Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up! Impact Wrestling comes to us semi-live this week with a night full of action as every Impact Wrestling Championship is on the line! As announced earlier in the week, Knockout fans can look forward to seeing Rosemary defend the Knockouts Championship against ODB.

Our show kicks off with LAX’s Santana and Ortiz defeating Jake Holmes and Joe Coleman in dominating fashion to retain the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles. (As if Holmes and Coleman actually had a chance…) Post match, Konnan takes a mic for some “Latino Empowerment” talk.

He vows to balance out the current power structure with the help of Homicide, Diamanté and los boricuas Santana and Ortiz. The Decay’s music hit and it doesn’t take long before an all out brawl breaks out between both stables that eventually needs to separated by security! Later in the evening, Jeremy Borash would announce that a Tag Team Title street fight between LAX and Decay would take place on next week’s show.

Up next is Karen Jarrett with some big news regarding a change for Impact Wrestling and GFW’s future alike. She announces that both Impact and GFW have officially merged as part of making Impact great, although I’m sure most of us saw this coming.

Time for our Knockouts title match:

After the challenger and champion make their entrances, the bell sounds off and ODB lands the first strike with numerous forearms. She then runs the ropes and takes down the champion with a spinning clothesline. ODB maintains control with a corner splash to Rosemary, which forces her to retreat to the outside ring.

ODB chases after Rosemary, looking to land a suplex on the entrance ramp but Rosemary is able to fight out of it. The champion then lands a kick to the midsection and is able to take down ODB with a vicious clothesline.

The Knockouts find their way back to the ring where Rosemary is in full control, charging after a cornered ODB and adding in a suplex. Rosemary goes high risk by climbing the top rope of a corner but misses her attack, allowing ODB to regroup herself. She starts her comeback with a fallaway slam and two shoulder blocks. A Thesz Press from the second rope earns ODB a two-count over Rosemary.

The champion manages to turn things around in her favor again after countering out ODB’s Bronco Buster with a big boot and swiftly scooping ODB up to hit the Red Wedding for the three count and win. Rosemary is still the Knockouts Champion!

Speaking of champions and mention of the Impact/GFW merge, Sienna confronts Karen Jarrett backstage with a wondering question as to where she is hiding the GFW Women’s Champion Christina Von Eerie. Karen tells Sienna she isn’t hiding CVE anywhere and that when CVE does arrive, Sienna better be ready.

Sienna makes one more appearance, along with Laurel Van Ness and KM, at ringside for Kongo Kong‘s Impact debut match where, naturally, Kongo is victorious in the squash-style match. Could Braxton Sutter and Allie still be on Sienna’s hit list?

On a side note and completely off topic in terms of the Knockouts but I’m super excited to have Low Ki return in his Hitman Agent 47 (my favorite anti-hero ever) getup and winning back the X-Divison championship in the main event of this week’s show! Good showing by all involved!

Thoughts: I’m usually excited whenever Impact are able to do any kind of live episode of Impact and/or PPV.

Although it was a pretty safe bet that Rosemary was going to retain here, I do have to admit I am a bit disappointed on how short this Knockouts match was. It felt pretty underwhelming and there isn’t a whole lot to take away here other than Rosemary’s contentious reign as Knockouts Champion over an established name in ODB. Ironically, I found myself more interested in seeing the whole Decay/LAX brawl from earlier in the night – which played out well ahead of next week’s street fight.

As far as the GFW/Impact merging news goes, well it was certainly something that was going to happen with Jeff Jarrett back in power. It was his sideline project that, in my opinion, never really took off aside from initial excitement on a new wrestling promotion. Still with Sienna quick to seek out the GFW Women’s Champion, all while still highlighting her tension with Karen, this can help Impact bring in new talents in the mix to their roster. We’ve already seen when the whole ‘GFW vs. Impact’ themed storyline but with this being a permitted ordeal, I hope that we are in store for more deep storylines in the coming weeks.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling? What are your thoughts on the Impact/GFW merge? Excited to see more of GFW’s talent appear on Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Rosemary is the best KO, her character, moves and acting is perfect. The only good thing that I like about ODB is her unique offense.
    Well we all know tha GFW talent will mixed-up with the Impact roster to make it bigger, IDK which women wrestlers are in GFW? But i think is too much wrestlers to handle.

    • LaurenYorkStan

      Gfw barley got anybody tho lol

      • Divo’s Champion

        True, and half of the Impact stars are on the GFW roster as well. We’ll also see some familiar faces.

    • Asa Loves You

      There aren’t any GFW women. The only one would be CVE because she won the belt a couple years ago.

      • Malcolm James

        There also Amber O’Neal

      • I read that and that company was death pne year ago.

  • LaurenYorkStan

    Dezmond Xavier was the star of impact got a reason to watch it again yaaay also Low KIng slayed too

  • Juan

    So a Women’s Title and a Knockout’s Title?!! Hmm I’m willing to bet that Impact will unify the two and create a new lineage with the Women’s Championship! I’d be sad to the the KO championship retired but on the bright side it’s been a good 10 years full of memories! :)

    • KatyaMenelli

      No I don’t think they will merge

  • AllWrestlingMatters

    I doubt they will merge the two titles because what if IMPACT & Jeff Jarrett go their separate ways in the future. So they’ll probably just use two titles on one show

  • Dark Heel

    CVE vs Sienna should be good, Rosemary needed to retain here, made quick work of ODB which is good.

