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Over the past few months we’ve been receiving information here and there regarding the upcoming Women’s Tournament.

Triple H, the man that WWE describes as being the “driving force” behind the Women’s Evolution, took to Twitter to reveal the official name and logo for the tournament:

Taking a similar step to its predecessor, ‘The Cruiserweight Classic’, WWE have named the women’s version as ‘The Mae Young Classic’, in honor of the late and great Hall of Famer herself.

The tournament will consist of 32 women from 17 different countries around the world compete in the programme this summer.

‘The Mae Young Classic’ will begin filming in Full Sail University – the same place as the weekly NXT tapings – on July 13th and 14 this year. The series will consist of 8 – 10 episodes that will be released as box sets (as exemplified through the release of WWE Network originals ‘Camp WWE’ and ‘Swerved’).

The finals will likely be filmed and aired live to avoid spoilers, though no confirmation on this has cropped up.

Triple H also revealed that tickets for the show will go on sale this Friday at 10am ET on NXTTickets.com:

The Diva Dirt community has been anticipating this tournament, and we even asked you to list your wish list of competitors on the show!

There is yet to be any public conversations based on who we will see in the company, but rumors indicate that we shall see women from Stardom, PROGRESS and WWE’s past show up.

Are you excited for ‘The Mae Young Classic’? What do you think of the name? Let us know your views in the comments below!


    Absolutely love it.

  • A beautiful tribute to Mae. I approve.

  • Bryskers

    Thank god the tournament is not named after Moolah.

    Finally! I can’t wait to see who’s gonna compete in it.

    • jbrizzy

      Lol what’s wrong with moolah?

      • Bryskers

        Oooh boy, where to begin?

        Short answer: she was an awful person.

        • jbrizzy

          Really? I never this knew thi Wa s. omethat she something didmbosomebody ? Or just had a bad attitude backstage?

          • Bryskers

            Oh, If only it was just that. But no, the women was a monster. I don’t have it in me to list everything that makes her unworthy of being so honored by the WWE, but I can direct you to these links that will explain it way better than I could.
            It’s long (she did a lot of things) but also worth the read for those who don’t know and bite into her “trailblazer” image. :)



            I’m just glad Mae gets the recognition this time.

          • jbrizzy

            I love some good tea. I will definitely be reading this thank you

          • Eliseo Reyes

            It’s ironic that you mention this because all this time it was Mae who had the “IT” factor from both of them. It is sad that while Moolah was alive, Mae was always second fiddle, when it should’ve been Mae on top, because she was more popular with the crowd. I’m going to go on to say that Mae did more for the business than Moolah ever did in her 80+ year career as a wrestler.

        • perceval

          But it’s OK to name it for Moolah’s partner in life and everything else? Wouldn’t Mae have been an accessory in everything bad that Moolah did?

          If you’re going to condemn Moolah, don’t you have to condemn Mae?

          • Bryskers

            Well, I never read anything bad about Mae, and I don’t know enough about their friendship to assume anything :/
            I’m certainly not gonna put any blame on Mae for what Moolah did either.

          • QueenSableBomb

            Mae and Moolah lived together and are buried next to each other, so they were obviously really close. I’m sure Mae probably knew about what Moolah did, but Mae shouldn’t be blamed for anything Moolah did. As far as I know, no one has ever had a bad word to say about Mae.

  • Now I want to see Sara Del Rey as the winner.

  • jabril

    Excited to see how everything turns out. This should be really good. The women always do it better. :)

  • Hoooshi

    I can’t believe we went from 2 minutes matches on PPVs to a whole tournament dedicated to womens wrestling, the evolution really happened!

    • Noellechartman

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  • #TearTheWeavesDownFromTheSky

    A classic title. I couldn’t have called it anything better.

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    Can’t wait. Mae was such a queen.

  • So happy it’s her and not Moolah. Ready to see who’s gonna be competing!

    • Jesus’s brother

      Can you explain why?

      • Google Moolah, she was a pimp and monopolized women’s wrestling for decades, only so she could end up on top.

        • LaurenYorkStan

          I’m a pimp so….

          • Spiteful Dark Angel #ABliss


          • LaurenYorkStan


          • Mr. What

            You don’t understand she was pimp female wrestler and kinda of holding the growth female wrestling. She is like Asuka holding growth of division except Moolah had full control of her booking.

          • Eliseo Reyes

            You can’t really compare it like that. Asuka is being displayed as a dominant force both in the NXT Women’s Division and possibly when she transitions onto the main roster. What Moolah did was criminal and something a sociopath would do. The difference is where one person is ‘literally’ doing something about hindering other people’s opportunities, while the other person is given the opportunity to display her dominance over other women. Like really, who in the hell can live up to Asuka right now? She’s literally like the Brock Lesnar of today.

          • Lmaoo.

          • Aye Mate

            Asuka isn’t holding the growth of any division. The people who book her is a different story.

  • Kat Love

    I love the name!!!! I sometimes feel upset when people name Lita and Trish as the GOATS when clearly it was Mae Young!

    • perceval

      It would be nice if there were some Mae matches from her prime years available, so we could see how good she really was. As it is, all we have is people talking about what a badass she was in the day. We just have to take their word for it.

