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Today, promotions British Empire Wrestling and Revolution Championship Wrestling joined forces to co-present Britain’s Rising IV.

The show featured a headlining match featuring newly crowned Knockouts Champion Rosemary taking on British Empire Wrestling Women’s champion Nixon Newell in a champion vs. champion match.

The show also served as a second taping for Japan, with all matches filmed for Stardom World. Full results below, courtesy of Diva Dirt’s Jack, who was on hand at the London show.


  • It was announced before the show that Toni Storm would not take part to due an eye injury suffered in Germany.
  • Leah Owens defends the RCW Women’s Title over Nina Samuels with a single leg crab. A great opening match. Nina is definitely one to watch!
  • Kasey Owens defeats Psycho Lolita via DQ after interference from Lolita’s new, unnamed muscle.
  • Alex Windsor defeats Little Miss Roxxy via the Windsor Knot. A really hard fought match with some great heel banter from Alex.
  • Nixon Newell and Rosemary had a brilliant purge match. Nixon’s hand was smacked off the ring post, had her throat jammed by a chair off the ring post, a baseball bat submission applied to her, and was dropped into thumbtacks. Toni Storm then entered the fray, telling us that despite not being medically cleared, she had been inserted into the match. Some green mist to Nixon later and some powder in Rosemary’s eyes, Toni pinned Nixon after an Emerald Fusion to become the new BEW Women’s Champion, ending Nixon’s 500+ day reign.

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  • Gabriella Panajotova

    Who’s the chick in the middle? (sorry, don’t follow much outside WWE stuff)

    • Izzy4lw

      That’s Toni Storm- she’s going to be huge mark my words!

    • Hojo’s Deadly Diving Elbow ?

      Yesss I can’t resist using this as an opportunity to post some Stardom highlights!! Her vs Io Shirai:

  • glassjaw

    Said it before, Toni Storm is going to be a huge star. Would not be surprised to see her hit the mainstream next year.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Good show, but hampered by a fair bit of bad luck. Some no shows presumably led to the card being changed late. Not sure if Toni’s injury was legit or not… seems weird to drop her SWA title match if she wasn’t injured, but then she took a big bump or two when she entered the main event

    The male tag match lasted waaaaaaay too long, and then an injury to one of the guys forced a lengthy (but understandable) break whilst waiting for the emergency services. And then when the show resumed, there was another bloke match before we finally got to the main event.

    Nixon vs Rosemary (vs Toni) was very good, but for a main event, particularly one with a high profile guest wrestler, it was way too short, going barely 12 minutes. Whether that was due to the late running of the show, or whether it had always been booked that way, I don’t know. Whatever the reason, it was very disappointing, given a) how long we’d waited to see it and b) basically because it was a great match and I wanted more.

    I’ll be the first to admit to being a tat biased (having very little interest in guys wrestling), but if time was a factor at that stage of the show, I’d have made the second male match about five minutes shorter and given the extra time to the main event.

    • Jasonqcotton

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  • Hojo’s Deadly Diving Elbow ?

    So grateful for Stardom’s partnership and affiliation with BEW, the fact this is going to be on their video service is awesome!! I was NOT expecting that late sweep with Toni but kudos to her, the fact she’s becoming a more common name among independent prospects is fantastic considering how talented she is.

  • Rhawk

    Well, looks like Nixon may be going to WWE: