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Tonight on Impact Wrestling, TNA commentator Josh Matthews announced a Knockouts title match for TNA’s special One Night Only: Live! PPV event tomorrow night.

In her first title defense in TNA, current Knockouts Champion Rosemary will take on Sienna – who won a number one contendership match against ODB during TNA’s Total Nonstop Deletion episode of Impact. Rosemary defeated Jade in a Six Sides of Steel main event match back in December in win the vacated Knockouts title.

TNA One Night Only: Live! airs this Friday, January 6th starting at 8pm ET on PPV and via Fite App.

Are you excited for this match? Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Gato_wiska

    please retain

  • SamoanSquad

    LOVE Rosemary but I’m not feeling Sienna at all.She better not lose to Sienna.

  • Juan

    Rosemary must win!!! She needs a long title run! Plus she’s the most interesting Knockout currently on the roster!! Seeing as how she is a tweener she can feud with anyone!

    • Rose-Quartz

      Don’t forget Allie. Allie has the most suspenseful storyline and gimmick right now.

  • Sienna’s gonna lose; but it should be a solid match.

  • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN


  • HEELHornet

    I think Rosemary will retain here, but it seems like she’s turning babyface. Sienna will be the heel.

    Oh well, worked for the Undertaker.

  • OJ Von Erich

    I look forward to seeing how well these two mesh together, I expect a decent match with some popping spot’s.

  • glassjaw

    A little hard to care since Sienna and Rosemary have no dynamics as characters. Both are great wrestlers but there’s little reason to get behind Sienna since she’s the resident lapdog of Maria. On a technical level I imagine the action will be ace, though.

    • HEELHornet

      ‘no dynamic as characters’ LOL Rosemary ‘no dynamic character’, ok. Sienna is the heel, no reason to get behind her.

      • glassjaw

        Pardon me I’ll rephrase: they have no dynamics together. It’s randomly cobbled together match.


        • HEELHornet

          Again its to put the champion over and give her a big win.

  • Monkey Tennis

    I get that there probably needs to be a title match at the PPV. But there’s nothing about this match that really generates any excitement (apart from the talent of the two women involved). There’s been no build to speak of, no feud. It just feels like “Here’a a challenger, have a match”.

    • HEELHornet

      Its to put the new champion over. Give her wins.

    • glassjaw

      What he said.