Someone will be doing the rounds early next year. Recently released WWE Superstar Tenille Dashwood, better known for her stint there as Emma, has been announced for appearances with two different promotions in February 2018.

The first is with WrestlePro on their February 3rd, 2018 show at the Rahway Rec Center.

The second is for Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) as someone who attended their recent Hell on Earth show mentioned this.

These will be some of Tenille’s first appearances outside of WWE after being released by the company. Be sure to see these event added to our Events section when more information gets released about it.

EDIT: WrestlePro has since made the announcement that Tenille’s first match would be against former Impact Knockout and former 6-time Knockout Champion, Angelina Love at their company’s February 3rd show in Rahway, New Jersey. Emma will be using her old ring/real name ‘Tenille’, which she used before signing with WWE in 2011.

They announced that the two would make history as the first ever females to main event a WrestlePro event!

What do you all think about this? Are you happy to see Tenille/Emma appearing in places after being released? Where else would you like to see her head off to? As always, let us know in the comments!

  • Ugh.. y’all seriously think reporting this over the show results is important. Also bring back “Today in history” articles on the front page. I remember when they used to draw 30-50 comments per post, now they can barely get 5.

    • RadicallyRadic

      While I agree with you on them posting show results, them putting the Today in History on the home page is not a good idea. Today in History is not news, it’s just a copy and paste of something that happened in the past. Something that isn’t news.

      Adding to that, it’s more about views to them over actual comments. I’m not sure how many views the TiH posts did, maybe not enough?

      • I don’t know why you are always replying to these posts, I would much rather want someone from the website give an answer, unless you are one of them.

        Anywho, “clogging up” the front page was never the issue. Diva Dirt has reported news, reduxes and history posts for 9 straight years and all have gotten great amounts of responses, just how the website itself did. It’s how it became successful and lasted this long.

        No one wants to come to an article through other sources, or by scrolling far down to find it. Some people don’t even have social media, and visiting this website directly is their only way of getting the news and articles, so what is the point if they can’t even see them on the front page? Why even publish them?

        Either scrap it, or get a better layout, which could cover it all, just how it did in the past with no issues. Hell, even now before DD decided to drop the content.

        Like I said, the sole proof that those kinds of articles drew 30 comments, while now they can barely get any, says a lot. Or just look at this article. Basically pointless and the engagement is non-existent, even though it’s still on the front page and there are no other articles that can overshadow it.

        I just want DD staff to know they shouldn’t fix what’s not broken. I don’t care about discussion posts, but results after every show should be a must. After all, that’s the point of talking about wrestling, right?

        • RadicallyRadic

          Dude I wouldn’t want to work on this shit show, though I do feel really bad for the people who have to put up with these changes. I’m sure they want to talk but cant for… reasons? Maybe current management is shitty, I can see that in all honesty.

          The only reason I reply about these is cause people are just so damn negative about it. I understand why they are, but it’s just unfair. I do remember when this site was so much better myself. I STILL want them to do well, which is why I respond to more people than not about the matter.

          But I dunno, maybe I should join the constant negativity to drive people away from the site as well. Management seem to be doing a big enough job of that as it is, maybe we should all help kill this site together.

          But even still, I do agree that things have gotten very bad here, and removing things that made the site active isn’t helping. I just want them to do well and not see this place gone in the next few weeks/months. But it very much looks like it would be the case at this point.

          • Well, if the majority is complaining then the common issue should be acknowledged. If it’s not broken why fix it? I understand their view as well, but this is not what the original owners wanted this website to be, and not how it became popular.

            If we don’t speak our minds, they won’t notice it or take action. And even after all this they stick with it, we’ll know where we stand.

            But them completely taking 180 turn with the site while thinking everyone wouldn’t notice/be okay with it, is wrong. We’re just asking for something basic – report what happens on a WRESTLING show. Simple. I don’t care about discussion posts, but this is something basic that every wrestling website does, and what DD did all these 9 years.

          • Chargod Flair #5x

            Y’all writing BOOKS

          • RadicallyRadic

            I’m a future author in the making hun.


      I agree about the main idea but I don’t think we should have this “nobody cares about this” mindset when it comes to news about women’s wrestling in general. I think they definitely should post news like this and for something that wants to be seen as “Women’s wrestling’s bible”, not only should they post them but there should be more of them because they are still very late when it comes to news and don’t even post about most of them.

