Tonight on Monday Night Raw it was announced that at TLC Alexa Bliss will defend the Raw Women’s Title against Mickie James.

After successfully defending the Raw Women’s Title at No Mercy in a Fatal Five Match featuring Bayley, Emma, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks, Alexa appeared on Raw Talk where she referred to Mickie James as an “old lady.” As seen on last week’s episode of Raw, this led to a confrontation between the two Superstars.

Tonight on Raw, Mickie James took on Nia Jax looking to pick up a win but the match ended via DQ when Alexa Bliss interfered.

Shortly after Mickie is interviewed about wanting to prove herself again. Raw General Manager Kurt Angle interrupts the interview to officially announce that Mickie James will get her chance at Alexa Bliss’ Women’s Title at TLC.

As it was previously announced, TLC will also mark the official main roster debut for Asuka.

WWE’s TLC takes place live on Sunday, October 22nd at 8 PM ET on the WWE Network.

Are you excited for this match?

  • Call Up Asuka NOW

    Can’t wait for Bliss to retain and then move on to Survivor Series vs Asuka

  • Mickie has to win.

  • conan_kun

    Because Bayley and Sasha could be on the road of WWE 4HW vs MMA 4HW which probably at Survivor Series, they need another babyface so they give Mickie a push. Anyways Mickie deserved another title run since Hardys, Jericho have a title run when they return, why can’t Mickie.

    • Aye Mate

      If Randy Orton can have a title in 2017, so can Mickie James!

  • TotalDivasMark

    I have a feeling Alexa’s getting a cheap victory with a post-match beatdown on Mickie by Nia and Bliss, with a run-in by the debuting Asuka. No surprises from RAW as usual

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      I would book it as Mickie winning and Nia attacking her with Alexa assisting them completely destroying Mickie until Asuka’s music hits and she does her elaborate entrance to take out both Alexa and Asuka. She helps Mickie and points to the title, smiles and she can either kick Mickie or simply walk off. No promo, just facial expression.

      Have her be an anti-hero, neither face nor heel.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Yes! Mickie finally getting the recognition that she deserves! She’s ready to capture her 7th Women’s championship to tie the legend known as Trish Stratus. I’m ready. Give us something new before we witness the never ending reign of Asuka.

    • Scarlet Letter

      6 women’s championship (kinda)
      she has 1 Divas championship.
      5 from the origional womens title
      and if she wins, she’ll have 1 from the new women’s title 7 all together. Still not tied with Trish because Trish has 8 reigns all together with 7 women’s and 1 hardcore.

      • NY

        I think they’re only talking about Women’s Championships. I think sadly the Hardcore title isn’t regarded much because it was basically for fun, random T.V.

        I wish they’d let Mickie mention all her big company titles. Not sure how many times she won the Knockouts title, but she probably surpassed Trish already in that sense.

        I think JR mentioned Gail was a 2 time Champion? When she returned to WWE referring to the Knockouts title, minus the name.

        • Kvngbalor

          Right i mean one of Godfathers hoes and Terri won the hardcore championship

          • EVERYBODY had that HC title like.

          • NY

            Lol yes they did! Terri help it for a few seconds and Molly took it for a few minutes. Ivory came close while seducing Crash Holly and I think Jacqueline even made a try for it, though I’m not sure.

          • Now that was hot potato title

        • John Finnie

          Im glad someone remembers that i used to here comentators mention gail kim was a 2x champ & i was like…… wait when did she hold that title twice
          So thats what they meant.
          Even Cole & the rest on commentry said gail was a 2x champ

          • NY

            I do. I remember being confused at first, but I think those were the days WWE and TNA were on more friendly terms if that was ever a thing. Or maybe they were happy with Gail before so wine decided she wasn’t marketable again? Ivory claimed Gail Kim was a Johnny Ace girl, whatever that meant? It’s Not like Gail got any real push by Ace, but that s besides the point I suppose.

            It was nice they acknowledged her TNA title though. I can see why they wouldn’t do it for Mickie James, that would mean she’d outclass Trish Stratus and we can’t have that now, can we?

      • Typical Heel

        I forgot Trish was the hardcore championship, she has 8 reigns lol

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      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        yes, I’m aware she won the hardcore championship. she’ll tie trish for WOMEN’s championships is what i meant.

        • Maddox

          When did she win the hardcore championships

          • John Finnie

            She was in a mixed tag with bubba & she pinned him then he pinned her..i think

      • Dylan Gutierrez

        Hardcore doesn’t count. They’re speaking solely female championships.

