Tonight on the WWE Network, Shayna Baszler faces Kairi Sane in the Mae Young Classic Finale. Which woman will be crowned the inaugural winner of the Mae Young Classic? The Diva Dirt teams weighs in:

Abir: With the inevitable Horsewomen vs Horsewomen feud coming along, the MMA women need to have some credibility to this somewhat new audience. If Shayna has the title of the “first MYC winner”, then she’ll look pretty tough. Also, I see Kairi being the next NXT Women’s champion. And to make that moment even sweeter, it needs to be her real crowning moment. If she takes a loss at the MYC, this can build her up and put her at an even playing field to the other women of NXT whom have also taken big losses. So, in the end, it works out best for both women is Shayna takes home the crown tonight.

Alex: I’m going to my bold here and say I’m predicting Shayna Baszler to win. The Four Horsewomen battle seems to be on the cards and Kairi has ample time to make her mark in NXT. Shayna has the potential to bring in the new MMA style to the women’s division, as she’s done through the tournament and it’s clearly something that the WWE are invested in with someone like Brock Lesnar around. Shayna catching Kairi out the sky during her elbow drop into a naked choke for the win.

Candace: Kairi Sane for me!

Josue: From the very moment it was announced that Kairi Sane had signed with NXT, I knew she would make it to the finals of the Mae Young Classic. I wasn’t sure who would meet her in the finals but seeing as how WWE have been pushing this Four Horsewomen feud before, throughout and most likely after the tournament, I can see why it was Shayna Baszler. While I want to believe that Kairi being signed with WWE guarantees she’ll win, I’m going to go with Shayna Baszler getting the upset win tonight. Post victory, she’ll be embraced and share her celebration with her fellow MMA Horsewomen and they’ll have one final stare down with WWE’s Four Horsewomen in the crowd to continue their feud.

Matthew: I’ve got Kairi Sane for the win.

Rhys: In this instance, it’s very difficult to say who will come out on top. On one hand, you have the adorable Kairi, who is actually signed with WWE, has the crowd support, and is a good role-model for the inaugural winner of the MYC Trophy, showing true respect to everyone she has been in competition with. But on the other hand, you have Shayna Baszler, who has been built up as the biggest villain of the tournament, showing no respect to anyone in tournament, having the crowd genuinely dislike her, and of course while she’s not signed with WWE (yet), she’s one of the MMA’s Four Horsewomen, which of course includes Box Office draw, Ronda Rousey. And you of course have the seeds planted for a WWE 4HW VS MMA 4HW feud being planted. But I’d rather not let this tournament be focused on that. It’s like the reports of the winner also winning the NXT Womens Championship. Both of these things would devalue the whole idea of the Mae Young Classic. So if Shayna wins, it’s not that she’s not deserving, it’s just that other factors playing behind the scenes shouldn’t let this influence the victory. She should win because she did it, not because Ronda Rousey was involved, or anyone else in the 4HW feud. So with this logic, I’m hoping Kairi Sane comes out on top.

Stephanie: Kairi Sane is the total package. She’s got her character, a unique moveset, and enough dazzling charisma that she’s already stolen the hearts of everyone watching the tournament. She’s the right woman and my pick to win. However, I expect some kind of swerve with Shayna in order to continue pushing this 4 HW angle no one really wants. I hope WWE makes the right decision and my fears of using MYC as a vehicle just to get Ronda into WWE is unfounded because it looks and tastes really bad. Kairi for the win!

BREAKDOWN: 4 for Kairi Sane, 3 for Shayna Baszler.

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Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong? What are your predictions? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Darryl lee

    Kairi sane for the Win


    I want Kairi sane to win but I think they give it to Baszler

  • Charlie Flickinger

    Kairi Sane wins after the WWE4HW lay out the OG4HW distracting Baszler. Sane kicks her face off and then hits the elbow drop for the 3 count. Sane wins. Baszler goes ape shit and attacsk the WWE4HW. Sets up Survivor Series.

  • As someone who’s not against a potential 4HW VS 4HW showdown down the road, I say this:

    Screw this feud. Shayna has been too underwhelming in the tournament to win it all and it shouldn’t be used as a way to build a feud, no matter how big the feud can be. This is about Women’s Wrestling (or at the very least, it should be), not about 8 women (3 of which aren’t even wrestlers/signed to WWE). Kairi is clearly the better women. A clean win, no shenanigans, no funny business. Go Pirate Princess!

  • Danny?

    Kari should definitely win this, Shayna didn’t do anything impressive throughout the entire competition and the fact she is even this far sickens me when there is much more deserving women. Not that I’m surprised mind you considering how obsessed WWE is with Ronda and her friends. I’m not expecting a great match for this final which is a shame considering what could’ve been. Also why is the finals only gonna be 30 minutes long, according to the Networks schedule anyway, I was hoping for another fun exhibition match on the live finals.

