opinion about Nattie being a better spot than Alicia if you can’t see that then it’s me who don’t know what to say about you if you seriously can’t see why Nattie is on a better spot than Alicia. Nattie received contendership pushes this year for the Divas Championship, Raw Women’s Championship, and SmackDown Women’s Championship just this year alone. She made Becky Lynch and Naomi tapout to her in PPVs this year, she gets lengthy matches at PPVs, she was a very early draft pick, had high profile feud with Charlotte. What has Alicia Fox done this year aside from one few minute match every month or two?

          • glassjaw

            RIGHT NOW Natalya is in no better spot. Because right now Natalya’s modus operandi is to badly act badlier backstage bits that involve quoting lyrics for the sake of…?

          • Boo Dallas

            Natalya will get her turn when they’ll look for someone as a filler contender. There was time of her career she was used as Khali’s girlfriend, lose matches to Hornswoggle, or lose in quick match then the next booking she’s competing in 20 minute matches and beating the top women on the roster. Her booking may not always be consistently good but at least she is being used. I have no doubt she will get her turn again as they always look for Nattie when they need someone for character pushes and put great matches when needed. She may be in cringeworthy segments right now but at least she gets appearances every week on the other hand Fox is never used at all but lucky her that it was PPV pre-requisite for her to be used for this PPV but after that she’ll go back to making once every two months apperances.

          • Boo Dallas

            Natalya is actually being utilizes every week. Yes, she may not be favored in booking at this point due the other five girls getting character pushes but I have no doubt she’ll get her time again. You can’t expect everyone to get pushes. Alicia Fox was virtually invisible. Also you can’t compare Natalya and Alicia when it comes to status. Alicia Fox flopped as Divas Champion, she wasn’t getting reactions aside from “You Can’t Wrestle” chants while Natalya was one of the most over Divas Champion in history. Also Natalya is recognized as the best wrestler on her show’s roster hence why she have the credibility to be booked as storyline coach while Alicia is the least talented in ring talent among the women competing for Team Raw. Being the longest tenure woman does not give someone coach status if so might as well have Rosa Mendes.

          • Boo Dallas

            Natalya is appearing on SmackDown everyweek since the draft. She had storyline with Becky then Carmella then mini feud with Naomi now she’s in a story with Nikki. Alicia Fox only story was when she had one pre-show match where she got squashed.

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        We should have Natalya vs Dana on the preshow.

  • Most Must See

    I want Naomi to knock the hell out of Sasha again,

    • #ILoveMelina

      Naomi did! mop that ass at ringside lmaooooo

    • Kendall Anthony

      Naomi did that..

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      Sasha and Alicia trying to jump Naomi and get clocked would’ve been iconic!

    • Robann

      Someone has to have the GIF of Nao molly whopping Sasha at ringside when team BAD officially broke up lol. I need to see it again.

  • BlossomingNarcissist

    SD woken get the upper hand tonight but obvi the raw team will win at SS

  • -B


  • Peter

    I actually liked that segment but the match I really wasn’t feeling it.

    • glassjaw

      It felt more like a fight rather than a match and given the story these two are trying to tell I believed it.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I loved it!!! It was really needed it. This to me solidified that this women’s revolution is real. We would have never gotten a segment like this back in the day. The women would’ve been just thrown at ringside randomly.

    • glassjaw

      What makes this spot so hilarious is that it was almost like she was looking straight at the barricade rather than Becky.

      • ikr and the way she went through it lmao, queen of risks.

        • glassjaw

          And the way her body just goes limp after it lmao. I can’t.

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    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      Becky a mess moving too early.

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      In storyline of course, lol. I would’ve moved early too if someone that big was coming at me.

  • glassjaw

    Strange to see a babyface as pure as Bayley get involved in jumping someone, but other than that Smackdown had a good match with a highly effective post-match angle.

  • Uncharted4GOTD

    Nia KILLED me in this segment

  • Violets are Blue

    The brawl that the women has was ok. But it wasn’t anything newsworthy.


    So I marked th out when Nikki bellahammered Charlotte and drug her ass to the ring lol I never thought it possible to mark out for Nikki so hard lol

  • conan_kun

    I hope Raw and Smackdown have some mic time, perhaps at Survivor Series, either on kickoff show or main roster first hour to have in-ring promo then the match takes place later.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Bayley clearly looked out of place because this went totally AGAINST her character.. They should have thought of that before actually doing it. Things like this should never happen to her.

