Well Knockouts fans, be sure to strap yourselves as I welcome you to this week’s bittersweet edition of Impact Write-Up.

After a long week of Impact Wrestling news ranging from a new UK television deal and departures of wrestling stars Drew Galloway, the Bennetts, the Broken Hardys and, of course, Jade, we have made it to what is being referred to as the last episode under the “TNA/Dixie Carter” era.

Despite some of the unfortunate news, we are still treated to a strong Knockouts match this week as Rosemary is set to defend to her Knockouts title against Jade, literally, one last time in a Last Knockout Standing match!

Our Knockouts title match, rightfully, kicks off this week’s show! The challenger makes her entrance first but the champion isn’t even able to make it to the ring when she comes out, as Jade goes straight for an attack. She meets Rosemary halfway through the entrance ramp, leading to an early brawl that ends with Jade ramming Rosemary’s head to the ring apron and hitting a suicide dive. Jade tosses Rosemary in the ring, setting up for a packaged pile driver but Rosemary counters it out.

Rosemary scoops Jade up for the Red Wedding finisher but Jade counters this with a German Suplex. A second drop German Suplex from Jade puts Rosemary down for a six second count but the champion manages to get to her feet before the count of ten. Jade hits a running dropkick that sends Rosemary to the outside and tries to land another suicide dive only to be stopped halfway when Rosemary strikes a strong right elbow shot.

Still on the outside, Rosemary begins to fish for weapons from under the ring where she finds a kendo stick and trash can to toss inside the ring. The weapons aren’t used right away though, as Rosemary looks to wear Jade down first by shoving her head to a turnbuckle, hitting a running forearm and applying a hanging choke hold. With some damage now inflicted, Rosemary picks up the trash she brought in and swings it over Jade’s head.

The blows send Jade to a corner – setting up for the perfect chance for Rosemary to hit a top rope cost-to-coast dropkick. Acting referee Early Hebner begins his ten count and nearly makes it seven when Jade gets back to her feet. Rosemary picks up the nearby trash can and goes after Jade again but the challenger is ready this time, stopping Rosemary with a kick to the midsection.

It’s now Jade’s turn to grab a weapon to attack Rosemary with and she opts to use a kendo stick to strike the back of Rosemary repeatedly. Jade follows up with a running kick to Rosemary that puts the champion down for the count of six. Almost immediately after Rosemary gets up, she is knocked back down when Jade lifts her up and powerbombs her onto the trash can! The maneuver nearly gives Jade the win but Rosemary gets back to her feet at the count of nine.

Rosemary manages to take back control of the match after blinding Jade with a mist attack after Jade went for a top rope attack. The champion successfully connects her Red Wedding finisher that keeps Jade down for nine seconds. When the first Red Wedding doesn’t give Rosemary the win, she hits a second one… this time on the outside floors! With the help of ring apron and some strong endurance, Jade stays alive to keep this match going.

Rosemary is in disbelief and charges after Jade but crashes to a ring post when Jade dodges out the way. Still blinded by Rosemary’s mist, Jade, conveniently, comes across a water bottle to rinse her eyes but also gulps some of that water to throw a mist of her own to Rosemary! A blinded Rosemary is then lifted and powerbomb onto the steel steps!

The brutal attack isn’t enough to keep Rosemary down. She crawls back up to her feet by using the steel steps causing t this battle to continue from the entrance ramp. From the entrance ramp, Jade sets Rosemary for a powerbomb but Rosemary blinds Jade with a mist for a second time in this match. A frantic Jade tries to clear the mist from her eyes but Rosemary gets to her, hitting a Red Wedding on the ramp that puts Jade away for the ten count to retain the Knockouts title.

Brandi Rhodes also makes an appearance to try and bring some stability to her husband Cody as he continues to lash out against Moose in an all out brawl that takes a whole locker room and not-so security guards to break up. But hey, at least we got to see Cody vigorously toss Josh Matthews around! THANK YOU CODY!!!

Finally we take a trip down memory lane to recap Allie’s entire Cinderella storyline that came to a conclusion after last week’s wedding segment. I seriously have watched that entire segment like five times already!

Of course, everyone wants to know how Laurel Van Ness is feeling after being dumped on national television. Mckenzie Mitchell accidentally finds Laurel in a dark and empty room. She’s still wearing her wedding dress, drinking out a champagne bottle and muttering about her father spent so much on the wedding that was never meant to be.

Mckenzie tries to cheer Laurel up by saying that there are plenty of other fishes in the sea (we’ve all heard that line before) but Laurel ignores this and instead yaps on about her hatred for Braxton Sutter and Allie.

Thoughts: Out of all the matches of the #RedVsBlue series, I have to say this match was my favorite. I loved the physicality that these two have brought out in each other whenever they’ve competed. Props to Jade for really selling that first blind mist attack and to Rosemary for taking the bumps that she did.

