‘The Mae Young Classic’, a tournament featuring 32 women from around the globe, may be breaking some more barriers this summer.

In a report shared by Cageside Seats, it is rumored that the women won’t only be featured as in-ring competitors. The website states that WWE may be looking for more roles for women during the tournament.

As the focus of the programme is about giving women more of a spotlight, WWE are considering having multiple women on commentary, as well as having them take on the roles of the referees.

Jim Ross, an icon of WWE commentary, will also be commentating for the tournament. This has been suggested as a tactic to bring in casual viewers as they are aware of his voice – so don’t count out the female inclusion just yet!

The 32 competitor tournament will be filmed on July 13th and 14th, 2017, with the finals reportedly being recorded live at another date. The series will be released in a binge format, similar to ‘Swerved’, except only portions of the season will be made public at a time.

Although no official participants have been released, fans have been speculating since the initial announcement. Names such as Mia Yim, Io Shirai, Toni Storm and Jinny are just a few of the ladies that fans want to see. We even asked you for your input and received an array of choices!

How do you feel about the inclusion of female commentators and referees? Who would you like to see take on these roles? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • Gato_wiska

    I prefer Corey Graves and Tom Phillips over female commentators. They just have great dynamic when they are commentating female matches.

  • I just hope it is not Renee. She is bad at it. I prefer Corey and Tom.

  • Jim Ross is already confirmed to be one of the commentators. But would be nice to see women involved too.

  • Hoooshi

    I wouldn’t be annoyed with men on commentary for this tournament, some of the new generation guys are actually good like Corey and Tom, but it would be interesting to have a woman on commentary, maybe Lita to give a wrestler’s perspective.
    As for women working as referees, it would be amazing. I’m still looking forward to know that the winner of this tournament will get.

  • John Finnie

    The rumours are renee & hofr lita will be on hand

  • Ghetto Baby

    Would love to see jo jo compete. They could do a side story where she wants to prove herself. Fantasy booking lolz

  • I love Renae on commentary, when she was behind the table in NXT I thought she brought something different, so I hope she is included. I would love for Ivory to be a commentator, I think she would really kill a role like that.

    I’ve also read Beth might be on commentary, I would love that!

  • Ollie Roche

    That’s kinda cool but honestly, not 100% necessary

  • Alex

    I wonder will all the non-entrance related tournament songs have lead female singers, and possibly even entire and/or majority female band members?


    • Radic


      • Alex

        Will the opening credits sequence and video packages feature songs by only female fronted and/or all female member bands?


        • Radic

          Why does that matter?

          • Alex

            Just curious.


          • Radic

            Fair enough. But again, I doubt they would. They could, maybe have a few as entrance songs like the guys for the Cruiserweight Classic had something.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    I would have loved to see Corey Graves as well who is great on commentary. One person rumored was Lita which would be a terrible mistake because she isn’t good at it. If they want to highlight more women on the show, they better be capable because I don’t want them to have women just to have women on there. A female referee would be a nice touch as well.

  • LaurenYorkStan

    …i guess

  • Victor

    Drunken Reby Sky, Lita, AJ Lee and the forever classy lady Sunny in the commentary would be lit.
    Also, put Awesome Kong in a referee role to break up the disrespectful bitches in the ring.

    • QueenSableBomb

      LMAOO Sunny! I can’t stand her but she’s such a good talker

    • Windyhawaii

      I heard kong will actually be in the tournament

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    It’s rumored Lita would be on commentary with JR.

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France


      • Wicked Emma

        I don’t see a problem with it myself.

        • Wrestling.fan.from.France

          She’s never been great on commentary and let alone a good talker. That’s where the problem is. We shouldn’t have women on there just for the sake of saying, “we did it” because they are good at it which Lita isn’t.

          • Mr. What

            Also no Renee on commentary because she was awful when she calling some NXT women matches.

          • Wrestling.fan.from.France

            I don’t think she was bad tbh. I liked her. She wasn’t amazing per say but she was just fine to me.

  • Winter Fresh

    I hope they bring back Jacqueline as a referee, as she used to be a referee back in 2002.

  • Mar_41

    I feel like they need to have Alundra, Trish, Lita, Beth, Eve or Renee on commentary. I feel like they’d bring the best. Kennadi Brink was signed as a ref so expect her. As for competitors Kairi and Tapa are probly for sure. I still wana see Kay Lee & Viper. Would be great to see Ivelisse & Sexy Star but that’s a stretch since they’re signed to LU. I feel like we might get some under ground names and at least 2 returns.

  • Mar_41

    Anybody see Taylor Wilde’s tweet? I couldn’t help but assume she’s talking about the tournament but idk, I’m hopeful. She’s a great wrestler

    • Mr. What

      I just saw the tweet. It is interesting. If anybody that can bring some out of retirement is WWE. They did it with Becky Lynch.

  • Cabbyhighs

    Portia Perez needs to be doing commentary

    • Radic

      In a dream world, her or Allison Danger. YES PLEASE!

  • Super Mateo

    I kind of hope they’ll give Charly Caruso a try. I don’t know if she has any match calling experience, but I think there’s a good chance it would turn out well. It would also be nice to see the assignments varied up instead of the same people calling all 31 matches.

