Hola NXT fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux! Yes, it’s SummerSlam weekend where we’ll witness two Women Title matches take place but let’s not forget that we also have NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III to look forward to! As it was announced last week, the NXT Women’s Champion Asuka and her challenger Ember Moon will make their match official with a contract signing just days before they square off at Saturday’s big show.

Our show opens up with NXT GM William Regal in the ring, introducing both Asuka and Ember Moon.

Before she signs the contract, Ember grabs the microphone to take a moment to praise Asuka’s incredible journey in NXT. She runs down some of Asuka’s achievements which include holding one of the most dominant championship reigns in NXT WWE history, defeating some of the best female Superstars and of course, surpassing Goldberg’s undefeated streak. Cue the Asuka chants!

Even with all of this, one thing that sticks out to Ember is that the only time Asuka has ever had to shortcuts in her reign was with her. We’re reminded of TakeOver: Orlando where Asuka pushed a referee to defeat Ember and weeks leading up to TakeOver: Chicago when Asuka injured Ember so she wouldn’t be able to compete in her scheduled Women’s Title match. In closing, Ember thanks Asuka for taking these shortcuts as she is now more determined to end Asuka’s reign of dominance and become the NXT Women’s Champion!

After the contract is signed, Asuka grabs her mic, sternly yells at Ember Moon in Japanese ending with a fierce stare down between the two competitors!

This week’s of NXT also features a small match-up between Billie Kay with Peyton Royce taking on Ruby Riot after the latter ‘ruined’ the Iconic Duo’s Make-Up tutorial video.

The bell sounds off and things are off to an evasive start as Billie manages to dodge some of Ruby’s grapple. Peyton tries to provide a distraction from the outside but Ruby is ready and manages to roll up Billie from behind. Billie kicks out and after attempting two more covers, Ruby has some fun and mocks the Iconic Duo, causing Billie to throw a mini tantrum.

Billie whips Ruby to the ropes and connects a clothesline for a two count. She follows up by sending Ruby to a corner and stomps her down to the floor. When the women meet back at the center of the ring, Ruby begins to fight back with forearm strikes to Billie. Ruby runs the ropes only to fall into an Eat Defeat from Billie upon arrival. Billie goes for the cover but Ruby kicks out at two.

Ruby mounts another comeback, landing a variety of kicks. She runs the ropes once again and connects a dropkick that takes Billie down. When Peyton tries to interfere from the apron, Ruby knocks her off with a running kick.

When she turns her attention back to Billie, Ruby connects a Pele Kick that puts Billie down for the three count. Ruby Riot is your winner!

Post match, Peyton Royce grabs a mic and tells Ruby that all she has done is prove lightning strikes once. Peyton throws in some insults by calling Ruby a ‘gross tattooed loser’ and the she’ll never be Iconic.

Thoughts: For me, Billie and Peyton are NXT’s ‘go-to’ girls whenever there is a want/need to give a babyface some momentum or sympathy. They’re both easy heels to hate, can work matches and can swap out their roles as competitors/managers.

This match with Ruby wasn’t the strongest and there wasn’t a lot to take from it other than Ruby getting the last laugh from the Iconic Duo’s trickery. Echoing my thoughts from last week, one thing I’d like to see down the line between these three women is the chance of brining in someone to team up with Ruby to even the playing field? Perhaps one Dakota Kai as some have suggested to reform ‘Team Slap Happy’?

On to the title picture, there is so much excitement heading to this match at TakeOver: Brooklyn III! Both these women are extremely talented and I’m confident that they can steal the show!

Asuka’s reign as NXT Women’s Champion has been something special to witness in this modern age of wrestling. She’s already the record holder of the second longest reigning Women’s Champion in WWE history and, personally, I would actually hold it over The Fabulous Moolah‘s reign because let’s be real, no one is ever going to break that damn record! Male or female!

While this contract signing didn’t end with traditional brawl or a table flip (which I find to always be fun), I’m glad it gave Ember the chance to show that determination in wanting to dethrone Asuka after some rough bumps in climbing back to the title picture.

Asuka carries herself as an arrogant champion with the skills to back it up! Sure there’s a language barrier but I think Asuka’s ring skills well make up for it. I’m still trying to sort a prediction as to who will walk out the title at the end of TakeOver.

Part of me wants to believe with all the milestones that Asuka has achieved, now would seem like a chance to put the title on someone else but the WWE have really been tuning to Asuka’s dominance in the Women’s division since her debut so I wouldn’t be surprised to see if they keep the title on her just a little longer.

As they say, time will tell!

