WWE have announced that next week’s Monday Night Raw Survivor Series go-home show will feature a triple threat match between Bayley, Dana Brooke and Mickie James to determine the final spot of Raw’s Women’s Survivor Series team.

As seen on this week’s Raw, Team Captain Alicia Fox recruited Asuka and Sasha Banks to her team already consisting of Nia Jax to take on SmackDown’s Women’s Survivor Series team made up of Team Captain Becky Lynch, Carmella, Charlotte Flair, Naomi and Tamina.

Watch the announcement below:

Who do you think will emerge as the fifth member of the Raw Women’s Survivor Series team?

  • Charlie Flickinger

    I FUCKING SAID THIS ON MONDAY NIGHT! I pick Mickie. Alicia costs Bayley the match, post Survivor Series we start trying to fix Bayley’s MR charcter.

    • Vito

      this tea!

      • Charlie Flickinger

        Lol. I’m not trying to spill anything, but Bayley has been severely mismanaged since coming to the MR. And I do not at all blame her. Everything she’s been given to do she has done much better than average with, but it’s still D-Grade material that she can’t make into A-grade material.

        I originally thought Bayley would be Face until the day she retired, but now I want a heel turn. I want her to be delusional. I want her to act like a face, but she’s mean about it. ‘Everyone loves me because I’m the best! Everyone loves me because I came from nothing and built myself into the best WWE Superstar in the entire history of WWE! They only boo me because they are jealous!’ Stuff like that. Make her egotistical. Make her walk around with her phone and read reviews of old matches or be watching old matches and commenting on how good she is.

        • Looking Glass

          So make her a generic heel then?

    • conan_kun

      At Survivor Series, someone may take out Alicia, Sasha or Asuka, then Bayley fills in, later it reveals Bayley is assailant.

      • Nathan

        OMG yes!!!

      • A?.

        That’s like a copy and paste of what they did last year with Nikki..

        • conan_kun

          WWE writers and creative team has no creative mind anyways.

  • MK126

    Give us a swerve and put in Mickie or even Dana. Pam needs a break for a bit

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    yessss I’m shook! I wanted this match for next week and it’s happening. Give them time! Finally they’re using my girl Dana. I’d like for Dana or Mickie to win leaving Bayley out of the SS tag match. WWE could use this to make Bayley look like more of an underdog.

  • A?.

    I hope Mickie wins, or Dana tbh I wouldn’t mind. Just don’t put Bayley there, and this could be used to make her more frustrated so she can turn heel soon.

  • Danny?

    Mickie James to win no question.

  • #FlairfortheGold

    Anyone but Pam, but preferably Mickie??

  • Diva_Fan

    Mickie better win this please tbh I wouldn’t even mind much if Dana does but PLEASE not Bayley !

    • PeppermintButler

      Ikr? Mickie needs to be included but Dana would be a surprise…

  • Vito

    i hope mickie, or dana. JUST NO BAYLEY

  • Exotic

    I don’t think it’d be Bayley cause if she was going to be the 5th participant, Fox would have announced both her and Sasha together.

    But I am praying Mickie wins anyway. I won’t mind Dana tbh, but Mickie should win.

  • Mark?

    If Bayley or Can’t-Wrestle-Dana wins we riot. Especially if Bayley wins.

  • Kara Stevens

    Hopefully Mickie!

  • Xaos

    Queen Dana Underrated Brooke ftw

  • BLKLTR05

    There’s two outcomes from this match:

    1- Bayley wins meaning the festering of emotions from this week means nothing because ultimately she managed to get herself onto Team Raw anyway


    2- Mickie James wins by pinning Dana adding insult to injury for Bayley. Bayley had the chance to make it onto Team Raw but not only did she not manage to win she wasn’t even part of the final decision as to whether she made it or not. This should drive her up the wall in regards to her character and not being as good as she thought and then the writers can finally start to fix her character or use this as an impetus for Bayley to change her character.

    Either way, i don’t see Dana winning.

    • SashaBanksBoss

      I love Mickie’s attire

  • Winter

    Hope Mickie wins

  • Jo9834

    If the WWE is going with 4HW vs 4HW at Mania Bayley won’t be turning heel anytime soon. If she does, then we’re getting Asuka VS Ronda OR Char VS Ronda at Mania without fail.