        • Typical Heel

          If thats the case, we cant count Chyna’s Intercontinental Championship reigns

          • Dylan Gutierrez

            They’re talking about Women’s Championships pertaining to WWE Women’s Championship/Diva’s Championship which were the titles Women were allowed to compete for. I’m guessing they’re counting Mickie’s Diva Reign as a title since it was retired with the new Raw Women’s Championship at WM.

            Hardcore, Cruiserweight, IC count as their own reign and accolade.
            It isn’t absorbed into the Women’s Championship mix.

            It would be for example, 2x Women’s Champion and 1x Hardcore Champion.

      • Gerg

        Did the Divas title merge with the new women’s title or with the old? Because Mickie is a 6x champion but Charlotte says she’s a 4 time champion instead of 5x as she either doesnt count her divas title reign separate from her 1st women’s title reign.

      • She’ll tie with her, womens championships are grouped together now.

      • John Finnie

        Sometimes they mention shes a 5x womens champ & then at other times shes a 6x champ BUT i think if she wins the womens title i think they will say ahes a 6x womans champ & a 1x divas champ & that gives them the clause to say yes your a 7x champ BUT not a 7x womens champ like trish ……remember folks this is Wwe & they can use that clause & i wouldnt be suprised if they went down that road

    • Rosanna

      Technically she wouldn’t be tying with Trish since it’s a different title. She’ll be starting another reign on a different title. But she probably counts them all together.

      • Crazy. #RIPMae


  • Aye Mate

    She’s not winning it, but I’m hoping the road to TLC sees some nice character development for Mickie James at least.

  • I hope Mickie wins and I’m just over Nia and Alexa’s booking. Nia has lost all her steam, people were here for her squashing Alexa and then they went nowhere with it.

    • Gerg

      I feel like Nia has become Tamina in “making statements” in the Raw Women’s division

  • Jamie Byrd

    I really hope Mickie wins

  • king valor

    i can see why mickie is de facto #1 contender since Bliss beat everyone else lmaooo but theyve got 3 weeks worth of build up that be used to craft a great story. hopefully raw continues to deliver. i see Alexa and mickie getting a decently good booked feud so alexa can look good for a feud with Asuka.

  • king valor

    Asuka and Mickie vs Alexa and Nia @ Survivor Series.

    • carmellsworth

      no! we want the traditional womens match again!!

      this is how i’d do it:
      Alexa, Asuka, Mickie, Sasha, Bayley vs Natalya, Charlotte, Becky, Carmella, Naomi.

      Book it!!


      ew, no

  • The Earl of Lemongrab

    Off topic but WWE2k18 women’s entances so far, for those who haven’t seen it yet:
    Maryse: no hair flip :(
    Billie Kay
    Alexa: no championship entrance
    Sasha: same as last year

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      Her theme is everything <3

  • conan_kun

    WWE is killing Nia with too much inconsistent booking, when Nia finally getting over with great performance at No Mercy but then she looks like such a geek for aligning with Alexa again

  • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

    I swear to god if they let Mickie win only to be squashed by Auska I’ll riot.

    • NY

      You and me both lol. Asuka and Mickie tore the house down at NXT. I would love to see more matches between them, they would be better than anything we’ve seen as of late.

    • Typical Heel

      I don’t even care if she loses her 1st ppv defense against Asuka as long as they let Mickie win the title against Alexa to get her 7 reign in WWE (tying Trish) i honestly want her to become a 9 time champion before see leaves, its time to leave Trish’s 7 reigns in the past lol, Mickie deserves this

      • Kat Love

        I 100% agree.

    • Mitch Petrone

      It seems like they’re keeping Asuka away from the title scene for a bit like they did with Nia when she first came to Raw. Think they’re setting Emma to be the first person she squashes when she arrives

      • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

        Emma deserves better.

  • Tunasha

    Damn, I’m begging for Mickie to win the title at TLC!

    I don’t know if putting the title on Asuka too soon would be a good idea, so hopefully if Mickie wins it, she can feud with Emma, Nia or even a heel Sasha, while Asuka gains momentum. But if we eventually end up with Alexa vs Asuka, well, just hoping it turns out good.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    I thought Mickie said no more happy bell bottoms?? Throw it away sis. Otherwise congrats Queen ??