What did you think of this week’s episode of NXT? Are you excited for TakeOver: Brooklyn III? Do you think Ember will be the one to dethrone Asuka? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Aye Mate

    A bit of a deadlock here.

    On one hand, Asuka can languish no longer in NXT in the same fashion of which she has in the year plus of being the division’s unstoppable conqueror. There’s a wide disconnect of how she’s booked in comparison with all else and now is the time to shift that to the stagnant main roster.

    On the other, it doesn’t “feel” like Ember Moon’s moment to dethrone the Empress and assume the throne. And given the NXT Women’s Championship impeccable lineage, crowning Ember to such tepid fanfare feels like a disservice.

    So with all that said, these two need to outdo Brooklyn’s past reputation and then some. They need to steal the show unapologetically and be cutthroat in stamping a classic wrestling match in the history books. Luckily, both are very much capable of doing so.

    • Jo9834

      Totally agree with your points!

      I think Asuka going to the MR undefeated is a major disservice to the NXT womens division as a whole, unlike Paige who left with the title, she’ll leave a literally no worthy contenders behind and Ember will forever have that stigma of being the one that just couldn’t get it done.

      If Ember does manage to beat Asuka, then I expect big things for her and the title, it would be much like Brock beating the Undertaker at WM, a shock but a well needed rub to escalate her character.

      One thing I do want , is a AMAZING match that can rival what Sasha and Bayley did all those years ago. These women are capable of it for sure.

      • Aye Mate

        Well written and agreed.

  • Stef’

    If I’m not mistaken, this was Billie’s first single match since she got hurt by Ember Moon’s eclipse, so I’m happy to see her but she gave so little offense… In a match against someone like Ruby I expected a higher level, a faster pace, innovative stuff, more tension too.

    Also, Billie and Peyton have been repackaged as Disney villains but their attitude make it so they are more like Cinderella’s mean step-sisters, far from Maleficent and not so frightening to face.

  • Ok, what was that contract signing? Ember looked more like a heel. I could see why the crowds are still cheering for Asuka.

    NXT writers have FLOPPED building up anyone to Asuka’s level so it’s just funny to watch Asuka beat their asses left and right.

    But it is what it is, I only hope Ember wins because Asuka has nothing else to prove and she needs to put someone over before moving up.

  • As for Ruby vs Billie, I liked it, loved Billie’s offence but not the selling. Ruby needs to find a new finisher. This one looks weak AF, it’s barely signature worthy.

    Hopefully they add Dakota into the mix and make this a full storyline.

    • Danny?

      I hate Ruby’s finisher! It has no impact at all.

      • Raekon

        It is supposed to come out of nowhere and daze the enemy long enough for her to get a pin since it’s a kick to the head.

    • #BrieForPeace ?

      I don’t mind her finisher tbh I just feel it’s about the person selling it. The setup to the execution here wasn’t the best either. However I agree that something more impactful would add more credibility.

    • Sass.

      I want her to use the hurricanrana driver like she did on the indies!

  • Danny?

    I really hope Asuka retains on Sunday and then just leaves NXT for the main roster either keeping hold of the title till a worthy opponent dethrones her, e.g Kairi Sane or Mia Yim (Not likely but very hopeful that she will be signed) or just leaving the title vacant. Ember Moon just ain’t the one, her mic skills are basic as all hell she sounds so horrible on the mic and lacks any kind of character and charisma. The fact that Ember is still only be defeated by Asuka annoys me to no end as well cause quite frankly the championship shouldn’t move from one undefeatable woman to another.

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      I hope Mia Yim gets signed as well! It looks the wwe do like her. So fingers crossed for her and Marti!

      • Danny?

        I hope so, Mia’s Mae Young Classic video that was released by WWE was so cute and she put over Gail during it too so I was loving it. Marti is cool but I wouldn’t be sad if she wasn’t signed, her ring work from what I seen in TNA is a little sloppy.

        • YonceLuvsDivas

          Marti is much better in the Indys. Idk what’s up with her on Impact. Santana Garrett also is another pick for me.

          • Danny?

            Yes defos Santana as well as Kay Lee Ray and I really like the look of Kavita Devi

          • YonceLuvsDivas

            Yesss I agree!! Kay Lee Ray most definitely!!!! And I love Kavita’a look too!! I loved to someone in the division like her.

  • #BrieForPeace ?