  • hitesh khanna

    I have a feeling its going to be medusa (alundra blayze) as WWE just seems to love her, but I personally don’t like her nor connect with her, I remember Ivory use to do commentary during sunday night heats and she was amazing and such a talented while speaking.. she was really good and smooth!! Hopefully its someone different and fresh but from the wwe universe

  • Mr. What

    I really don’t care if male or female calling the match. I just want someone focus on the match and tell the story that is unfolded in there. Like Daniel Bryan did for CWC tournament.

    • Jorge Hernandez Moran

      Yes please i dont want to hear anything about “puppies” or how “everywomen secretly dispice each other”.

  • Delroy Coke

    For the Mae Young Classic, I would keep Jim Ross as commentary have Corey Graves and Lita because they both have a women’s wrestling perspective

    • 3???????

      Corey graves doesn’t care about women’s wrestling

  • jcott3

    Ivory was a commentator on Heat back in 2004-05, but the word is she and WWE aren’t on speaking terms due to some of the things she’s said about Steph and HHH in interviews, and I don’t think most fans today would know who Boni Blackstone is.

    There’s been talk about Lita being one of the commentators, and the IWC has reacted quite negatively, saying Lita was a lousy talker/promo.

    Someone on YouTube suggested a while back that WWE should have Molly Holly as a commentator for the women’s division, but I feel she’s too soft-spoken for a role like that.

    As for Renee Young, she gets a lot of praise as an interviewer but that doesn’t seem to carry over to when she tries to be a commentator.

    • Gavin

      Ivory was at the Hall of Fame a couple years ago and was on Table for 3 with Alundra and Molly.

      • jcott3

        The talk about Ivory being in the doghouse with them is very recent.

        • ThePeaceVibe.

          People are going off of interviews she did a good while ago though. All they are going off of is the fact she talked negatively about HHH and the whole diva search idea.. and I’m sorry but everything she said was pretty much true lol

          • KatyaMenelli

            It really was though

    • hitesh khanna

      What ur saying was true about ivory long time ago.. she was at wrestlemania axcess this year and has been at the HOF and wrestlemania for the last few years. So wwe is in good terms with her!

      • jcott3

        That’s probably the case. I only heard about it for the first time this spring after Beth Phoenix was named this year’s Diva HOF inductee. When anyone said Ivory should have gone in instead, that was the reason given.

    • QueenSableBomb

      Lord knows I love Lita but I can’t see her as a commentator. Renee for whatever reason doesn’t seem to translate well…she’s MUCH better as an interviewer. I think Molly would be a good choice actually. Soft-spoken or not it’d be a great way to re-introduce her to the current generation, who most likely weren’t around when she was a full-time performer.

      • jcott3

        As much as I’d love to have Molly back, I don’t see it happening, as she has managed to do the one thing most wrestlers CAN’T do – she put the business behind her and moved on with her life.

        Also, for those who may not know who she is, Boni Blackstone was a color commentator in the Georgia territory back in the 80’s and I believe was the first-ever female wrestling commentator. She got a lot of praise as being knowledgeable and articulate on the mic. She also had a stint as an interviewer for the WWF back around 1993-94.

  • Jorge Hernandez Moran

    I would love to see Black Rose on this tournament

  • Asa bin Laden

    Why is this an article? DD a mess


    I think that the inclusion of them is great, but I don’t think it should be exclusively female. This is WWE as a whole completely and whole-heartedly embracing women’s wrestling– I don’t want it to feel so separated. Idk if that made sense but

    • Beverlyrsnowden

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    • Head

      It made sense. By doing just women exclusive stuff does seem separated. But if it does give women more time on tv then im up for it. But with that being said, WWE needs to make secondary titles for the women for both brands or an exclusive title just like the cryiserweight title (205 live, idk if that made sense either). One title seems not enough to fight for a lot of women.

  • Jouey
    • And what’s funny about that? Cameron was a better wrestler than a lot of women you lot fawn over here such as Carmella and Dana. Even Alexa has been performing extremely poorly lately. Close to Maria level, but no one says anything. Cameron was progressing before she was let go. She was definitely on the right track when she put on a better match with Asuka than an 8 year veteran B. Kay did week later.

      • Monkey Meat

        Better than Alexa too. Alexa got by in NXT because of her flashy offense, but her current alignment has exposed how extremely green she is. Naomi had better matches with Cameron than she did Alexa. As did Ember down at untelevised NXT shows.

      • GOD STRATUS•

        They don’t dare speak against Alexa

      • Jouey

        Wow, I wanted to say how happy im about Cam!

      • Neutral

        Preach that gospel girl, I´m living!

  • Mitch Von Erich

    I prefer Trish,lita,nattie and Beth

  • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

    Can folks stop suggesting Corey Graves as a commentator? Yes he’s a great commentator but he should not be one for the Mae Young Classic. Either folks don’t know or don’t remember but like 2 years ago when we had the DIVAS Revolution, he responsed by tweeting that he “hopes the revolution fails” after fans called him out on something. After that I’ve always had mix opinions about him. I’ll straight say it, I still don’t like him. I’m taking away from his commentary abilities, he was a [email protected] to respond that way to us.

