After last week’s Raw Women’s Title match between Nia Jax and the champion Alexa Bliss ended in disqualification, what will happen on tonight’s show?

Read‘s preview below:

“Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss promised Nia Jax a title opportunity, and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle ensured that the self-proclaimed ‘Goddess of WWE’ honored her word. Alexa came to regret that decision as she absorbed the powerhouse’s offense this past Monday night on Raw. In fact, had Alexa not incited a brawl with Mickie James and Dana Brooke at ringside, we might have a new Raw Women’s Champion who is, as the song affirms, ‘not like most girls.’

Although we can’t necessarily assume that Alexa was looking to win via disqualification — even if her nefarious track record strongly suggests it — the conclusion of the title bout was undoubtedly unsatisfying for the challenger, who laid out everyone in her path afterward. Given the circumstances, will Jax receive another opportunity at Alexa’s title?”

Tune in to Raw on the USA Network at 8pm ET.

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  • Frank Foxyu

    I was once a huge fan of both Alexa and Nia jax,but now they’ve really stagnation. Especially in ring,I get so underwhelmed by their matches. I mean I’m not a spot monkey fan but come one give me a little bit of intensity and a new move every now and then. They need to snatch the title off Alexa,Emma is back. let her get it and feud with Fox,Banks, Mickie until Alexa and Nia can get their mess together. Put them in a side program with Dana and let them all bore away from the title scene.

    • Call Up Asuka NOW

      Disagree completely

  • LaurenYorkStan
  • conan_kun

    According to PWInsider former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Bayley is set to appear on Monday Night RAW tonight.

    She will be discussing her loss at the Extreme Rules Pay per View where Alexa Bliss defeated her in a Kendo Stick on a Pole match.

  • DownInFlames

    noam is so adorable ugh

  • Foxy is so funny, at least she’s getting storyline development even while injured.

  • Jaded

    I hope there wont be another this is her life segment.

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    Give Mickie a damn one on one match.

  • Woo Sasha clocked her ass.

  • conan_kun

    Nia’s tweet about shooting Raw creative team worked, Raw using all women on the show.

  • iloveTorrie

    Nice to see them being used but where is Summer?!

  • Jamal

    oh Raw women smh

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    Maybe Bayley is turning heel

    • It’d make things interesting. I wonder how her moveset would change. And maybe she’d be like “I chased my dreams, and was disappointed, now I want these women to hurt like I am”

      • Seraphina Rosenhart

        I would be 100% okay with that. It would mix things up and make it interesting.

      • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

        Just that awkward hug with Graves at the end. Unless they wanted her to do it just to play “i’m cute little awkward Bayley” card which would be stupid, after her giving a determined “serious” promo like that. Nobody is going to like her for it.

  • DownInFlames

    cringe. cringe af.

  • Call Up Asuka NOW

    Alexa bliss walking out and continuing to be a great heel


  • I was good to hear the women of RAW stake their claim to the title or “spotlight”, and I like how Sasha was able to bring it back to the title. Mickie and her comment about having a problem with Nia now for some reason was hilarious to me. Seeing and hearing Emma was the treat for me. I’ll say this for Alexa, she may not do it for me, but she was pretty good to bounce off of for the other women, and when she made that cataracts comment, I cackled. That hug between Sasha and Alexa, I got frostbite, and I was hear for that forearm haha. That being said, there are seven active women on RAW, and 4 of them have what it takes to take the belt off of Bliss and give some good matches, so where are we going? Will Sasha get her chance at the gold? Turn heel? Will Bayley cooch up and assert herself and get the gold herself? Will Mickie get her title shot and become a division centerpiece like she was from 2007-9? Or will Queen Emma ever get her chance to hold gold that all the Emmacrats have wanted her to get since NXT? Are Alexa and Nia gonna be Diesel/HBK or AJ/Tamina 2.0? What does the Fox say? Will Dana enter the no-flex zone and get a chance to show off her face work? And with the Summer Soltice upon us, where is Summer Rae? Will the women’s division turn a different Paige? Inquiring minds, WWE, inquiring minds.

    • Marcia Brady

      Living for this !!

  • A?.

    Sasha getting these unnecessary wins, but she deserves better, right? And Alexa can’t even take the pin. Gotta love Raw’s booking, lol.


      Unless they’re putting the title on Emma she needed no win here. I bet she goes over Mickie soon anyway so chill. The boss is a huge deal sweety drink it in


    Sasha banks man her pops are the loudest the actions the hottest when she’s involved. Love her.

  • Neutral

    Omg Nia Jax got a reaction wtf?

  • Neutral

    Ugh I hate how they are making Nia play so dumb, she should´ve just demanded another title shot like Bitch I don´t care whose fault it was, the match ended in a DQ and I want a rematch OR ELSE…*punches fist*