    Bayley should be on this team really, I know people are sick of her booking but having her lose consistently will only make things worse, why?, because the writers couldn’t write for her when she was hot property, what makes anyone think they can write her out of a slump? They haven’t done it for ANY female in recent memory.

    My heart would love to see Mickie here, and rightfully it should have been her team not Alicia’s BUT I do appreciate its Alicia’s moment, the 2nd biggest thing she’s done aside from winning the title.

  • Edwin #SlayMeKnockouts

    It doesn’t matter who wins, cause at survivor series, Team raw will win cause they have Asuka. WWE does not have the creativity of shocking us.

  • Jonny

    Dana for me honestly, give her a shot. She was just the manager last year!

  • Jtiera
  • -V

    Mickie should’ve been added already.. and they should leave Bayley job to everyone else, I mean she’s getting good at it and I think they finally found a suitable role for her.

    • Mickie’sNumber1fan

      Right ! Like wwe doesn’t keep making Mickie a priority

    • She was attacked backstage in the brawl so I’m like hello put her on the team like lol she always on the winning survivor series team.

  • Corey Anderson

    Some of these comments about bayley are breaking my heart. I wouldn’t expect that from site with fans who are suppose to build women wrestlers up. It’s not just the fact that bayley was everyone’s favorite not to long ago. It not the fact that even with her shitty booking (which she has no control over btw) she managed to put on great matches. But it’s the fact that not to long ago we begged for divas to be treated better and she helped get us there you guys are shitting on her. She can’t help what the wwe does with her

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      No lie we all are harsh. I can’t recall if I ever went on her but I know I’ve said how much her character needs to be changed. She’s just not clicking for me in this gimmick she has. But I won’t deny her ring ability and star power.

    • MyleneCruz

      Womp womp.. even those of us who are quiet about what’s going on with her feel she’s overused and overrated. I have no ill will towards Bayley and everything you said is true but it sounds a little “All lives Matter”-ish. Yes all lives matter but were focusing on those lives that are actually in need. Take that same energy your putting into defending Bayley and put it into the women who actually need us to speak up for them. Bayley is a diva that has been treated better as you stated but what about the rest? The Womens Revolution quickly turned into a 4 women show.

      Bayley has mad gear in shop meanwhile 10 year veteran Alicia Fox just got her first tshirt. We have the legendary Mickie James back in WWE and she’s being fed to the likes of Alexa Bliss for christ sakes. This is NOT the women’s fault that creative treats the others like garbage. But like I said please put your energy into actually caring about other women and not the one with the silver spoon her mouth. People talk and their always going to talk if you can’t handle precious Bayley being shitted on then maybe this isn’t the site for you Craig!

    • A?.

      I didn’t know we had to had sympathy for every single women. Don’t think we should bring them down, but just because we don’t want someone to win doesn’t mean we’re being harsh. Stop being so sensitive

    • Summer_Slay

      But we dont like her. Therefore we arent fans. They fired Emma and Summer over girls like Bayley, Tamina, Maria, Maryse and Nia. Unacceptable.

      • Marlon Eric

        You comparing Emma and Summer over Bayley, Nia, Maryse and Tamina are laughable. Even Maria, who may not be a full time wrestler, had her use. We’re not talking about joshi wrestlers here. We’re talking about Summer and Emma. Emma, who was given several opportunities and dropped the ball on each one. She didn’t want to do the “gorgeous girl” gimmick Lana is doing, she got hurt several times and with a huge chunk of her career, she was boring in the ring and as a personality. She JUST got interesting a month ago, relax.

        • Summer_Slay

          I wouldnt call you stupid ill just say we disagree but just to confirm that Lana isnt doing no gorgeous girl gimmick. She’s Tamina’s manager. Emma didnt hurt herself on purpose. And i dont believe she was boring neither in the ring nor as a personality. Both Emma & Summer should’ve satyed over all of the above.

        • wwepassion

          Emma and summer got many chances? LOL

  • conan_kun

    Raw women team don’t need 5th woman to begin with. Just four of them or even take out Alicia and make it 3 women is enough as long as Asuka in the team, then Raw women team will win by default with Asuka as survivor.

  • #FlairfortheGold

    TBH after these past couple of months, if there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that Mickie has been waaayyyyy more interesting and fresh than Mickie. Mickie should have automatically been in Team Raw!