    I’d like for Billie and Peyton to break out of this shell they’ve been put on. At first when they Lay-Cool comparisions came about I was very skeptic and did not see the connection at all. But these past 2 weeks have really clicked and they’re slowly morphing into what Lay-Cool were… The thing is that’s only possible because they have chemistry but other than that it’s disappointing considering their characters are very gimmicky I would’ve like to se an Iconic Duo where both their gimmicks would be highlighted and not just generic heel with a femme fatale look and generic heel with floral connections.

    As far as Asuka and Ember go I have no interest honestly, it’s come to a point where I want Asuka to win. I just don’t want to see that predictable Ember Moon reign especially when her character has been destroyed from what it could’ve been. Ember is the predictable boring choice to dethrone Asuka and that’s not what’s necessary to uplift such a stale division. Either ways it’s sad to see how NXT has fallen and is relying on dream booking with little to no story to base themselves for a pay-off match where the possibility to end such an iconic streak is on the table.

    • Danny?

      PREACH! Billie and Peyton could have had two amazing characters as the Femme Fatale and Venus Fly Trap but NXT resorted to the typical mean girl Lay Cool gimmick, it’s honestly so disappointing to see that wasted potential.

      • #BrieForPeace ?

        Right? They could’ve begun like this reign of terror where they had a throne with flowers kind of like Poison Ivy-ish or they could have Billie be such an iconic seductress empowered femme fetale manipulating people to do her job… so much potential and they’ve relied on the comedy stuff that’s why their femme fatale and venus fly trap gimmicks don’t stick anymore they’re just mere nicknames attached to generic characters

        • Danny?

          OMG I’d live for Peyton to have a flower throne or on a takeover come out of this like giant flower with a lot of green smoke filling the arena. The Billie could be carried in by men in some sort of fashion while having this long ass train on her cape-jacket thingy.

          • #BrieForPeace ?

            So much could’ve been done with them and now it all seems gone to waste

          • Danny?

            I’m hoping that either NXT gets it together or on the main roster they bring out these characters to their full potential.

          • #BrieForPeace ?

            Sorry to rain on your parade but it ain’t happening. Look at what happened to the 4HW. I dare to say that each and every one of them has hit a stalemate including Sasha but the most evident showcase of this is Bayley. If you wanna look at male superstars look at Tye Dillinger or Nakamura both not being used to their fullest potential. So either NXT steps up or they’re forever gonna be generic heels

          • Danny?

            Yeah I’m not confident that it will happen either, it’s just wishful thinking. Their characters being wasted saddens me so much.

          • ???

            I hope the iconic duo will at least get a push with the title in the future on the MR

            WWE have a habit in ruining everything , look at Paige gimmick in NXT she was badass but ever since she moved to the MR she completely changed which is awful

  • DayOneISH!

    Ember has to win just for sake of keeping her as a credible opponent.All that build up for ember just to possibly lose to asuka at takeover Brooklyn(NXTs WM basically) would be a waste of Embers time.

    We have to move on from Asuka she’s done wonders for the NXT women’s division but it’s time another girl gets the belt just to freshen up the division.

    Billie and Peyton do nothing for me as a tag team I’m sorry they just don’t.They just have to two different unique looks Peyton has that whole Reptile look going for her.And Billie has that phantom of the opera look going for her why put them together? They don’t connect well(Character wise) for me imo.

    • George

      Someone like Ember won’t fresh up nobady, what are you thinkin seriosly now , with that weak build up you expect for her to beat a 500 days championship reign ?

      • DayOneISH!

        Ember Moon is no longer undefeated.She actually has a pretty good build up she lost in her first encounter with asuka after asuka cheated and pushed the ref into her.Then ember got injured because of asuka after she was supposed to get a second chance she was once again screwed over by asuka.

        After she return she came back strong and defeated girls like Peyton Royce and ruby riot in very good matches these weren’t just squash matches for ember.So now here we are now with this match for Brooklyn.She has a much stronger build up then any other girl on the roster right now.

        • George

          Not enough, she still feels really vanilla for Asuka.

          • DayOneISH!

            She’ll be fine

      • conan_kun

        Then who do you want to dethrone Asuka? Any woman from Mae Young Classic is just a newbie to NXT, do you think that woman gonna dethrones Asuka at NXT Takeover at Survivor Series week with only around 3 months relevant in NXT.

        • George

          Who says Asuka needs to lose at this point? I see her debuting in the MR still being the champ.
          Refusing to put the title vacant till someone worthy arrives…

  • Hoooshi

    How did NXT go from its glorious days to this? Anyway, Asuka vs Ember could have been the feud to end all feuds and it feels like a flop, tbh. Ember has no depth as a character and she doesn’t feel like someone we should root for. Asuka has exceeded her time on NXT and it’s time for her to leave, whether she loses to Ember or wins and vacates it (I mean… We still don’t know what the winner of the MYC will get), it’s time for her to move to the main roster.