  • I don’t have an issue with WWE building an angle out of this whole tournament. Somebody under a previous post regardless this topic said that CWC and UK tournament did not have any angles. Perhaps that’s why both of those project are struggling right now. Nobody watches 205 and UK stars have not been seen since for a couple of months now. Perhaps this angle is a good thing. Just like you, I’m not too keen on those MMA chicks in a wrestling, but let’s give it some more time.

  • What?

    Did anyone else notice the lack of a pop for Ronda Rousey at Full Sail? Nobody cares. She is done. They chant “this is awesome” for Aliyah but barely react to a mainstream celebrity……WWE is so clueless. If Kairi loses we riot.

  • Black Widow

    I really hope Kairi becomes the winner of the tournament, but WWE is all about marketing though. That being said, the possibility of Shayna winning is also high.

  • Don ?

    I’m rooting for Kairi Sane, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Shayna steals the victory. My thoughts are very close to Abir’s opinions. Tonight will be unpredictable for sure.

  • Kairi FTW

  • I don’t see what they see in Shayna, other than her connections. She looks like a mix of Bayley and Baron Corbin, she can’t sell, she uses only two moves, poor mic skills, and she’s 37. Nothing outstanding that should’ve lead her to the finals, other than her knowing Ronda like I said.

    • C Mack

      ??????? Thank you.

    • BLKLTR05

      Looks aside, she just doesn’t whisper, let alone scream, “wrestler” to me. She looks more like a washed up MMA fighter trying desperately to cling to some sort of lasting fame (aka Brock Lesnar) when she just needs to stay away from a ring until she learns how to sell and how to do more than strikes and submissions.

    • A?.

      The only reason why she made it so far is because of Ronda. They even cared more about showing her during Shayna’s matches than the match itself.

    • ALL. OF. THIS.

      She’s a crappy MMA fighter, and an even CRAPPIER wrestler (and I use that term loosely).

      • MaryJBolton

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    • Wicked Bliss

      She has a great character. Shes a great bully i want to punch her. Other than that she needs to polish her skills WWE style. Currently, she cant sell and has few moves.

      • Kvngbalor

        Great bully? She did nothing Jazz, Beth, Kong, Victoria, Shaniqua or any other bigger emposing women hasn’t done. I wanted to like her but i just wasn’t impressed

        • Wicked Bliss

          I dont know the way she slaps and mocks her opponents seems convincing to me. It felt that shes like that irl. It irritates me tbh than impresses me.

          • Kvngbalor

            And she’s not that’s why i wanted to like her all the girls seem to love her well maybe u right she’s convincing as a bitch u want to hate

    • BitchFit

      thats what ive been saying in my head all along. would be so pissed if she wins

  • Hoooshi

    4HW feud aside nothing Shayna did in this tournament impressed me. I saw a lot of people on twitter saying she slayed, but to me everything she did was basic and by the books. Kairi has a wrestling style I like more, I think it takes a certain kind of wrestler to make a submission style seem exciting (see: Zack Sabre Junior) and Shayna is not on that level yet. Kairi has all the tools necessary to become a star in the WWE and a win here is a strong way to begin her career there, so I’m 100% rooting for the pirate princess.

  • Matt J

    My prediction :

    At the end of the match, Shayna gets too cocky and mocks the 4HW of WWE long enough for Kairi to use her Alabama Slam and her Diving Elbow for the win.

    Then at No Mercy, the 4 HW of UFC costs Sasha Banks the match by preventing her from breaking Alexa’s pinfall on Emma.

    And again at Hell In A Cell, they somehow screw Charlotte of a title win against Natalya in a Hell In A Cell Match, leading to Bayley standing for her friend Sasha, and Becky standing for Flair, leading to the so wanted match for Survivor Series HW vs HW in an elimination tag team match.

    But if Shayna wins the tournament, we riot.

    • I like this!

    • Hoooshi

      Charlotte and Ronda are the last two in the SS match and it ends in a non contest or a double count out leading to Charlotte vs Ronda at WM, because we know WWE wants that.

      • Matt J

        Either that, or another controversial finish as WWE likes to swerve us…

    • If Shayna wins the tournament, we riot.

    • Jorge Hernandez Moran

      Honestly im not too thrilled about the HW women fued but if the SS match happens it better be the main event

  • My heart wants Kairi, but my gut says Shayna wins. ?

  • MrBoo

    With WWE going for the 4HW vs 4HW, there isn’t a chance Shayna is going into that feud not winning this tournament. Kairi should of won this hands down, Shayna shouldn’t even be in the finals she should of been out in the first or second round, its actually criminal.

