According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Thea Trinidad has signed a WWE deal and will begin training at the Performance Center.

The report adds that Thea is part of a group of other wrestling stars who have also signed deals with the WWE that include former Impact Wrestling star Gunner, female independent wrestlers Evie and Nixon Newell, Cruiserweight Classic competitor Fabian Aichner and German wrestler Axel Dieter Jr.

Thea is best  known for her time working in Impact Wrestling as Rosita, where she won the Knockout Tag Team titles once alongside Sarita aka current NXT coach Sarah Stock.

Thea is also dating current Cruiserweight star Austin Aries, and has also played the part of AJ Lee in WWE’s upcoming film ‘Fighting With My Family’ about WWE Superstar Paige. She recently sat ringside for an Andrade ‘Cien‘ Almas match at an NXT TV taping, but when it aired she wasn’t shown on camera. She competed in NXT last fall in a match-up against the NXT Women’s Champion Asuka.

What are your thoughts on Thea Trinidad signing with the WWE? How would you book her debut? Let us know in the comments below!

  • #RiotWithRuby

    Thea, Evie, AND Nixon.

    All my indy faves are going up in the business. So so proud of them!!!

    • Shady

      don’t forget Kairi Hojo! Also Toni Storm and Candice LeRae are pretty much locks, Jade/Mia Yim as well

  • DownInFlames

    About damn time if true

  • Ollie Roche

    Rosita was so fun in tna! All I need now is Kay lee Ray and hania

  • LaurenYorkStan


  • Danny?

    YAY! Loved her as Rosita in TNA so can’t wait to see what she can do now in WWE all these years later

  • Shady

    I love her! she’s amazing

  • Asa bin Laden

    Mexican America need to reunite and drop Iconic on their heads.


  • Nathan

    Oh! I’m excited!

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I’m so upset that I watched the Andrade match and had to strain my eyes to see Thea. If anyone was looking she was sitting by the entrance ramp. Anyway I’m so happy she’s been signed. I’ve been a fan of her since TNA. Hopefully WWE is going on a different direction with her than starting her out as a valet.

  • willh

    I know I’m not the only one who thought that was a pic of Trish Stratus………..

    • Juri Han

      OMG not just me ??!!

    • Troy Smith

      I’ve heard this for years but I just don’t see it. I don’t see anything similar in Thea and Trish.

      • Gabriella Panajotova

        I agree. I never got this…maybe the smile? But other than that nothing.

  • thenotorious1

    Damn, how are they paying all these, new, talents? I feel like they signed 100 new recruits this year alone.

    • AllWrestlingMatters

      Right they don’t even use the talent they have I think they just sign all of these ppl to prevent other promotions such as TNA from getting the good wrestlers

  • AllWrestlingMatters

    I’m happy for her but I hope WWE has a all women show after this tournment because they keep signing wrestlers & we still have women who haven’t even made their NXT debut yet……. LMAO Thea probably not gonna get called up to the main roster until 2020????

    • Edwards1992

      Lol you may be right…because usually they spend 2yrs in development

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    • Andy
    • Carmandmcconnell

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  • Ronald Dotson

    Bihhhhh finally

  • jbrizzy

    What took them so long?

  • Happy for Thea, but I think WWE is hiring talent like crazy, i mean they have a lot of women’s wrestlers already. Hope this new recruits are for the tournament and thet keep the best.

  • Carolution

    she’ll be apart of the mae young classic no doubt.

  • Organization XIII

    Can’t wait. Been wanting her signed since that Asuka match

  • Radic

    Christ, it took them long enough… good for her!

  • ssilva872

    I am happy for her. I hope she is used though..

  • GlowTime

    YESSSS!! I absolutely love her moonsault, I hope she keeps that as a finisher! She was great on Impact and can’t wait to see what majic she creates with the ladies in WWE right now!

  • this is great news

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    Let’s see where WWE is going to place them after the Mae Young Classic because all I see is tons of women getting contracts and very few making it to TV. I’m very sure that like the cruiserweights these women will get their own show. I don’t know if this is going to play out well because the guys have not seen any benefit of it, they feel like they aren’t from RAW, let’s hope the women don’t get pink ropes everytime they wrestle.

  • Callisthenes

    Happy that WWE recognises talents but they better be investing in better writers/bookers because looking at how the women in NXT are currently booked, I have a feeling that they do not know how to use these talents at all. The Iconic duo are missing in action, Liz is missing in action, the catlady (couldn’t remember her name) did not even have a proper character introduction and she has been shown for months, Ember Rose does not seem to have a clear character yet as well.

    • Did you purposely not put the right names to be ironic on how they aren’t using the talents correctly or did you really mess up the names lol . Liz=Liv; Catlady=Aliyah; Ember Rose= Ember Moon and Mandy Rose lol

      • Callisthenes

        Yes, I legit didn’t know their names because of how unmemorable they have been booked. Should have known about Ember Moon though.

  • Omar J Tahhan


  • She looks so much like a certain miss stratus