  • Lushluke

    Imagine if it was the lita and Trish classic. The screams

    • Mitch Von Erich

      I wish

  • Monkey Meat

    Should’ve been named after Trish IMO.

    • Wicked Emma


    • Dylan Gutierrez

      Mae’s name carries more of a historical, decades old prestige of women’s wrestling. Trish is still considered contemporary.

      • Monkey Meat

        A prestige not a single fan is aware of. Mae birthed a hand, and flirted with uninterested superstars on television. While Moolah was winning the championships. It’s unfair, but as a long time watcher, that’s what I remember from her. Not wrestling. Trish was at the helm of the Golden Era which put womens wrestling on THE map.

        • Patrick Hill

          If you’re really a long term wrestler like you consider yourself to be then you wouldn’t remember Mae Young for her Mark Henry/hand birthing storyline. Trish is fine as she is, she was one of the youngest entrants into the HOF she’s already been honoured in her career. I’m sure she can wait another decade or two before having tournaments in her name.

    • LaurenYorkStan

      No shut this up please

  • Wicked Emma

    I can’t wait for this tournament to begin.

  • jbrizzy

    Perfect name. Omg I love it!

  • Okay why is the fan of boring ass dull bitch trying to hate on Trish again?

    • Wicked Emma


      • The Emma fan lol.

        • Wicked Emma

          Lol. I’m not a fan of Trish Stratus get over it.

          • Summer_Slay #RespectTheDivas

            She cant get over anything. Look at her bio and look at the comments she makes. MESS

  • Justin Bebier

    The way her push is going i’m surprised it’s not named for Alexa Bliss. Enough please.

  • Okay off topic, but I got 2K17 now. And can I give my CAW a custom theme?

    • ILoveMelina(Real ILM)Yiorgos

      prayers up!

  • I’m overwhelmed by this. I didn’t feel like this needed a name after a wrestler but I guess it’s a nice touch. Although Mae Young for some reason made me scratch my head.

  • Luiz Giem

    At first the name doesn’t click but it’s a great way to honour Mae Young.

    I want some names for the tournament now, please!!

  • Booking 101

    Triple H’s tweet about honoring the past and looking to the future is everything that this tournament should represent. And the name is beautiful. I’m really happy with this tribute.

    I’m so excited for this tournament, can’t wait until the names drop and it finally starts. I’m expecting some killer stuff

  • Bow Down To The Queen

    I honestly think this has all the makings of people a disappointment out of the 32 how many women will be able to do more than wrestle or just do more than talk or whatever how many stars are there in this tournament I honestly think 0 none of them will have “IT” like the horsewomen or Alexa or Nikki or even Asuka

    • Robann

      Damn can it even air first?! Already downing it before it even begins smfh.

      • Bow Down To The Queen

        It’s my opinion

  • -V

    Thank God Triple H is taking over the business, so many opportunities for the women!

    YAY YAY!

  • Summer_Slay #RespectTheDivas

    Why it had to be named after someone. Id be perfectly fine with women of wrestling classic, women classic or women’s revolution tournament. It doesnt sound appealing to me, no offence to Mae.

  • Great name to honor the greatest women’s wrestlers pioneer.

  • Spiteful Dark Angel #ABliss

    Iconic. I’m glad it was named the Mae Young Classic and not the Fabulous Moolah Classic since they always put Mae behind Moolah’s shadows.

  • Radic

    That is actually an amazing way for WWE to do a Womens Tournament, and an amazing person to theme it on. I can’t believe I didn’t think of them doing that ala the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

    This tournament is going to be something special, I can already feel it.

    Who I’d like to win? Nixon Newell. Will she? Most likely not, but we’ll see.

    Hopefully a few ‘returning names’ can include Victoria (please!), Katie Lea, Kharma Kong? (I know I’ll get hate for that, but seeing her actually perform for the WWE in actual singles action would be nice), and while not ‘returning names’, but still… Sara Amato/Del Ray and/or Sarah Stock/Sarita?!?! (Oh I’m getting light headed thinking about that!). None should win it obviously, but it would be nice to see them involved.

  • QueenSableBomb

    Awww if only Mae could be here to see this!

  • ?K . A . T ?

    This is lovely! I’m sure Mae is smiling down on this! Hopefully Candice LeRae & Nicole Savoy are in it!!

  • ILoveMelina(Real ILM)Yiorgos
    • Robann

      Shooketh. I’m so ready to see her on my screen again!

  • John Manard

    So curious 32 women tourney. There are 25 women under contract in NXT not hurt or not named Asuka … I wonder if all of those women get automatically slotted and leaves what 7 slots for some people not under contract currently? Or do they really open it up?

  • Ollie Roche

    moolah was definitely the monster but Mae was her accomplice. They ran the school together so Mae knew/was up for all the bad stuff that went on in the school. She’s not as wonderful as people think.

  • Robann

    Mae is probably dancing and smiling down right now with happiness….this is great. Triple H is doing a great job!

  • Nathan

    That so heart touching! She was a lovely lady and I bet she’s smiling looking down :3

  • Nikolas Dombkowski

    So, what exactly is the point of the tournament? There isn’t going to be a title for the winner. Do they get a contract?