  • Nicola Byrne

    Considering Kairi is the one officially signed (Reports has it Shayna signed) she will be the one that wins this. I hope she does also with the reports of MMA 4HW going up against WWE 4HW i hope this isn’t the case.

  • Maddox

    Taking into account her limited English, how should Kairi be booked in WWE? Like an unbeatable beast like Asuka, A flamboyant showman like Nakumura or a die babyface due to her size

    • qween valentina

      100% babyface. We don’t need *another* Asuka-like booking in NXT/WWE. Seeing her in the MYC, she totally played the babyface in peril but will back-hand slap you with one slip-up to perfection. She’s totally adorable too with the Pirate Princess gimmick so I can see a 2007-2010 Mickie James in her.

  • MK126

    If WWE were to give the win to someone with limited wrestling ability then this whole tournament and everything its supposed to represent was for nothing. Shayna is too boring and from what shes shown us throughout the tournament I hope Kairi can carry her through a good match.

  • Jtiera

    So regardless of who wins Shayna is just gonna be pushed to the main roster right? She can’t even wres- LORD’T.

    Kairi please take the win!

  • Jtiera
  • SkilledDeathArtist#1

    I’m getting so sick and tired of the 4HW angle. It’s been in my face so much that I honestly don’t care about it anymore. Kairi should win this not just because she plays a very good babyface, but because she can deliver in the ring as well. Shayna has the right mindset and can play the heel role very well, but there was nothing ring-wise during the tournament that made her even worthy of being in the finals, especially when women like Mia and Candice had to put her over.

  • DivaLicious?

    I hate how they taking all the attention away from this tournament with this 4HW vs MMAHW. If they are really gonna let shayna get the win, just to set up this feud that nobody wanna see, is bullsh*t too me. I don’t see anything in shayna she kinda does look like bayley on steroids. She can’t really wrestle that good. She just a striker nothing eles. Ronda rousey is irrelevant now she lost 2 fights. She not of importance anymore. WWE universe could care less about her. I hate Vince & beaver teeth Kevin Dunn sometimes. They ruined all the good stuff. Triple H needs to run the company with Shane.

    Kairi sane I fell in love with her charisma when I first saw her in round one. She needs to drop a big elbow on Vince & Kevin Dunn if she doesn’t win tonight.

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    I honestly can’t say who will win. This can go either way. But I want Kairi to win.

  • It

    I’ll be happy with either of them winning, but i want to see Shayna get the win to build the future 4HW feud

  • C Mack

    I want a clean win for Kairi. If this whole MYC leads to basic ass, dry ass, unsigned ass Shayna going over a more deserving and well rounded opponent in Kairi, then Triple H will be proving that his own agendas are more important than the women’s revolution. Sure, the 4HW feud will bring attention, but it will also devalue the sport in a way that the CWC did not

  • Liam

    I honestly want Kairi to win. I’m against this 4HW vs 4HW it does nothing for either side. Leave them to do their own crafts separately. I cringe watching Shayna, to me she isn’t best for business

  • Jose Antonio Atienza Lat

    Shayna cannot sell. Period.

  • ?BurningUpInsideOfUs?

    Kairi wins or I riot

  • DayOneISH!
  • BLKLTR05

    Shayna Baszler… UGH! Literally the female Brock Lesnar. Can’t wrestle for shit, can’t sell for shit, can’t even speak on the mic for shit and she gets pushed this far specifically of her MMA background and her friends. WWE need to give this to Kairi Sane and have her be the star she is truly capable of becoming. Ronda Rousey needs to back away from WWE. Her time was last year if anything, and now all she is is a forgotten relic of MMA.

  • -V

    This Shayna is so tragic. No charisma, no ring skills, she should just stick to MMA..

    I hope WWE lets Kairi win, it would be the worst call ever if she loses in the finals.

  • Monkey Tennis

    It’s a shame that with so much talent in the tournament, this is the final we ended up with. You could run off a list of potential classic finals from most of the women who appeared on the Mae Young roster – and it’d be a long time before Shayna’s name appeared.

    And if the WWE really wanted an MMA style opponent for Kairi, why did’t they go with Nicole Savoy who has a considerably more integrated MMA/Pro-Wresting style? Instead, she seemed to be booked in a way to undersell her skills – perhaps so as not to take the focus off Baszler’s more one-note style.

    As for who wins? I don’t know. It should be Kairi. I want it to be Kairi. It makes sense for it to be Kairi. But as the presence of her opponent in the final illustrates, what should have happened in this tournament and what has happened aren’t always the same thing.