    • Windyhawaii

      I mean I gotta ask though, are you sure he wasn’t just IN kayfabe?

      • ralfikh

        I can c that. He’s a heel commentator. Maybe he’s doing he’s job.

      • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

        Yet he was the only in the company to respond that way at time…yes he was being kayfabe….

        • Windyhawaii

          they could have just as easily told him to send that tweet, to further push the “revolution” he isnt stupid i seriously doubt he meant it at all, any idiot with a brain would know nowadays saying that would get you fired.

    • Hoooshi

      He tried to say that the women who were at the main roster at the time weren’t successful because they didn’t didn’t have the it factor and the so called revolution was already happening at NXT with the 4HW at the time. I remember because I tweeted him that the main roster women didn’t get opportunities and he got mad at me lol

  • George


    Queen Rosa going to sidewalk slam all the bitches out of the ring and win the tournament believe it

    • James Winters

      going to make her long awaited return from retirement!

  • Severusrans

    Lilian Garcia suites as Ring Announcer.

    Commentary Team :
    Jim Ross : Icon for commentary
    Lita or Maybe Trish Stratus
    Eve Torres or Maybe Beth Phoenix/ Michelle McCool

    Other options for the Team.
    Renee Young
    Former Diva
    Christy Hemme – since we already saw her last Hall of Fame Ceremony.

    • Radic

      Hemme as a ring announcer would be kind of cool, just as a little blast from the past for WWE people.

  • WWE treats former women like the plague, so I bet there won’t be any of them in the tournament.

    • Radic

      Well unless you’re a Bella or Maryse.

      • KatyaMenelli

        Or an Eve or Layla

  • Monkey Meat

    All women need to come up to the main roster, and teach wrestling to Alexa Blisster.

  • Shameronstar – Von Legend Stan

    Just bring in legend Moretti

    • Hew?

      • Shameronstar – Von Legend Stan


    • ThePeaceVibe.

      I would love her on commentary tbh

  • Raekon

    Well we already know so far that the indy wrestler Kennadi Brink was signed as a Referee which I find sad a bit since she is a good and entertaining wrestler. On the other Hand she might get involved in storylines and start to wrestler aswell later so why not? :)
    Jim Ross is also announced as one of the commentators so we already have two confirmations.

  • QueenSableBomb

    Okay but Jim Ross!! Yaaaaas!!!
    I hope Lita won’t be a commentator, I’d prefer Trish tbh. Or better yet, bring in someone else.

    All in all I’m so excited, I have a feeling it’ll be great!

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Can someone explain to me the binge format exactly? I don’t understand how it’s supposed to work. Do we get one half at one point of the year and the second is available months later?

    • it means you can watch all the episodes in one go if you wish too kinda like how swerved was

  • Lushluke

    Glad lita is commentator she used to do Heat when she was out with broken neck

  • i so cant wait for this show and to see who is in it and also what do they win?

  • Monkey Tennis

    Diva Dirt – always keeping you right up to date with two day old news!!

    Seriously though, I’m kinda indifferent about it. A female commentary team – or certainly at least one female voice – is certainly essential… but as far as referees go, I’m on the fence.

    Don’t get me wrong. Female officials across the WWE in general is a very good idea and one I hope we do start to see more of. But having female referees for a female tournament feels maybe just a touch gimmicky. It’s hard to explain, but I feel like making the tournament TOO female focused risks taking the attention away from the actual wrestling and making it more about the ‘statement’.

  • GlowTime

    Lita, Renee & J.R on commentary please ?

    Referees I’m not too fussed about. I think if they’re going to move towards having female referee’s on the main shows then go for it, otherwise Im good with the usual refs managing it.

  • Number One

    If it were up to me, it would be an all female commentary team, but of course I love me some JR! LOL! My dream female announce team is Renee Young with analysts Lita (face) and Trish (heel). I would love hearing Beth on commentary; even more so if she was a heel supporter. LOL

  • Renee Young better be up on there, she deserves.

  • Radic

    Well they did recently hire Kennadi Brink as a referee over a talent role, so that’s how she’ll be used for now. Shame as Kennadi Brink is a nice wrestler in her own right. But it’s nice to see it happen. Only place I saw that recently was OVW of all places. The wasteland of developmental womens wrestling.

  • Mark

    They should have called it the Trish Stratus Classic.

  • Great news! JUst put Lillian GARcia as ring announcer, in the commentarist table put Renee Young, JR and COrey Graves. It would be amazing if we can have AJ LEE there too, of course that’s never going to happend.

  • James Winters

    what next, are the ropes going to be pink?

  • Sonjarblack

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  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    I love the name of the tournament. Mae Young is one of the longest active wrestlers ever, if not the longest. Very few names could have been used if hers was not; like Mildred Burke or Judy Grable.
    Some people might argue about beeing all women, the referee, the commentary table and while I agree the separation is not good but I see the point here. WWE is looking to showcase women in all different aspects that normally a man get to do in WWE. I still think Renee Young should be on RAW or SD doing commentary.