  • Nathan

    So if I had my way, I’d have the ending go something like this…
    Mickie hits her ddt on Bayley, Alexas music hits and Mickie gets out the ring and looks up the ramp waiting for Alexa to appear. Dana takes advantage and covers Bayley for the 3. Continues the Mickie vs Alexa feud, Dana gets an opportunity to shine. Bayley can have a pre show match vs lana.

    • OJ Von Erich
      • Nathan

        Gotta give the girl something to do and I’d like to think she could carry her through a match ?

        • Gerg

          It lets Lana get some in ring experience than just randomly be in tag matches with tamina. Also, I did see in the nxt documentary that Bayley was teaching a lot of the new girls during her time as womens champ in nxt

    • Maddox

      Means Mickie misses the PPV

      • Nathan

        Maybe she costs Alexa he match at the ppv? I know it’s all about raw vs SDL but hey ho

  • OJ Von Erich

    Is RAW actually being logical about this?

    I would happily see Mickie on the team, although this is the season of the underrated star, so Dana could snatch that spot…


    If anything this match should serve as purpose to repackage/turn Bayley.

    • Maddox

      Watch this Raw or NXT?

    • IconicTrio

      Underrated suggests one has skill to begin with. Dana’s got potential, but not a lot of skill. She’s judged a little harshly by some but she’s so 6/10 its unreal.

  • Nathan

    If Bayley looses this, it really could be her breaking point, finally snapping and turning heel. I’d love to see that.

    • High key. A heel Bayley would be cool for her.

  • Darryl lee

    I’m torn between bayley and mickie. Those 2 have been portrayed terribly this year. I want to see both of them get their big break at survivor series.

  • MyleneCruz

    I would like to see Dana win but realistically Mickie needs to be in this match. Bayley… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/82e04eb04d111ab6d12e7a4f20fc2d3572fc5d2371942b72c2fd49424b6a3841.gif

  • Match of Year Maker

    Logically Mickie will win because she defended the brand when Smackdown went “Under-Siege” and if Bayley would have been pick up for the team it would have happen last Monday

    • Mickie’sNumber1fan

      That’s the queen

      • Match of Year Maker

        Yas, rooting for Mickie !!

  • Maddox

    Not too long ago, everyone wanted a Sasha Banks vs Bayley Wrestlemania match. How things change

    • ???

      Soon , you’ll hear them say Asuka is sucks ! Or Asuka is overrated but wait ! They already turned on her LOL .

      But like I said , it’s not like the people turning without a reason . It’s all WWE’s fault with their awful booking that makes you hate the superstars.

      • Summer_Slay

        Let me say it now. Fire the trash. Cant cut a promo, acts like an idiot, basic in the ring, ugly, she will bury the division she is in.

        • ???

          BASIC IN THE RING ??? Girl , I’m not sure if you’re serious or joking ..

          Promos is something important in the WWE , but Asuka proved that she already can hang in this company by her charisma and stares alone .. maybe she can’t cut a promo like Trish Stratus but she still can deliver storytelling and can get the crowd behind her !

          • Summer_Slay


          • ???

            Can you tell me what her flows exactly in the ring ? Or what makes her basic as you said ?

          • Summer_Slay

            Typed it above earlier someone else asked.

          • IconicTrio

            Which is why Asuka was and still is regarded as a legend in the making whilst your fave was seen as a Diva by and large by the wider wrestling community?

          • Summer_Slay

            I dont see her as a legend i bet other people would agree with me. Its just her booking they couldve given anyone else just ot make them look strong. Paige had a streak Summer ened it, Nia had a steak Asuka ended it, same for Ember.

          • IconicTrio

            She had cult legendary status before she stepped in a WWE ring.

          • Summer_Slay

            never knew she existed prior to WWE

          • IconicTrio

            Not our problem. Quality wrestling existed on the indies long before WWE decided it was cool and so did Kana/Asuka

          • Summer_Slay

            as you said it not my problem she is trash to me i said what i said and thats that

        • Cilla

          Explain how she is basic in the ring. People like to throw out criticisms without ever expanding on their points, hoping they won’t be challenged.

          • Summer_Slay

            Most of her offence is punches/strikes/kicks . The only signature she’s been using is the german suplex. She either finishes a match with a roundhouse or her chicken wing hold. I havent been impressed with her work at all.