      • I don’t think they should stop, but just saying result posts would be more important than some random news, if they had to choose. They just need to do it like they did before.

  • RadicallyRadic

    Oh hey, recent news. Thats something I guess?

    I’m sure Tenille will be popping more over 2018. As for where she could go next, the Women of Honor need that star player to make them give a damn about their division. Maybe she could do that for them?

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I’m not gonna lie as an avid DD user I am not pleased with how the site has been ran lately. Taking away weekly posts that is fans check for and the reporting of the news has gotten lazy. I’ve seen a writer for the site say they have no time and trying to reach a more casual audience rather. Both those reasons there tells me this site needs a purge. As a writer if you don’t have the time to cater to the site you should just simply quit. That’s like saying you don’t have time go to work. Idk if DD actually pays their writers or this is more of a hobby thing, either way commitment is needed both ways. Now as far as the audience… the casual readers don’t make the site. If it’s not for the core fans you wouldn’t have none. Most of us who comment on the daily basis was those casual fans who brought this site to life. You can say it’s not a forum site but where else would we go to talk about women’s wrestling and not have to deal with the sexist and ignorant comments made by the idiot fans who don’t respect the craft like we do? All I’m saying is this site seriously needs to do a complete turn around. This is coming from a fan since 2008 so please know that I’m not just commenting to be commenting.

    • Exactly. And look at how “successful” this new format turned out to be. No one even comments on the matter of this article, while people would DEFINITELY have A LOT to say about the matches and debuts that happened this week. But for some reason, reporting wrestling results.. based on a wrestling show, is “useless” and news like these have more value. Please…

      • Typical Heel

        They’re so backwards it looks like they don’t even want fans and like they WANT this website you close down smh

    • ???

      Yes , the ignorant and sexist people on other websites are disgusting and I never saw any website that does respect the women’s wrestling so much as much as DD .. you don’t see this much of respect in ANY other website , if you didn’t see idiot sexist people then you’ll see website that completely DEAD with no comments .

      And there are people who may not disrespect women’s wrestling but they have no comments other than “she’s sexy” or “I want to fuck (insert women wrestler name) ” Which is annoying and I can’t communicate with those kind of people at all ugh ..

    • RadicallyRadic

      Indeed. I only logged on to make an account to try and make people give them a chance to see if these changes are worth it. But even a week into these changes, I can see just how bad things will go from hear on out. I can’t defend them at this point. I WANT to do, but I CAN’T.

      Take this article for example. An article on Emma making her first post-WWE appearances has instantly turned into a discussion about the lack of discussions and content this place now has.

      What if they were to heaven forbid get more of those ‘Get To Know’ articles or other exclusive. Those will also be overrun with comments of how bad management of this place is.

      Even worse, I see them turning off comments if this keeps up, and then this place will REALLY be affected.

    • Doni Potter

      This!!! All of the last staff except erin left because they couldnt commit. Why are we giving these lazy fucks a pass? And i had a writer tell me this was a blog and not a news site? Bitch nah, fuck outta here with that shit. Get new writers or shut down, yall on that TNA level of bullshit

      • RadicallyRadic

        If it was the same writer who commented awhile back, he said this was a news site. But granted, judging by what he was brought on here to do, he got brought on to do Women of Honor Reduxes, and even he made those Get To Know articles with other womens talent, and I liked those! Now, I dont even see those.

        So without those, he was probably told to say what he said. I feel bad for people like him in all honesty, I’m sure they aren’t happy with these changes either but are too scared to say anything in case management get rid of them as well.

        • Doni Potter

          Nah it was a chick who was aggy cuz everyone was goin in on her for her biased ass nxt reviews. She was like “i think we know the difference between a blog site for opinions vs a news outlet.” Like boo boo, did you forget diva-dirt has won awards for excellence in JOURNALISM?!?! Thats what happens when you let people who just post comments become writers.

          • RadicallyRadic

            Christ… this place really has gone down hill if they let people like that write for a news website.