While there was some lack of story in this feud, the one thing I appreciated (and will truly take away) from it was how refreshing these two made the Knockouts division again. After a year long of lackluster matches and hot-potato title reigns, Jade and Rosemary were two new names that brought out some great matches and helped elevate the value of the Knockouts Championship in a short period of time.

On a personal level, having met Jade a few times already, her departure from Impact is the one I’m most sadden about. I think Jade is an incredible talent who really began to shine on TV once she broke free from her Dollhouse persona. It’s disappointing, in a way, knowing that we’ll never see Jade get some redemption against Rosemary after losing to her three times and that Gail‘s high praises of Jade being the new face of the Knockouts division will just fade away.

Still, the fan in me is very grateful for Jade’s time in Impact and I wish her nothing but the best in whatever comes next for her.

As far Laurel goes, well with Maria’s departure I worry that she (along with Sienna) will get lost in the shuffle now. I do hope that this heartbroken bride character is dropped quickly and she turns into a vengeful seeking woman against Allie and Braxton. Allie is at a peak right now as the biggest babyface in the Knockouts division, so I’d like to think Impact would want to capitalize on that after months of dedication to the character.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? What has been your favorite match between Jade/Rosemary? What do you think is in store next for Laurel? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Dark Heel

    Jade was somebody you could of built round…but along came Rosemary and took that from her. I’m sure she’ll be in whatever WWE’s got planned and Triple H will then say ‘look we created a star’.

    • Steven5812

      And have his picture taken with her, like the glory hogging, gold digging manslut he is. :(

      • Dark Heel

        Exactly they now want be rewarded for something which until recently held in very low regard and standard.

  • ralfikh

    Hoping Allie will start a wrestler career soon.. Cz she will help KO division better w her popularity n real wrestling skills

    • Jenniferblankford

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    • Jesus’s brother

      What popularity??

  • glassjaw

    Jade and Rosemary have definitely done their best to accentuate a mostly underwritten feud, producing some really eye catching matches. I did feel the camera work was ropey, however.

    Laurel Van Ness has great potential to be a solid all round performer. If she keeps up the hard work to improve her in-ring craft I don’t see why she couldn’t be a huge name for the Knockouts division by end of the year.

  • GailKimStan

    This episode reminded me why i can’t turn my back on TNA, they’re not perfect but they can also surprise you with some amazing stuff.

    The last ko standing match and the Moose/Cody/Brandi segment were PURE FREAKING GOLD plus god bless Cody for kicking Josh Matthews’ ass, every TNA fan thanks you!

  • I’m still sad that Jade is gone and I still hope that she will be back but I have to admit, this storyline fits well into the situation and it even adds some extra realism to Rosemary’s character.

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    I don’t think it’s 100% definite that Jade is gone. Her contract ran out, but I think she will get another one. Even the Hardy’s didn’t get one until last minute with all these management changes.

    • I also feel like she will do a Velvet Sky Return and just be back at the next taping week. I just can’t imagine TNA is that dumb to let her go.

  • Shady

    The match was really good, I’m really sad that Jade left without getting a legit 15 minute match with Gail. If I’m being honest they need to be done with the mediocre wrestlers and go stick with 5 really good ones. Allie Rosemary Angelina and of course Gail can stay but Sienna Brandi and the like need to go.

    They should also reach out to another girl that has a really good grasp of wrestling. Lufisto or Nicole Matthews or Sumie Sakai could be a nice addition

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    All I have to say is #ThankYouJade and #ThankYouMaria one restored the wrestling in TNA and the other the storylines. My wish is for both to be signed by WWE, Jade could be a great addition to NXT while Maria could do wonders in WWE as a manager or power figure. I’m sure this isn’t going to come true but they will do great whenever they end up.

    • Alicemoore11

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  • Juan

    Great match!! I am definitely going to miss Jade and the Red vs Blue feud!! I wonder where Rosemary will go from here? She’s held the title for over 140 days but it doesn’t even feel that way since her reign has been so entertaining!!

    Lol Laurel cracks me up and I can’t wait to see her go after Allie xD Should be fun! Now that Maria left, I wonder where this leaves the Lady Squad?

    Anybody know what’s up with Gail? She’s been MIA for a while now? Is she pregnant? Legit injured? Or is it just a storyline?

    • Dark Heel

      I think they are reigning her in for a bit because she shouldn’t have been booked as she was before the Hall of Fame deal.

  • Summer_Slay #KellyToSaveRAW

    I cant believe they let Jade go like that. She was the next Gail Kim.

    • Nicola Byrne

      Apparently there will be a debut at today taping that will shock the world so maybe that why around 10 people left the company the last few weeks

      • Summer_Slay #KellyToSaveRAW

        Its rumored to be ODB >:C

        • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

          Oh lawwd, please no x(

    • Juan

      I expect a few females to be signed from Knockouts Knockdown, I mean that’s how we got Jade, Marti Belle, Sienna, Allie and Reby.