    So we have two womens champions.

  • Shane

    I need ODB’s homophobic self to act like the swamp monster she is and to disappear in the nearest sewer. I need Andrew Everett to do something because his Baron Corbin wig is bad & his body looks like mush. I need Desmond to have a wardrobe malfunction. I need Kongo Kong to wear a burlap sac cause his tits are aggressive.

    I love the new casting and hiring in Impact but they need to get rid of the ones who aren’t in shape, and hire some new blood. Also the women’s roster needs a facelift relying on ODB and green girls is not a great look.

    Also the tag titles still have the TNA inscription on them so I hope this is how the title picture shapes up:
    1.GFW Impact Heavyweight Championship (using the current TNA world title with the removal of TNA or maybe new title)
    2.GFW Universal Championship (merging the Impact Grand Championship & GFW World title and using a new title)
    3.GFW Women’s Championship (merging the TNA & GFW women’s titles and using a new title)
    4.GFW World Tag Team Championships (merging of the two and introducing a new title)
    5.GFW X-Division Championship
    6.GFW Starlet Tag Team Championships (new title ala the KO Tag Team titles, but with the rebranding of the company I’d say let’s use the term Starlets)

    • AllWrestlingMatters

      I agree & I especially don’t understand the hype around ODB. She is over with the crowd and is alittle funny but she literally only has about 2 moves. They should’ve used her as a manger for a new Knockout or something. And I also understand most women are trying out for that WWE tournament but I’m sure there are non green women available

  • Steven5812

    It shouldn’t have taken just ONE Red Wedding to take out ODB; she’s kicked out of Awesome Kong’s IMPLANT BUSTER (And that’s a LOT of implants to bust :O) more than once.
    I agree: The match was WAY too short.

    • Gloriambackman

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  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    People are coming for ODB’s ring skills but to be quite honest Rosemary is equally (if not more) overrated in the ring. Her character work is absolutely fantastic, but she’s not a ring general by any means. I’d actually put her somewhere around ODB’s level.

    • Dark Heel
      • Gail-Rollins Fan

        Show me matches to prove it. I’d love to be proven wrong. Her matches with Jade were good for this era of Knockouts but don’t compare to any of the “greats”.

        • Dark Heel

          Go seek them out. Allie, Sienna, Jade. She’s also wrestled Nixon Newell, Alex Windsor, Viper, KC Spinelli, Sara Del Rey.

          I’d put her up there with Gail, because she carried Jade (she took all the dangerous bumps in Monsters Ball) who isn’t good as a TV wrestler.

          • Gail-Rollins Fan

            Exactly why I say she is overrated. Saying she is on Gail’s level is absolutely hilarious. She has a long resume to fill up before she’s anywhere near Gail’s league.

          • HEELHornet

            She’s on Gails level. Infact Gail said on twitter a few days ago during a Q&A.

    • AllWrestlingMatters

      I honestly think it’s because IMPACT wrestlers don’t wrestle like they do in the Indys. Havok & Rosemary had a good match & even Sienna had good Indys matches. I think they just don’t work themselves too hard because they tape so many episodes during the weekend

  • Tunasha

    Mmm, eveything felt so rushed. Boring match, boring “new rea”. They are not doing it with the Knockouts, who made TNA stand out in the past. Now that WWE step it up, it seems TNA went too many steps back.

    I’m wishful hoping everything gets better, I’m tired of not having an actual knockouts division.

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    Well, that was a very disappointing match. Nothing all that exciting. I kinda expect more brutality from Rosemary.

  • Aye Mate

    Sienna’s a pretty natural actress; pity her ring work has been rather bland thus far on TV.

    I really miss Gail Kim.

  • Raleex2

    I’m not a huge fan of TNA, I never was. Rosemary got my interest a few months ago and before her I liked Taryn Terrell and the Originals Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Awesome Kong, Taylor Wide, Madison Rayne, Etc, but the TNA wrestlers today feel deflated.

    They need new blood and Characters that people can get behind. TNA feels like a guilty pleasure, a wrestling guilt instead of its own thing. Maybe they need to make subtle changes in production, presentation, I don’t know. TNA just looks less appealing than ever.

    • AllWrestlingMatters

      Right like Ava Story she should have a gimmick if she’s apart of the roster instead being in the ring looking a wrestler from OVW

      Because most of the new people they bring in look like basic jobbers by the gear

      • Raleex2

        Exactly. Is everything, from their presentation, their gear, everything. Few wrestlers today actually understand that Wrestling is more about a character telling a story than being a glorified stunman/woman. If I’m going to disect this match between ODB and Rosemary what I would definitely point out is that both Character are one dimesional to the point is uninteresting and unispiring.

      • HEELHornet

        Ava Storie has only just turned 19 years old, she is super young. She was just getting experience under her belt. Jeff Jarrett did it as a favour to Jay Lethal.

  • Mark

    ROFL. Sienna looking for the Women’s Champion but can barely do her own finisher. I’M DEAD!!

  • Raekon

    I really hope they will Keep the GFW womens belt as a second belt for the knockouts to Showcase the coexistence of both promotions.
    It would give the knockouts more to fight for and let them have more feuds about it aswell.
    Most of all I’m happy that we will see some of the talents that were signed on GFW on Impact more often (at least I hope so) which is something Impact really Needs right now.