          • Cilla

            So your gripe is to do with her moveset? Do you not think that it is a symptom of the booking of her matches and the lacklustre squash matches that she has had on the main roster which tends to plague most good wrestlers. I’d say “basic in the ring” is quite the overstatement, but each to their own.

          • Summer_Slay

            I mean if the divas couldve done 4-5 signatures in a 3 min match. Im just saying shouldnt this “legend of a wrestler” be able of doing the same.

        • IconicTrio

          Right now I agree with you on a lot of that but if you can sit there and tear Bayley’s in ring performances down whilst being Summer’s No.1 fan then I really can’t take you seriously at all sweetheart.

          • Summer_Slay

            Bayley’s garbage in the ring.

          • IconicTrio

            Only twice during her main roster stay did Summer have a good match. Once with Sasha and the other with Kaitlyn, her matches with Emma were fine. The rest of the time it was piss break worthy.

            Outside of NXT Bayley’s been less impressive but has put on many a stellar matches. Sorry, that’s just fact.

            EDIT – I just realised you were talking about Asuka… wow, just wow :D

          • Summer_Slay

            Summer vs Emma main event, Summer/Cameron vs Emma/Naomi main event, Summer vs Paige RAW, Summer vs Brie main event, Summer vs Sasha main event, Summer vs Alicia main event all good matches.

          • IconicTrio

            No the tag match was fun, I already mentioned her match with Sasha was good and her matches with Emma went smoothly. Her matches with the Bellas were terrible and the matches with Foxy were always riddled with botches sadly.

    • A?.

      Who’s everyone? Because I never wanted that.

      • Maddox

        Really? Before WM 33, people where here were hoping for a Sasha heel turn to start their Mania feud

        • A?.

          I wasn’t.

      • #FlairfortheGold

        Saaaaaammmmeeee. Especially because that would’ve meant Bayley cutting a lot of Promos?

    • Summer_Slay

      Ive never wanted that. I was perfectly happy with the total divas vs bad & blonde (besides Lana becaushe she flopped and didnt do anything).

    • IconicTrio

      I still do. But as a major feud, nothing to do with the title picture preferably.

      • Maddox

        They got a lot to do to make people care about the feud

        • IconicTrio

          Outside of DD readers I doubt it. Sasha, the Bellas and Becky are probably the girls who have the highest amount of support. Anything they do, people will care regardless of whether its hatred or adoration. Bayley’s still got an incredible amount of support given how much of a bitch WWE have made out of her.

          • Maddox

            Alexa Bliss too. Bayley is only supported in places like U.K. While other places don’t really care about her anymore. Even if she isn’t in the survivor series team, no one will care

  • Mickie’sNumber1fan


  • Mickie’sNumber1fan

    This just got me excited after not seeing my idol on raw last Monday I can’t wait to see this

  • Mickie’sNumber1fan

    Mickie needs as much exposure as she can get. Especially after she said she’s not gonna be taking a backseat anymore. Bayley should’ve been selected last week and she didn’t. I don’t wanna see another BFF little moment cuz it’s getting boring. Leave Bayley out of this. Mickie wins and continue feud with Alexa

    • Michael Max

      Also it could plant more seeds for a Sasha/Bayley feud while also giving more potential for an Alicia Fox feud.

  • nightofme

    Here for SD girls invading the match (with Mickie winning) after and Dana running again lmaoooo

    • Mickie’sNumber1fan

      I doubt That’s gonna happen but yes for queen Mickie winning

    • Michael Max

      Yaasssssssssssss at Dana running up the ramp like Usion Bolt.

  • ???

    Mickie James really needs this more than anyone else, Dana isn’t that popular and will not offer that much and Bayley already competed last year and won for her team so she doesn’t need the spot !

    Some people say that just because certain someone said they don’t want Bayley it means they are trashing her , I think she’s great and the only problem is her booking and I don’t think anyone trashing her because she’s sucks or they dislike her it’s definitely WWE’s fault ! But anyways I think she should leave the spot for Mickie this time .

    • Mickie’sNumber1fan


      • ???

        She has been mistreated when she lost to Bliss to that awful finisher , if they will not make her win the triple threat she shouldn’t be in it in the first place because she already broken ENOUGH .