      • Summer_Slay #KellyToSaveRAW

        They need Raquel and Santana back.

  • Nicola Byrne

    good match shame it wasn’t live.

  • Mark

    Smackdown needs to step it up with their match quality. TNA has, Raw was already making a name for themselves… Why is SD still struggling putting on epic matches?

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Seriously? Smackdown matches are just as good. You need some glasses buddy.

      • Mark

        Sure Jan x

    • -B

      actually Smackdown has matches & storylines that are so much better than both “Impact wrestling” & Raw combined imo

      • Gail-Rollins Fan

        Storylines? Yes.
        Matches? Not even close..

      • Mark

        Better matches? where dey at doe?

    • Shady

      ever since Elimination Chamber, SD has been sticking it to everybody in match quality actually. With all sorts of combos as well, not just 1 combo of 2 workers

      • Mark

        Uh huh… And which SD matches came close to this epic match?! Or the matches Sasha and Charlotte were involved in?

        I’ll wait…

        • Shady

          The TNA matches? Yes they did
          Sasha vs Charlotte? No, not most of their matches but they have outdone a couple of them

          • Mark

            Which SD matches outdid this Last KO’s Standing Match or the hardcore match they had 2-3 weeks ago?

          • Shady

            Purely wrestling wise? Becky vs Mickie and Nattie vs Nikki EC and it wasn’t even a stipulation spotfest. If you include spots and the like, Nattie vs Nikki in Falls Count Anywhere also outdid those matches, ESPECIALLY the last KO standing

          • Raekon

            The mickie vs becky and becky vs alexa Matches unfortunately weren’t better then the jade vs rosemary Matches. We know becky, mickie and alexa can deliver but their Matches were booked horribly. I agree that the nattie vs nikki was a good match that can be equal but not better than the jade vs rosemary Matches.

          • Shady

            I’m not talking about Alexa, Becky vs Mickie was a beautiful grounded match.

          • Mark

            Disagree but okay

  • Jorge Hernandez Moran

    After all of this is over i would love to see a Decay vs Allie and Braxton fued

    • Instant Classic ?

      Yess this please

  • -B

    Rosemary’s title reign is really good, I love her chemistry w/ Jade
    hopefully this means that Allie vs Rosemary will be next, I believe they will put on a clinic if they have that opportunity

  • LoveEvaBella

    I hope Jade goes to NXT, She will learn a lot there although she’s experienced in-ring wise she needs to learn a lot like character, and acting. Going to NXT and performance center will make her better. As for the KOs the front runners will be Rosemary, Allie, Laurel and Sienna. Anthem is being business savvy by doing budget cuts on the KOs expect more indy names, fresh faces and less stars this 2017.

    • mking2590

      So where that experience for Dana Brooke and Nia Jax

      • LoveEvaBella

        They we’re rushed to the main roster cause nobody will job to the 4HW if they were longer in NXT they could have been more polished

  • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

    I’m not sure if I’m being too negative but I didn’t like the fact that the matches biggest spots were 3 Red Weddings, 2 powerbombs and 1 powerbomb to tease which was kinda repetitive. Granted, the Suicide Dive and the Coast to Coast were great spots as well.
    I think the match(just like the Monster’s Ball match) could’ve done with a little better booking.
    However the match was very good dispite lacking a certain type of depth. The women performed very well and the bumps they took were gruesome.

    My favorite parts were the german suplexes, the Coast to Coast, the second Red Wedding, Jade’s kicks (although I wanted more of those), both powerbombs, Jade’s selling of the first mist and the way the last mist just shot out of Rosemary which looked like something out of a horror movie.

    I’m glad I didn’t know that Jade was leaving before watching the match. It would’ve taken some excitement from it.
    I hope the new management has consistent better booking for the KOs in store. They deserve it.

    • Shady

      also all 3 matches told a faulty story, Jade always fell for Rosemary’s mist in the end, all their matches were good but not groundbreaking sadly. Monsters Ball was the best one I suppose

      • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

        True, it’s odd to believe that Jade would always fall prey to the same trick.
        It’s too bad because the potential to have groundbreaking matches between these two was there.

  • Steven5812

    Calling it now: Chelsea is THE BRIDE in “Kill Allie”. :O
    And TNA need to move heaven, earth and hell to keep Jade; I do NOT want to see her jobbed to that Bella Slut, or her and Kingston wasted on Total Bimbos.

  • Raekon

    Really sad that Jade had to leave TNA cause I would have loved to see her against Laurel, Brooke, Allie (despite they worked against each other in the Indies).
    However, I’m happy I will be able to watch her next friday on SHINE again. :)

  • PaulaGreen11

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