    • The Earl of Lemongrab

      That baffled me as well, 3 members of team Raw are faces why would they gang up on Nikki? Even though she’s beating up Char their captain, team Raw ended up looking like heels. I

      • Gabriella Panajotova

        Nah, I look at it from a competitive side. Sasha and Alicia have that mean bone in them that would let them get away with being competitive and trying to one-up the competition. The only one out of place was Bayley cause she is too pure for this. She should’ve just watched and screamed “can’t we all just get along” tbh.

        • The Earl of Lemongrab

          Yeah Alicia, Sasha I can get by, I guess it’s just Bayley that bothers me

      • Wrestling.fan.from.France

        Yeah, even Sasha and Alicia even tho it’s to a lesser extent but still. You can’t have 3 faces go after a lonely face female and AND act as if it was nothing wrong..

  • Kendji Girac #LoveTrumpsHate ?

    Smackdown women’s segment was of the charts!

    Nikki vs. Carmella was definitely their best encounter to date and also the brawl got me so invested in their upcoming Survivor Series match TBH

  • GlowTime

    Aahhhh can’t wait to see it! Haven’t time before work so will have to wait, hope it’s as good as everyone’s saying!!!

  • Luke

    I just can’t at Sasha running to help Charlotte and Bayley beating down a fallen Nikki. So team raw are the heels and smackdown are faces, until the actual match when they all fight within their teams again
    ??? why do they care so much about their brand? How does brand loyalty be more important than being a good guy or a year long feud. Stupid

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      Well if Stephanie did her job properly and on Monday she actually punished people that didn’t get along after her you-better-win-or-else promo, we would’ve had a reason behind the sudden brand loyalty.

  • Windyhawaii

    Nia raging out on the barricade

  • conan_kun

    It’s awkward to see pure babyface Bayley doing heelish move with 5-on-1 beatdown against Nikki.

    • glassjaw

      Dana crawling to get her licks in is TOO FUNNY ????

    • Hangga

      i am thinking the same. it s awkward to see bayley attacks someone lol

  • glassjaw

    RAW needs to book the feud we’ve all been really waiting for: Nia vs The Barricade. There’s clearly legit heat there.

  • Monkey Tennis

    As many people have pointed out, Bayley being involved in the initial beatdown just seemed wrong. To be honest, having Sasha and Alicia joining in was weird too, but all the more so for Bayley. The whole thing was just booked wrong, in that the confrontation had to start with a team of 50% babyfaces all beating down on a solo babyface.

    Better it had been more like the meeting between the two male teams on the previous night’s RAW when everyone was already in the ring so when it all kicked off, it was mostly all one-on-one battles.

    And it still feels wrong having the RAW women’s champion coming out to face off with Nikki, rather than the actual Smackdown women’s champion. It still just feels like Nikki being put front and centre once again, despite all the claims of her taking a back seat and being all about supporting the division.

    • Nikki can’t do anything right to y’all, can she?
      I wonder what’s next thing is gonna be, she wins a match and it’s bad?
      Charlotte and Becky have feuded for the better part of the year, while she hasn’t interacted with Nikki since she got injured. They’re just reigniting it for one night only and they’ll go back doing their stuff on their own brands, and it’s better to have something fresher than something less fresh for this matchup.

    • glassjaw

      You literally freak out anytime Nikki is given any modicum of screen time. It’s a bit much, dude.

      What should have happened, in my opinion, is for Becky to have emerged in the crowd to level Charlotte. That would have been a better way to incite the brawl.

      • Monkey Tennis

        You are literally misusing the word literally, dude. What part of “it still feels a bit wrong” comes across like a freak out? Anyway, it not about screen time, it’s about people having something to do.

        If Smackdown weren’t going to go the obvious route and have Becky captain the team, why not have given the role to one of the two women without an active ongoing storyline right now? Naomi could have won the right to captain the team in a little mini-tournament. And it’s a role that could have played well into building her babyface character beyond the one-note catchphrase that she’s been lumbered with.

        Alternatively, Nattie could have had the role (properly) rather than this dumbass coaching gig she’s got now (alongside the continually baffling song lyric… I don’t wanna call it a gimmick, it feels more like some kind of punishment). And no, I’m not suggesting Nattie should have replaced Nikki completely on the team. Instead take out Carmella – which in itself would have added more weight to her still kinda meandering feud with Nikki if she’d simply flat out refused to team up with her.

