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After months of waiting, including going beyond the due date, Birdie Joe Danielson has officially been born!

WWE.com posted an article announcing the news, and included a quote from the mother herself. Brie Bella said:

“There is no better feeling in the world than meeting your daughter. I can’t even express the overwhelming joy and love that Bryan and I are feeling. Now we know what parents mean about the love you feel when you first meet your child. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers on the safety of Birdie coming into this world.”

The news of the pregnancy was revealed on October 5th, 2016, whilst the gender reveal took place fifteen days later.

For months following the announcement, Bella took to her YouTube page to interact with fans as she updated them on the pregnancy and even asked them to help choose the name.

As her husband Daniel Bryan’s family always had the letter “B” at the beginning of each of their name, the parents-to-be decided to continue the tradition and came up with names such as Branch, Bertha and more. The final name was Birdie Joe Danielson – we love it!

It also turns out that Birdie decided to show up just as Nikki Bella popped around to visit. How adorable!

To see the start of her pregnancy journey, tune into tonight’s episode of Total Divas at 8/7c on E!

What do you think of this news? Are you happy for Brie? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • Radic

    Bless them both. I’m sure both Brie & Daniel are on cloud 9 right now.

  • Congrats, so happy for them. Looks like Birdie was waiting for Nikki to come home so she could arrive

  • Wicked Emma

    Congrats to Brie and Daniel

  • GEO

    Congrats to them! They’ve all been wanting this for what seems like forever.

  • #BrieForPeace ?

    Omg Im so happy! I predicted it was going to be today! I’m so glad Brie is now experiencing the joy of being a mother! All the best to them, no doubt they will be incredible parents.Little Birdie is about to come for Naomi and Alexa!

  • OJ Von Erich

    She waited for Auntie Coco! ?

  • wwepassion

    Just as soon a Brie said maybe birdie was waiting for Nikki to come… that’s so cute. Welcome Birdie Joe?

  • The Paparazzi Prince (MIMQ)


  • Dreignz

    Congrats ! She’s finaly here, Brie was pregnant for like 2 years

    • Pearlita Marie McGee

      … 2 years? xD

  • OMG! I want to cry, Brie and Daniel struggle a lot to get pregnant and their baby is finally here. ¡Congrats!


    Congrats brie we love you !!! & Honestly can’t wait to see you get that solo run and championship you deserve so much ! #briemode

  • Corey Anderson


  • Nikki’s Sister

    Aww finally congrats to them both. That baby is gonna get a lot of love!

  • MK126

    Awww this is perfect timing! Todays TD episode Brie finds out shes pregnant and now shes finally giving birth! ???

  • James Winters

    cant believe she named her child “Birdie”. Isnt that the name of their clothing line?

    • Jennifertmeng

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    • Naomi

      I’m sorry but that is such a stupid name….

    • Mark

      Lol if she has a big nose she will be bullied to death. “COME HERE BIRDIE.” lol!

      • Deborahdmiller

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    • Fearless Nikki

      lol it’s her kid so her choice.

      • James Winters

        Yea a terrible choice. Her kid is named BIRDIE.

  • Organization XIII

    I hate that celebs name their children these crazy names lol But congrats to Brie & Daniel

  • Lushluke

    Naming the baby after your business ? promo

  • Victoria&Melina19

    Congrats to Brie and Daniel!

  • howie_ruhl

    Imagine this girl eventually being as pretty as Brie and as talented in-ring as Bryan and she enters the WWE. The world is not ready.

  • Mandy

    I still can’t believe they went with the name Birdie, they had so many options to choose from. Anyways, I’m glad everything went well considering the health scare Brie had last week. It looks like they were right, Birdie was waiting for Nikki to come to Arizona. Its pretty cool how the news of their baby girl arriving came the exact day TD aired the episode of Brie learning she’s pregnant.

  • Robann

    Yayyyyyy!!!! I’m so happy for them!!!

    Now I’m just waiting for Nao to have a little Jurdy, and my life will be complete lol!

  • willh

    I’m really happy for Brie and Bryan, and i’m so happy she gave birth to a healthy baby girl!!!

    But that child’s name…….


  • Kyle

    That name is terrible.

  • Robann

    Some of y’all kill me.

    Sooo would y’all rather her be named Birdie or Branch? Or Bertha? (Anyone who seen the name reveal video Brie and Bryan did, you know ALL of them were possibilities).
    Sorry, Birdie is better by a long shot.

    Y’all can never just congratulate and keep it moving, it’s always something. If they decided to name THEIR child Birdie WHO CARES?! Doing too much with these backhanded ass compliments.

    • James Winters

      Her kid is named after her clothing line. Even Kris Jenner is standing back in awe of how shameless Brie is with that name.

      • Robann

        You don’t know if the name originally came up before the clothing line was even thought about or not. That’s what I’m saying. And like I said, it’s THEIR CHILD. If she wanted to name the baby Apple Martini she could. Who tf are we to say otherwise? That’s what I mean by backhanded compliments.

        And if one of the reasons you (not you personally) don’t like it is because of the possible “teasing” she’ll get (which I highly doubt) because of it, maybe we should start teaching these lil kids to not be bullies while they’re young. That’s all I was trying to say.

        • James Winters

          the name sounds stupid as hell.