        • Gerg

          Right? Its so sad to see how hype/excited everyone was for Bayley when she went up to the main roster and WWE ruined her.

          Her Battleground debut pop still makes genuinely happy for her to her achieve her dream

          • ???

            I actually was referring to Mickie lol , but yeah also Bayley was mistreated .. it’s crazy that the majority of the WWE universe were totally behind her when she was in NXT but as soon as she got to Raw she suffered alot from the stupid creative team and people now do hate her and it’s like they don’t want her for one second in the ring. Heck , I’m not even a fan of her but seeing her in this situation is so sad :(

          • Gerg

            Oh now I see now lol. Yeah Mickie suffered a lot. I mean she’s a 6x champion…she still has to compete for a spot wtf? Her and Melina were sole survivors of their teams in 2010 but diva era = bad (sarcasm). I just want Mickie to win the title and have a passing torch moment.

  • DayOneISH!

    Mickie or Bayley to win for me.

  • Randall

    They should have never put Asuka on the team and it should have just been been Mickie and Bayley added. The pre-show could have been Asuka vs Dana Brooke just to get them on the show. :)

    • conan_kun

      Yup, it looks very predictable that Asuka could be sole survivor or one of the survivors, unless they let her take Count Out elimination like Rusev and Braun did when they’re remained unpinned and unsubmitted.

      • ssilva872

        Pretty sure they will do this if SD is winning.

      • Maybe a double countout. Maybe Becky and Asuka slugging it out on the outside of the ring and not noticing the count…but if they do that for Asuka. How will the eliminate Nia…with that team. Naomi, Becky, and Charlotte have viable finishers to beat Nia

  • Imo the teams should’ve been decided & we could’ve got interbranded singles and tag matches with the raw vs smackdown girls like back in 2007, but let’s go Mickie. Let’s go Dana, show out. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fc1890ee54b586aeb64524fcc8a82a5e0306feacdcdd47f1d181a7139b5421fc.gif

  • Michael Max

    I’d like Mickie James, because honestly Bayley not being on the team is gonna do more good for her long term. Builds her back up as the underdog she should have always been, last year she was one of the sole survivors of her team, which ruins what made her lovable in NXT. She needs to be pushed down a lot, she needs to fail a lot, because when she triumphs it makes for such a heart warming story. Like the Daniel Bryan of the women’s division.

  • GEO

    Hope this isn’t just another throwaway match. I really wanna see the three of them show out.

  • Typical Heel

    Mickie James for the win!

  • As much as I like and prefer Mickie, it’ll be pretty damn hard to recover from losing to the Women’s Special Slap. Pamela is probably going to win since she’s a HW; and three of the four are already in the match (unless of course Charlotte wins the title next week; in that case I’d go with Mickie). Clearly Dana is in the match to eat the pin for whoever wins.

  • DayOneISH!

    To be honest whoever wins this match is gonna be non factor when it comes to the actual survivor series match anyway especially when you have Nia Jax and Asuka on the same team so I don’t really care who wins this match.

    Sasha,Alicia Fox and Whoever wins this match is just another girl who’s getting eliminated Nia Jax And Asuka are probably gonna be getting all the eliminations on the Smackdown Side.But that’s just my opinion.

  • Mickie’sNumber1fan

    I have a strong gut feeling that Bayley’s lame ass self is gonna win smh

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    TBH I hope to God Mickie wins and maybe this sets bayley up for an unexpected heel turn on her bff Sasha. Everyone thought it would be the other way around but I think I would actually prefer bayley heel because God knows she needs a change.

    • Gerg

      you think she’ll be like sami in her heel her or just be silent and mean?

      • Angelica Marie MoNae

        Shid I don’t care anything is better than the underdog that almost always wins.

  • WOW-

    I really hope Mickie gets this win, or Dana.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Noo I want Stephanie to join the team it makes sense

  • GlowTime

    #TeamDana ?

  • I’m so beyond over Bayley. I gained a lot of respect for her in NXT after seeing her perform so well against Nia, Asuka, Sasha, and basically everyone else that she fought. She does nothing for me on the main roster. Perhaps it isn’t entirely her fault, but it is what it is.
    Mickie is the best choice here. Who doesn’t wanna see her interact with Team Smackdown?