        The bottom line is that Nikki’s got her thing going on right now. It’s not a feud I’m especially invested in personally (from a creative standpoint, primarily), but it is ensuring that she’s prominently on TV every week. She didn’t need the Captain’s role here. It doesn’t add any more or less history to the match because of her former feud with Charlotte; There’s plenty of that to go around anyway. Just look at the men’s match, what with Bray, Randy and Braun and the Shield pseudo-reunion/conflict. None of them are captaining their respective teams, but the animosity is still present.
        This just feels like an opportunity wasted.

        • glassjaw

          It was a figurative use of the word literally, dude. But thanks for the accompanying essay ??

          And no, the usual standard of your commentary (which I normally advocate) shows quite clearly that you are fixated on Nikki Bella hijacking the division whenever she’s on screen. Almost every time there’s something involving her you throw in even the most subtle of digs about favouritism dictating why she’s being used. Sometimes it goes beyond constructive criticism and it becomes very tiring. (I tell you this as someone who has stated repeatedly about not being a fan of the Bellas.)

          • Monkey Tennis

            But that’s demonstrably not true. Seriously, look through my previous posts – mine aren’t private – the vast majority of times that I’ve mentioned Nikki over the last three months have been purely in relation to the booking of her feud with Carmella – and my comments have been all about that booking. Frankly, the nature of their feud hasn’t really given either of them much to do other than go through their respective motions so there’s been very little to comment about specifically regarding Nikki as a performer.

            Yes, on some occasions, where it’s been relevant to a particular discussion, I have commented on Nikki potentially getting the spotlight “because Nikki”. Specifically, back when she was rumoured to be the inaugural Smackdown Champion and in regard to recent events. (Although I don’t remember being particularly subtle). But those comments were quite clearly being aimed completely at creative. Because ultimately (and literally), Nikki doesn’t book herself.

          • glassjaw

            Okay. The next time I see what I’m talking about I promise: I will literally point it out to you.

    • Seraphina Rosenhart

      I think Nikki was chosen as Team Captain because Becky’s injury was still in question at the time.

  • Cilla

    It looked odd when Bayley joined in on the beat down on Nikki.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    That’s the best booking I saw in a long time, great segment.

  • vdcvt

    It was a great segment but it did feel off with Bayley and Sasha going so full force in the beatdown considering they’re faces. It would have been cool to play off the face and heel dynamic at the start. Like let Charlotte beat down Nikki, then comes Dana and Nia to attack Nikki. Have Carmella make that decision to help Nikki like she did, only for Bayley and Sasha to come in and just hold her back. Have Carmella slap one of them then both beat attack Carmella. Then have all of the SD team run in, cause IMO that was pretty cool seeing them all come down since RAW had pretty much united already, and have Alicia sucker punch one of them or something taking one of the women out before they reach the ring

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      Alicia is a face too. It made sense for Alicia and Sasha though because of their characters. Sasha a Boss and Alicia the crazy chick. But Bayley…. she honestly should’ve just waited back so she could get dragged by Carmella after she thought they were “friends”.


    Love love loved this segment

  • Robann

    Ya’ll have to understand that in a match like this, faces and heels don’t matter. They literally don’t. So yeah it looks weird when Bayley is attacking another face but it’s not supposed to matter. Every time they have a team SD vs Raw women’s match, its mixed with faces and heels on each team. Why is it such a problem now? It’s Smackdown’s show, so ALL of Raw is supposed to look like the enemy. Would the same thing have been said if Nikki, Nao and Becky attacked Bayley and Sasha on Raw? Exactly.
    For what it was supposed to do, the brawl was good. Wasn’t the best, but it was intense. Nia’s spot was hilarious, and Nao’s rope spot was good (she did look a lil’ wobbly though, but she pulled it off lol).

  • Cailumm #NikkiStan
  • Dez

    As someone who’s been watching Women’s Wrestling since 2000, seeing how much the audience cared about this match/Charlotte appearing in the crowd gave me chills. Women’s Wrestling is alive & well. Every woman on the roster is included, but I especially thank Nikki Bella, Paige, Nattie, Naomi, Charlotte, Sasha, Becky, and Asuka for making staples in this division that open up opportunities for amazing talent like Bliss, Jax, Carmella, Ember, Billie Kay, Peyton, and everyone in development. I’ve never been more proud to be a Women’s Wrestling fan than I am today.