  • Kvngbalor

    In the past 2wks Mickie has shown why she is the great Mickie James she’s been on fire she’s beautiful still can go can work a mic and she just has it im gone need mind games Mickie to show a bit like how she played possum tonight

  • Match of Year Maker

    Mickie is such a queen and an ICON, she truly deserves one more fucking title run at least…

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    Mickie, as good as she is, has never been great at carrying lesser skilled opponents to good matches, so I’m not expecting much from this (which has become common when it comes to Alexa matches). And while they desperately need to get the title on someone who wrestlers better than a developmental-level talent, I’m not too keen on Mickie tying Trish’s record either.

    • Jaded

      Then she is really not that great.
      Great wrestlers can carry anyone

      • Gail-Rollins Fan

        I never called Mickie great lol

        The only three women that I’ve seen who can carry 99% of their opponents are Lisa Marie Varon, Gail, and Beth.

        • Maddox

          Remember Gail and Mickie’s first match? lol

        • Aye Mate

          I’d put McCool in that bracket too.

    • Call Up Asuka NOW

      I really wanna know what’s the difference between this site and all the others sites/Social media cuz the majority of social media and others sites love and praise bliss just like in the arena love bliss but on diva dirt minority love bliss and sometimes I believe I’m the only 1

      • Gail-Rollins Fan

        Because sites like wrestlinginc just have a bunch of straight men that hate on actual women’s wrestlers and only care about short girls with nice asses. Was the same way with Aj Lee until she married Punk, then all the neck beards turned on her.

        • Call Up Asuka NOW

          I guess all sites and all social media and all arenas does as well then most love bliss including me

          • Gail-Rollins Fan

            Replying to both comments in one:

            I never said I’d get rid of Bliss or anything. But she’s not performing at a high enough level to be a four time champ, who has non stop been in the title scene for a full calendar year. And before you say it, yes I know that wrestling skills aren’t the only thing that matter. No of course not, however if you’re going to be a full time champ like Alexa had been, then ring skills are pretty damn important. One can argue that “story telling” is the most important part, but guess what? Only half of story telling is through mic/character work. The other half of story telling, is how you tell it in the ring with your wrestling/ring psychology.

            Yes Alexa gets good reactions when she comes out and stuff, but she’s yet to receive a pop that’s as loud as the biggest that Sasha, Charlotte, Bayley, etc have received for their matches. Alexa is very popular, but look at the material she has to work with, versus what Sasha and Bayley get handed. Of course the crowd is going to cheer for her when she gets to come out and point out all of the baby faces flaws, and never really get hers in return. She’s basically Stephanie McMahon in that regard.

          • Call Up Asuka NOW

            Excuses again ok I’m not gonna argue all night with you I get you hate bliss and I like bliss I find her entertaining as does a lot of people so you can keep complaining but majority will keep cheering and keep buying

            Go watch Alexas 1st night on raw I think that’s a big pop

          • GOD STRATUS•

            Ping !

        • Call Up Asuka NOW

          It amazes me that someone like you don’t know how valuable bliss is

      • Maddox

        I also wonder the same thing,I have gone to a live show where casual fans both young and old loved her and cheered her more than every other Woman combined

        • Call Up Asuka NOW

          Just this site hate on her or if she gets hate on other sites it’s from people on this site majority of the time

  • Allyn

    I don’t think Mickie is going to take the win but hopefully the story keeps us invested, So far it’s everything! Lets just hope that they keep this momentum going into TLC I’m so ready for an actual Storyline feud on RAW. I think these two women can do do it!

  • TheRealest #ItsBossTime

    Also was it just me or did Charly look a lot like Ivory during her RTC days lol

  • Not for nothing, but is Diva-Dirt going to report on the fact that Sage Beckett basically spoiled the fact that SHE’S being brought to the main roster as “Sister Abigail??”

  • GEO

    I hope Mickie wins. I will be appalled if they let Alexa beat Mickie clean…

    • Buffyrocks

      Cause they’ve not let her beat Sasha or Bayley clean…

  • I’ll die of joy if Mickie James wins the title, she’s a truly queen to me since her debut one of my faves.

  • conan_kun

    Hope Mickie wins or else what they gonna do next, let Asuka get into title picture and win the title too early or Alexa vs Bayley or Sasha again. Mickie as Raw women champ will give the division a fresh air, she may lose the title to Emma, Nia, Asuka or heel Sasha later.

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    Please. We all want Mickie to win it.


  • ???

