One month after commenting on her hopes of a WWE return, two-time Divas Champion Paige has returned to the WWE Performance Center working towards getting cleared by the WWE for an official return to the ring following her neck surgery last year.

Paige posted the following on Twitter: have also reported on Paige’s journey back to the ring writing the following:

Paige is on a journey to reclaim her ‘house.’

The former Divas Champion — unseen in a WWE ring for more than a year — revealed she has returned to the WWE Performance Center, presumably beginning her return to active competition in WWE.

‘Went to see an old friend today,’ she wrote. ‘Good to be back there! @wwe #RoadBackToMyHouse’

Paige is a two-time Divas Champion and became the youngest Superstar to hold the title when she captured it during her Raw debut at the age of 21. If her return his imminent, as this post is leading many in the WWE Universe to believe, consider the women of Raw and SmackDown LIVE officially put on notice.”

What are your thoughts on Paige’s making her WWE comeback? How would you book her return? Let us know in the comments below!

  • ?too litty?


  • BLKLTR05

    With her Bio-Movie coming from WWE, they’d be fools to not capitalize on it and push this girl. Take her on the road and remove her from that toxic relationship she is in and hopefully the distance will clear her head. The talent she has should not be wasted!

  • Danny?

    YES!! Hopefully she comes back soon, can’t wait to see her back.

  • Kat Love

    I can’t wait!!!

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita
  • MK126

    Im all about her coming back if WWE has plans to use her outside of obvious movie promotion. If they’re just gonna use her and push her into the title picture right away then im ehhh for it. Either way im ready to see her back in the ring

  • GEO
  • A?.

    Send her and Emma to SD, thanks.

    • Guilherme Soares

      And put the Iconic Duo at Raw.

  • Match of Year Maker

    When I hear any news of Paige “one-and-a-half year comeback in the making”



      • Match of Year Maker

        Am I wrong?

        • GOD STRATUS•

          I’m convinced we’re in this together honey call us the truth ringers

          • Match of Year Maker

            That’s the only reality.

  • There are so many people I want to see her feud with

  • Rosanna

    I’m ready for Paige to steal the titles from your faves.

  • HBIC

    She needs to go to SD they need a strong heel there.

    • Guilherme Soares

      I would bring Lana back i don’t if she’s not experience… but Lana,Carmella and Paige are really good on the mic, would be threat heels… and i would put the title on Charlotte or Becky…

  • Allyn

    We are rooting for u Paige, now don’t fuck it up…again lol

    • MicheleJVargas

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  • BC

    She and Emma should team up. Maybe help Emma win the title.

  • Aye Mate

    She’s a star, in spite of her personal life overtaking her talent this past year, and I hope she’s healthy enough to resume her in-ring career.

  • All Eyes On Me

    She needs to align with Emma & Summer as the OGs who started the revolution and feud with Horsewomen ?

    • Snappy

      I reckon that’d be a merch hit tbh

    • Mark?

      Please no. No more Total Divas VS Regular Divas, Horsewomen VS Originals, SD VS Raw women, Horsewomen VS UFC losers or any of this multi-women’s feuds. I’m just praying WWE… GIVE ME ONE AMAZING FEUD. Give me a Trish VS Mickie epicness. Give me a Trish VS Victoria slayage. GIVE ME SOMETHING.

  • The next I want to hear from Paige is when she is in a raw ring.

  • conan_kun

    Raw has no place for Paige already since there’s Alexa, Nia, Bayley, Sasha, Emma, Asuka while there’s still Mickie, Dana, Alicia waiting in the wing. She should move to Smackdown.

    • The Earl of Lemongrab

      Raw should really just fix their idiotic booking and writing. If SD could have 2 storyline for women I don’t see why RAW can’t do the same

      • ???

        2 storyline for women? Yeah SDL used to be like that before WM but not anymore , SD just became the 2nd Raw they are only using 3 women currently, with so little time only 5-7 minutes per week and sometimes they only get one backstage segment that only last for one minute lol

        • The Earl of Lemongrab

          I haven’t been watching lately but aren’t they still doing it? There’s the Nattie/Naomi fighting for the title and there’s the Tamina/Lana angle?

          • ???

            Too bad Tamina/Lana storyline been off since three weeks ago , we only have Naomi/Nattie/Carmella feud .

            Becky/Lana/Tamina/Charlotte all didn’t appear lately , it’s weird no decent storylines with big PPV ahead of us (HIAC)

  • ???


    I hope she learned from her mistakes and not getting any more trouble .. WWE seem to love her even with problems she did cause !