    Billie vs Ruby… Well, that’s a match that happened, that’s all I can say.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Sometimes I don’t even bother with NXT. It’s just so dry!! I try keep interest because Thea Trinidad( I forgot her new name plus it sucks) just debuted and that’s a dream signing of mines. Actually Ember was too come to think about it. Anyway speaking of Ember obviously she needs to win this. Everybody knows !! This would be perfect for the division because finally we’ll have a champion who actually has a chance of losing it eventually. Although she deserves a nice lengthy reign but honestly she is the answer. She can get the division back on track. The division has become stale because WWE was to worried about protecting her reign. This is the time for the women to be hungry for the title and go after it.

  • conan_kun

    What’s Billie and Peyton doing in NXT:
    Taunting some woman backstage
    Unhappy to that woman they taunted
    Losing match

    When is the last time Iconic Duo wins match on NXT weekly episode, I think not even Emma and Dana keep losing consistently in NXT. Perhaps send Iconic Duo to main roster, if Alexa and Carmella can be succeed on main roster without winning NXT women title, maybe Iconic Duo too.

    What if Ember cheating to dethrone Asuka and turning heel shortly, then Asuka, Nikki Cross, Iconic Duo and even Liv Morgan move to main roster together within a few months to make way for women from MYC, thus Ember to be silent, vicious heel, while Ruby, Dakota, Sane as babyfaces.

  • ?BurningUpInsideOfUs?

    If only Emma had gotten the Harley Quinn esque gimmick instead of Alexa. The Iconic Duo and Emma could’ve formed a stable called ‘The Aussie City Sirens’ with Billie being Catwoman and Peyton being Poison Ivy.

    • BitchFit


  • Don ?

    After seeing the backstage segment between the Iconic Duo and Ruby again I’m beginning to believe the segment (maybe even the Duo’s comedic personalities) was parodied from these two OitnB ladies ?: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/76323ec6ecdcbfbf22e10a7fad80818e37a446222daca5dfe74d2552188bd459.gif

    But besides that, Billie vs “Wuby Wiot” was decent to me. I still wish Billie had more chances to showcase her abilities against women that aren’t Liv or Aliyah like Peyton has, but it can’t be helped. I hope this little feud against Ruby is their last on NXT and they move to Smackdown. I feel they have the wrestling skills, look, character/personality to thrive on the blue brand. Billie will need a new finisher though. The Big Boot isn’t cutting it. I suggest Jillian’s Full Nelson Bulldog.

    I’m excited for Asuka vs Ember this weekend. I felt Ember’s mic work was pretty solid this week. I have no complaints. I don’t care who wins this weekend, I’m just unsure WHO will win this weekend. I don’t see Asuka losing at all because her reign has been too historic to end in a feud with little buildup, but I also don’t see Ember losing because of the high momentum she’s received heading to Brooklyn plus she finally acknowledged Asuka’s dirty tactics with the Orlando match and Battle Royal. But regardless I’m stoked for their second bout.

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    I’m just going to put it out there. You guys are super slow on redux. Usually all of the show is posted 1-2hrs after it airs. Where’s Smackdown?

    I don’t want Ember to dethrone Asuka until her skills on the mic improve drastically. Why doesnt the winner of the Mae Young classic get a title shot? That should be who ends the streak.

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      They didn’t do RAW’s last week either. It’s weird.

    • Organization XIII

      Asuka has no mic skills so what’s the difference?

      • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

        Seriously? Asuka can get over her point with ONE WORD.

        • Organization XIII

          On the MR? Absolutelynot lol

          • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

            Guess we will see.

  • K. W. M.

    Get voted Breakout Star of the year by the fans and win a losing streak with it! It saddens me more and more to see how they are wasted. Killing their momentum everytime. Peyton had such a great match with Ember, even parts of crowd was behind her and then? Nothing! Off tv and back to be jobbers! WHYYYYYYY?

  • Mr. What

    Hot DAMN!! Nothing better than Asuka in a sundress. ???

  • Match of Year Maker

    I’m such a great fan of Ember and Asuka, and the only thing I wish is that both of them steal the show and the whole SummerSlam weekend. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/90f47b3533439362ec7857257a9d8704bd67e71fde551637d157055133db066f.gif

    • ???

      They are both great wrestlers and they sure can deliver, but I think Asuka’s chemistry is stronger with Nikki Cross

      • Match of Year Maker

        She has the same chemistry with both of them.