    This shit is FINALLY HAPPENING! Glad that Mickie James finally received the push that she deserves, it should happen ever since her return early 2017 .

    She NEEDS to win the title at TLC , and let us have some fresh faces and fresh feuds .. DO NOT let Mickie loses the title until Wrestlemania, Asuka vs Mickie James at WM with Asuka winning the title from her will benefit both women and make them look strong, and Raw women’s division will easily destroy Smackdown’s women’s division !

  • vdcvt

    Mickie is a fantastic underdog ball of energy. I’m actually really enjoying how she’s been used since her main roster return. She should have had something cocky and snarky like her heel run in TNA. Now we’re getting some pretty great throwbacks to the face Mickie that headed the division in her first run. Would absolutely love for to win the title and feud with Asuka.
    Still got 2 weeks left to build it up, and I’m hoping WWE creative don’t drop it. Past 2 showings of Mickie have been oh so great!

  • Maddox

    Alexa is the star of the division, no way in hell is she gonna lose to Mickie for a feel good story

  • If WWE was smart they’ll have her win the title because who else would be better to feud with Asuka other than Mickie
    Lucky #7

  • Rosanna

    Remember when you earned championship’s and when you were a contender it was a serious threat. Yeah… I remember that as well!

    • ?too litty?

      Exactly Mickie did last night…

    • Robann

      Is that not what Mickie did?

  • txistedbliss

    I’m a fan of Alexa but honestly Mickie should win at TLC and feud with Askua. How would Alexa believably fight Asuka when Nia couldn’t beat her and Alexa refuses to fight Nia

    • conan_kun

      Nia couldn’t beat Asuka in NXT, but on Raw, Vince can book any woman beat Asuka, regardless if that woman is credible or not.

  • It seems like Mickie is really capitalizing on this opportunity and squeezing everything she can out of it. I would love for her the best Alexa, and I wouldn’t mind if she beat Asuka too. Mickie really is one of the greatest of all time, and it’s time this generation of fans realized that.

  • John Finnie

    Please don’t screw this up give Mickie the title & let her have a few great Matches with Askua before dropping it…… im not hear for Alexa & Nia trying to belittle & Run away at every chance from Askua….No lets start with competitive matches from the get go

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Mickie to win then Asuka beats her, Alexa down then Asuka vs mickie at next ppv and they have really good match like the takeover one and Asuka wins and wins title then goes on a streak with a returning Nikki Bella beating her in a years time

    • Organization XIII

      Eww. No

    • Robann

      No…..Jesus No. No.

      • Gerg


  • NoWayHoeSay

    Paige to return on smackdown and win the title like she did when she orgianlly debuted

  • MK126

    OT: I must say that watching the entrances for the women in 2K18 that most of them aren’t that bad. They’re pretty up to date with Mella being referred to as the first female MITB winner on commentary and her remixed theme song is in

  • Nathan

    I get they’re all storylines, and so far this has been built better than most raw women’s title fueds, but I really do wonder how Mickie feels. Piggies James and now an old lady. She seems to get some of the more bullyish storylines.

    • MK126

      The one thing I don’t understand about that segment is that Alicia Fox was laughing at Mickie for being “old” but yet Alicia has been there for 11 years it seems and wrestled Mickie during her first run with WWE. Alicia making fun of Mickie being old doesn’t make any sense to me

      • Mickie is still like ten years older than Alicia.

        • Aye Mate

          Alicia is 31 and Mickie is 38.

          • For some reason I thought Alicia was 28, but I guess that wouldn’t really make sense if she has been in WWE for 11 years. Whoops. ?????

        • MK126

          But Mickie is only 5 years older than Nia. The point I was trying to make was that for as old as Mickie is Alicia Fox has X+ years of wrestling experience so shouldn’t she also be considered “old, fragile, mature”

  • Stratusfaction

    You all realise Mickie James isn’t winning the championship ever again, don’t you? She is what is known as enhancement talent now, only there to help build new stars.


    Not a fan of the story. Not at all. It’s good that they are at least trying to develop some kind of story but it’s lame as hell. Why is it that every time Mickie has a feud, it’s about her body, her age and things like that? It’s petty, lame and unoriginal.

    I was a fan of the Piggie James storyline, most importantly of the acting and the story being told by Mickie James as this fantastic role model but here, this doesn’t feel good.

  • aiden24

    I know she wont win but mickie was the first female wrestler to ever be my stand out favourite and I truly hope she gets the title at least once more.