    Not sure if I want her on Raw or SD , both brands have been horrible after the superstars shake-up

    • Guilherme Soares

      I would love a feud between Paige vs Alexa Bliss or Paige vs Sasha Banks but Asuka is coming so no… Smackdown would be better for her…

      • ???

        Smackdown need more female talent , she really needs to win the SD women’s championship to defeat either Natalya or Charlotte for it !

        Or you know what, just give her a decent booking and good feud outside the title picture to build some momentum to become threat like how she was in 2014/2015

        I missed Paige so much !!

        Raw has the best roster but they are stuck in a shitty booking brand , I would send Paige, Summer Rae , Emma and Alicia Fox to SDL !!

        • Guilherme Soares

          I miss the redhead Alicia :(, Paige,Emma,Summer and Dana need to go to Smackdown… Draft Becky to Raw, and bring the Iconic Duo for Smackdown too… but would be to many heels… I love Paige as heel she’s awesome, i hate Dana babyface… Summer not way being a babyface… Emma devil is awesome! and the Iconic Duo deserve a heel push first…

          I don’t know i just feel the woman’s division is a mess right now…

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Scream Queen better be on her way back!


    I miss her so fvcking much!

  • conan_kun

    “If her return is imminent, as this post is leading many in the WWE Universe to believe, consider the women of Raw and SmackDown LIVE officially put on notice.”

    But Paige is draft to Raw during WWE Draft last year, is that mean that Paige may end up on Smackdown or simply WWE forgot about WWE draft last year.

    • Gabriel S.

      Things can happen like that on a whim. Remember when Jason Jordan and jack swagger switched brands?

      Or how asuka is being teased on raw despite working with smackdown on live events?

  • Oh Yas! Paige must be back by te end of this year, I miss her like crazy tbh!

  • OJ Von Erich

    I’llI finally be able to see a Paige vs Mickie James feud!

    • NoWayHoeSay

      Keep it

      • I think Paige is one of the best mind game players of her era, a feud with Mickie, who is arguably the greatest female mind game player of all time, could be interesting.




      A concept

  • Stratusfaction

    I guess I’m in the minority but I really couldn’t care less about Paige making a comeback. She was a bit of an afterthought for months before her injury and I don’t see her being very high up on the pecking order when she returns. Maybe Paige can win me over once she makes it back on TV.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Miss her so much but she should go to smackdown and feud with Nikki

  • Damn!

    “Paige teases return”

    Ay! don’t forget to bring Summer back with you!

  • Diva_Fan

    Ok but she really needs to go to Smackdown as RAW is getting overcrowded now .

  • Huntrry94

    I personally am excited about Paige returning I’d rather her go to Smackdown but I can only imagine how loud her pop will be when she comes back. I hate how people judge her and what’s going on in her life she’s only 25 we’ve all done things we regret I even think WWE understands that. I mean she’s been there since she was what 18/19? I’ve missed her on my tv. She will bring back a new edge to the division since she hasn’t even appearead in the draft

  • Exotic

    k but wheres Summer

  • Exotic

    Can we have Paige Emma and Summer in a fraction? They can claim how they are the TRUE pioneers of this recent womens revolution thats been gone around WWE the past few years and fight Sasha/Bayley for hopping on their bandwagon and taking credit.

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      I’d rather have Emma and Summer claim they started the revolution and have Paige return to feud with them. Paige vs Emma vs Summer feud could be fresh and good! The Paige/Emma and Paige/Summer rivalry were booked good in NXT.

      • Exotic

        omg im crying at the thought we never had Summer vs Emma vs Paige at an TO!
        But yaaas!! Either way, I’ll be happy to see them all in some type of storyline.

        • Crazy. #RIPMae

          me too girlie that’ll be iconic! I’d even add in an AJ return. ?

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Yes! If Paige is still on RAW then RAW will finally have some fresh blood with this Bayley return, Asuka debut and Paige arrival. And if they decide to use other girls like Mickie, Dana, Alicia and Summer… then RAW could finally be great for ALL the women. But this has me wondering, could some more NXT girls get called up and go to Smackdown? Smackdown needs more women.

  • let’s see how this comeback story works. The possible storyline are amazing

  • Super Mateo

    I get the feeling this is leading up to another “Creative has nothing for you” situation. It probably won’t be as bad as Summer’s treatment, but won’t be much better, either.

  • Patrick

    I’d love paige to go back to nxt and join peyton, kairi and ember in the fatal 4 way. I think it would be great because she was actually never defaeted for the championship and she could stay in nxt maybe till the end of the year and then return to the main roster. I’ve missed her so much, can’t wait to see her back!!!