  • Buffyrocks

    I actually think the best thing for Bayley would be to NOT be in this match. Keep sowing those seeds of Sasha vs Bayley. Face it, y’all, Bayley is still a huge draw for the younger audience (specifically young women), so it just is not that likely that she will turn full on heel (which is a shame, because character wise I bet she could do it really well), though her gaining some aggression in her face character would be lovely.

    We all know that if Bayley is on the team she will just eat a pin. Best case would be she would not be eliminated, but she would not win the match. That is pretty much looking to be Asuka who wins for Raw. Bayley has nothing to gain from being on the SS team, and only more to lose.

    After SS, rebuild her character!

  • AngelBlissRae

    Dana or Mickie would be awesome. Last year Dana wasn’t a part of the SS brand vs brand so it would be nice to see her in the match. Mickie because she’s a legend and there’s nothing else to say.

  • Mickie must be on the RAW team, she’s a legend.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    The fact that some people would take Dana Brooke over Bayley… Always questionable tastes on here…

    Plus, I have a question to those who say making Bayley loose all the time won’t hurt her character, do you really believe that? Oh and why would Mickie (and Dana) be a MUCH better choice too? Trying to be the less bias possible of course…


    Mickie’s being fed to Asuka on the house shows, so I can’t see her making the team. I’m hoping otherwise, obviously, because Bayley needs some serious time away to redevelop her brand.

  • Raekon

    They will either let Bayley pin Dana and get the fifth spot while Mickie is out of the ring or got hit hard by Dana before OR if they want someone to take a pin fast for Team raw along Alicia so the SD Team won’t look totally overwhelmed, they will probably get Dana a “upset win” in the triple threat and get her eliminated first in SS so things won’t be too one sided.
    Either way it totally sucks that everything is THAT predictable with the picks cause we all know that Nia and Asuka will “clean house” while Becky and Charlotte might get a Elimination by taking out Sasha, Alicia and whoever makes it as the 5th member for team raw.

  • Damn!

    It needs to be Mickie or Dana no hate to Bayley but she regressed these past few months and she needs some time off tv in order to redevelop and improve herself character wise

  • Raekon

    OK! Here is how I would had booked this:
    – Triple threat is going on, at the end Mickie goes for the mick kick, Bayley avoids it, dropkicking mickie to the outside, dana takes Advantage of Bayley being on the floor trying to kip up and uses a pinning combination which Bayley can’t free herself from in time, making Dana pick up the win.
    – Dana is totally happy, celebrating her win, Bayley is mad and dissappointed.
    She goes to dana doing as if she want’s to congratulate her and gives her a belly to bayley.
    Dana is floored and confused about the attack, Bayley keeps attacking her while “screaming this was my spot, how dare you!” with hard shots on her head.
    – Mickie enters the ring and makes the save, Bayley goes at her, Mickie fights her back, sending her outside the ring, Bayley totally furious tries to enter the ring again, Mickie drops her out with a Baseball slide.
    – Bayley is crying and screaming totally furious goes up the ramp and leaves
    – Mickie looks for Dana that is still dazed but already recovering again and helps her get out of the ring.
    – Alicia is up the ramp watching how they are slowly moving up, she looks at Dana, congratulates her on her win by saying “I didn’t thought the weakest link in the Division would win that, look at you! You can’t even defend yourself against the hugger”, “I really hope you can bring it during the match cause I don’t want you to embarrase our team”, “you embarrase us and there will be consequenses”, then she laughs madly and goes back again while Mickie and Dana upset are going to the back aswell.
    I think that this way Bayley could finally turn to a heel, while Dana could get more popular by getting a small push for the SS by having her eliminate Carmella and maybe even Naomi(After Naomi eliminates Alicia or Sasha) to show that she is a valueable contender for her Team before she get’s eliminated by Becky, Charlotte or Tamina.

    Mickie on the other side can be planted as a guest in the Alexa vs Natalia match to further their feud.

    Bayley could be visited by Sasha backstage because Sasha want’s to look for her, ending to arguing with each other and a small fight that could start the feud between them.