        • ???

          Nikki’s crazy gimmick match well with Asuka’s determining and cocky character

          • Match of Year Maker

            Yeah I agree, she complements very well with Nikki but with Ember too right? It’s all I say

          • ???

            Yes sure , but Ember is a little boring character-wise .. Nikki is more entertaining and fits with Asuka so that why I choose Nikki over Ember

          • Match of Year Maker

            That’s your opinion and I’m not going to change it, so…

          • ???

            Yes this is just my opinion , I respect your opinion.. so it should be like-wise lol

        • ???

          We still don’t even know what Ember’s gimmick is about

  • ???

    This week is better than the previous weeks but still meh ..

    Why the women don’t wrestle as much as they used to be ? They wrestle once per month and when they do they only have 3-4 minutes matches

    No build up
    No good matches
    No good promos
    No real feuds going on ..

    Plus , they have hundreds of women in NXT yet we only see three or four per month like what the ..?

    I’m not trying to sound like someone who always complaining but this is annoying and I would lie if I say they are doing a good job ..

    There are alot of things they NEED to fix ..

  • Wicked Bliss

    I hope they give the Iconic the TBP gimmick and booking – beautiful and dominating women stable.

  • NXt must fix two things; add one more hour to the show and add a Women’s tag team championship.
    This week was better of course, Asuka and Ember built their feud a bit wek but better than the last one. I really hope Moon gets the title, had one of the Best matches in the NxT women’s division history.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    Unpopular opinion but the Iconic Duo have ran their course, they just do the same shit now and keep losing all the time. Peyton especially I feel deserves better, she’s really good! I think it would be great if Asuka retained this Saturday and then vacated the title and then a tourney was held to determine the new champion which Peyton would win but she would have split from Billie by this time.

    As for the Asuka/Ember match itself I’m very excited for that!

    • ???

      Good idea !
      Bur I don’t think Asuka will vacate the title, probably Ember will ends her reign .
      If the tournament held I only see Ember and Nikki Cross winning it because the iconic duo will likely take their leave after SS

      • ?K . A . T ?

        Very true. I had this other idea that Asuka could go to the Main Roster but refuse to vacate the Women’s Championship and she could hold it hostage and then even defend it in Indy companies that HHH has ties to. NXT could create a new belt and hold a tourney where Kairi Sane wins to become the new champ but then Asuka comes back and protests that she still has the belt and is the rightful champion leading to a Takeover match between the two which Sane would win to become the undisputed champ. And then Asuka could go to the MR full time and kick arse.

        • ???

          Ummm that requires some build up , it will takes time to build the rivalry between Kairi and Asuka .. if they handled it well and could build them in short time (You know NXT became horrible booking-wise and not like before)
          Kairi will win at least in late 2017 , if it’s too early !

          Asuka and the iconic duo are close to take their leave and are very likely to show up before 2017 ends

          Nikki cross , Ember and Ruby will stay for 1/2 more years on NXT .. they are great and when they have matches they kill it but they need decent booking !

          I heard Mandy Rose will appear full-time after SS! can’t wait she has so much potential!

          • ?K . A . T ?

            I agree with everything!!

  • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

    The Iconic Duo’s characters are getting more and more ridiculous. They are way too much of a comedy act at this point.
    And how many more times can their team work fail till we stop caring?
    They deserve better and we need to see them as more threatening heels.
    Ruby almost no-selling Billie’s offense didn’t help either.

  • KellyAJNaomi#Slay

    So no SD redux? Wtf? NXT is after SD

    • ???

      I was wondering the same

  • Maddox

    HOW long was Moolah’s reign? Longer than Bruno Sammantino?

    • NoWayHoeSay

      28 years

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Another boring contract signing

  • Raekon

    Finally some very much needed aggresion from Billie. :)
    That’s the type of Aggression she has to Show to make her character more impactful in my opinion.
    The match was good for what it was. Just hope we will see more soon and the iconic duo and ruby won’t dissappear for weeks and months again.

    • ???

      I hope the iconic duo will appear on the SD after SS, they have nothing left to do on NXT tbh

  • fantastic episode and i cant wait for ember moon to beat asuka for the title then we can all have asuka on the sd live roster

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    All of asuka’s “Fueds” have been exactly the same. Her challenger gets granted a title opportunity without earning a number one contendership or without any matches against asuka what so ever. They have a contract signing before takeover and asuka retains her title. 500+ days of complete repetition it’s ridiculous.

    And I’m pretty aggrivated that now WWE has ruined the eat defeat and the widows peak as finishers with Peyton and now with Billie……