  • Xaos

    is it me or does Kairi kinda looks like Taeyeon?

    anyway Kairi FTW!

  • A?.

    Shayna winning would be like Eva winning, but worse. Please Kairi, win and save us!

  • The fact that Shayna Mac is even IN the finals is a joke in and of itself. Kairi BETTER win; that is all…

    • The Earl of Lemongrab


  • I’m pulling for Shayna

  • Because of the whole 4HW vs 4HW thing I feel like Shayna may win but because of Kairi being so great she may win. I’m on the fence.

  • It’s awful the first ever women’s tournament and ends like this I’m not excited for the final at all… please god if ur there let Kairi Sane win…

  • Match of Year Maker

    This is for Women’s Wrestling not for a 4HW vs 4HW feud, neither for NXT Women’s Championship opportunities nor who’s best seller. This is about Women’s Wrestling taking over and a groundbreaking moment in the wrestling.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Hopefully Kairi wins. I don’t think they’re doing the four horses vs four horses tag match. I think it’ll be Ronda vs Charlotte. A Shayna loss would make sense could Ronda could step up and want to compete against the “best” out of the four horses aka Charlotte in WWE’s eyes, (Sasha in my eyes) but yeah, that’ll be good enough. I could also see Ronda winning over Charlotte whenever they do face.

    Also, I’m hearing reports about Stephanie vs Ronda at Mania being an option too. I don’t know how to feel about this. It’ll be iconic to see Stephanie competing again but of course, she takes the spotlight from the women and gets a Mania match automatically while others can barely get a match. But it’s whatever, the more women matches the better!

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Triple H actually did a good job with the finals. Everyone hates Shayna and loves Kairi. Hopefully the crowd is wild tonight and actually react to the girls.

    • Izzy4lw

      Th reason people hate Shayna though isn’t because of her phenomenal ability as a heel; it’s because she was literally handed the finale on a silver platter because of her friend while going over women who have more wrestling/character talent in their pinky than she has in her entire body (see Mia Yim, Candice LeRae, and Mercedes Martinez) it’s the WRONG kind of heat, and I honestly don’t think management realizes this.

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        Yeah, I agree with this but it’s whatever! It happened and we have to deal with it. No matter if it was heat for her character or her being handed opportunities, she’s still hated! It was actually a good match but I expected more for a finals match.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Oh and I find it weird that NXT is trying to make Shayna and the other horses work when they literally have Sonya Deville in NXT. Poor Sonya. She worked so hard to build this gimmick only for the authority and their love for MMA horses and WWE horses to ruin her character. Now there will be five girls with the MMA gimmick most likely.

  • The Paparazzi Prince (MIMQ)

    What is a Shayna Baszler???
    Never heard of that before???

    • 3???????


  • Rosanna

    Come on Kairi!

  • It

    Shayna Baszler is expected to win tonight. YESS!!!!



  • Booking 101

    Who I want to win? Kairi. Who should win? Kairi. Is she indeed going to win? I’m not really sure. I would say that Triple H knows exactly what he is doing but at the same Shayna did make it to the finals, so… Looking at the finals of the two previous tournaments, we had two babyface’s win. So my final prediction is Kairi.

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    I need Kairi to backhand Shayna all the way back off my TV screen.

  • I’m so not into this. Alot of other people deserved to be in Shayna’s spot…i.e Piper, Bianca, rhea, toni, Jazzy….but we get Shayna all for some 4HW feud…ugh.
    I just hope Kairi wins, she performed phenomenally throughout the whole tournament. She deserves the win.

  • GEO

    Rooting for Kairi! But I wouldn’t be surprised if Shayna won knowing WWE’s unpredictability at times…


    rumors are saying shayna is going to win :(

  • Hoooshi

    Even Ronda Rousey bows down to the pirate princess

  • Can’tGetNo…Stratusfaction

    Kairi should win since she’s actually, you know, a women’s WRESTLER…which is what this tournament is supposedly about. Shayna doesn’t need the win to engage in an already stale 4HW feud. If anything, Shayna losing the tournament should be the fuel used by WWE’s 4HW to ignite believable animosity between the two factions.

  • Kvngbalor

    She’s not needed idk why people call Shayna the female Lesnar when imo that’s Asuka the strikes the submissions the suplexes she has the Lesnar aura whenever he enters the ring you know shits gone hit the fan same with Asuka she’s so unique

  • Kairi has my vote too!

  • Damn!

    Kairi Sane FTW!

    • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

      Your profile pic lol

  • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

    I really love Kairi and I want her to win but WWE is gonna give the win to Shayna :(

  • I think Kairi Sane is absolutely winning tonight but I’d like to see Shayna Take it.

  • I’m glad Kairi won!