    • Gerg

      this is an interesting storyline… it adds depth to bayley’s character bc it shows frustration for a lovable character… i mean she’s suppose to be relatable in some way. But this is WWE creative team, I dont think they’ll put much thought in how they’ll turn bayley heel. I hope she doesnt get a melina 2011 heel turn *shudders*

      • Raekon

        Thank you! I hope they won’t go the Melina way either. :(

        • Gerg

          Lol I still remember the awkward promo she did with maryse and alicia. I mean she hugging the very two women she feud with on raw for HER title but once she turned heel they like “nah let’s be friends”

  • Summer_Slay

    IDK why it couldnt have been a 6 on 6 match. We’ve had 7 on 7 in the past. Total divas vs true divas. So why we couldnt have Lana and Mickie & Dana joining exactly? Like that time when we only got 4 on 4 and Paige’s team lost 4-0. They couldve added Rosa and Eva but we cant have nice things you know, its wwe. I hope Dana wins she needs this more than Mickie who as far as i know is still beefing with Alexa. But id Dana/Mickie over Pamela every day.

    • Diva_Fan

      Cause Survivor Series and the traditional Survivor Series match is normally 5 on 5.

      • Summer_Slay

        ok, cool do the 4 on 4 and 7 on 7 took place on bad blood or something …

  • Mick

    If RAW is working on a long term feud for Bayley where she’s this underdog beating the odds, then she must win this match. She already lost her match with Nia, and wasn’t picked this time around because Sasha won the match (not Bayley), also the “huggable” one lost the match to be captain and took the pin.

    She’s basically being putting the work but being defeated and overlooked. That’s a story. The problem is that I don’t see the commentary table helping the girls tell that story. This makes everything look so random. So the underdog overcoming the odds is one thing or Bayley can grow fustrations, and finally turn heel. This will change her character forever, start fresh and erase all the previous errors. I really don’t know if she’s going to ever be good as a heel, this was never explored before and we know the mic is not her strongest feature.

    If Mickie James makes the cut, I will personally be happy for it but there is no direction for her, Sasha & even Nia Jax. We know Alexa will collide with Asuka and if this is to happen, she has to win at SS despite everyone predicting SD will take it. Alexa is poised to have a match with Asuka and I’m almost sure she’s not to pass that test.

    If Charlotte wins the SDL championship, then win the SS match. It will only increase the fact that Asuka needs to face Charlotte and The Queen can and should defeat The Empress. Why her? Who has been the most dominant women in WWE in the past two years? Charlotte. Alexa is close for sure (specially because she doesn’t loose belts as quick) but Asuka & Charlotte could give us a showstopper match.

  • Women’s Revolution
    • Women’s Revolution

      Bayley is definitely winning this one! The story wrote is written.
      “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.”

      Bayley had opportunity after opportunity to qualify for the Women’s Traditional Elimination Match and lost to Nia Jax, was overlooked in the second match for her BFF Sasha Banks. Now is her TIME!

      Bayley is the ultimate underdog, though I feel she should have surpassed this stage during her feud with Charlotte.

      Nothing against Mickie James (whom should’ve been in the match) and Dana Brooke, but this final spot belongs to Bayley.

  • PYM #TakeOverSmackdown

    I’d be okay with either woman winning

  • IconicTrio

    Dana is just there to make up numbers.

    If the writers were smart they would have Mickie go over, make her look strong at SS, win the title from Bliss for a few months to have her lose to Asuka. That way Mickie gets a much deserved reign with the belt. Lexi is protected seeing as they seem desperate to do so. Bayley’s redemption story can begin from losing this match too. (or preferably a story between her and Sasha, with Sasha abandoning Bayley as “baggage”)

  • Almarpar

    Mickie to win… Bayley gets jealous and takes out Sasha or someone else…. i just want a good bloody storyline or SOMETHING. Its been rather bland on both brands recently.

  • C Mack

    Anyone but Sasha’s lackey

  • Izzy4lw

    I am hoping Mickie wins to go over as the final member of team RAW. After Monday, you can see the frustration building with Bayley, and I am hoping and praying that they’re going to turn her heel sooner rather than later which could do wonders for her character and is something we haven’t seen yet. This could keep Mickie strong and relevant, as well as lead to a heel turn with Bayley to give Bayley/Sasha something to do away from the title to get the crowd back invested in them. A Mickie win is the logical choice here.

    • Gerg

      I agree. Poor dana not even in the conversation so she probably the fall girl

  • mickie should get the last spot on team raw