          • Doni Potter

            Exactly my point! The old staff like Erin, Crissy, Melanie, etc were late on articles and stuff but at least they were of substance!! Now its a bitch fest of this is awful, i hate this show, blah blah blah. Like if its so bad stop watching and let us fans who see the good in the bad talk freely and openly

          • Angelica Marie MoNae

            Right! We get 2.5 minute clips of matches in reduxes because no one is capable of spending a few minutes searching for the whole match anymore. And a whole paragraph to describe a match with no details about the match other than “a good back and forth”. Like wtf?????

          • RadicallyRadic

            In all fairness I think they would get in trouble for using ‘unofficial’ links to full matches of anything, thats why they stopped that. Maybe they did get in trouble for doing that for so long and why they only use the official clips from main promotions social media.

            And when they did that along with a written top-to-bottom biography of every little thing that happened in the matches. Having both together is a bit much.

            But yeah even when they did stop using full matches, they could have still said key moments that happened instead of ‘It was a hard fought battle. *Name* beat her down for most of it, but *Other name* got back up and gave it to her!*

            Like, that’s every wrestling match EVER.

          • Angelica Marie MoNae

            Diva-dirt wont get in trouble for posting the link of a video. Wwe would go straight to the source, such as dailymotion for example, and request they remove it on copyright grounds. But still like you said even if that were the case or if its just not wanting to put in the effort to find a video they could at least go back to giving true match reduxes. I didnt think they were over kill at all even with the whole match because sometimes i couldnt watch the video thanks to my internet or because i came to late and the videos were removed but i still felt like i was able to watch the match even when i couldnt.

          • John Finnie

            I know one guy who always made great points, kept things calm& fantastic comebacks…….he was one of us
            Now he writes for impact & its like hes lost all that energy!!! The reviews on Not Raw or SD take ages to appear we hardly get an NXT review, We don’t get Explosion recaps………….
            But we all come back eventually as its one of the few womens wrestling sites.
            I think alot of the writers are in employment & or students. It must be hard to fit it all in esp if they live here in the UK as Raw&SD start at 1 or 2am

            But it annoys the life out of me when i see big reports else where & im waitng a week for.DD to get it so,s i can read the replies & add my 2p worth

      • Angela

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    • Justin Daniel

      Totally agree…we did not have nxt takeover review, survivor series review, nor raw smackdown…understand it’s the holidays but let’s get with it

    • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

      Also to add on to this, I’m busy and I don’t have time to tune into WWE weekly. I go on Diva Dirt to catch up on what I missed out. The fact that DD got rid of the Reduxes is very disappointing.

    • MyleneCruz

      Yasss tell them! I been here since 2011 and the writers are extremely lazy. I shouldn’t have to go over the female hating to find out news about the women. I see stuff on other sites like freaking twitter before DD. This was the one place that had all the tea before any other site and now nothing. Have to wait all of three days before you see it on this site.

      • Chargod Flair #5x

        They hate on EVERYTHING at winc. It’s all trolls.

        • MyleneCruz

          OMG! I swear its nothing but a bunch of DL men over there hating on women to an extent that makes you question a lot.

          • Chargod Flair #5x

            Not even just women tho

          • MyleneCruz

            I know but I feel it’s especially bad when it comes to the women .

    • Chargod Flair #5x

      Preach girl preach!

    • Hoooshi

      Tbh what I always liked about DD were the reduxes and the opinion pieces. DD was never the fastest site to get news, but having opinion articles where we can debate is what makes this site good. I would like even more if other promotions had more coverage, but to do it in detriment of what makes the site different is not smart in my opinion.

    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      basically they are saying fuck us long time fans because they don’t have time for us anymore. The only reason anyone came here was for the discussion post during the live shows and the reduxes but those are basically gone. Why would we come here for news they post days later than other sites?

    • Kyle

      It sucks it’s not like it was in 2009 with new interviews posted all the time, the round table, exclusive updates, ect. I’ve been following forever as well and have seen the changes over the years. I understand your feeling about this completely. Like it is for most fan site owners, I’m sure it started out as a passion project for the team so I can understand why Erin wouldn’t just close the site. Melanie said before that DD didn’t support her income wise. It takes a lot of time to update and write the articles, ect. but it definitely could be managed better. However, if the site doesn’t make enough income to pay writers, that give a shit, then it would be coming out of someones pocket for the website to stay alive. It could be better but we should be happy its here in the first place. I would really be heart broken if this website closed.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Can y’all bring back the discussion posts on the front page? Just update the post and add the results mid show if you think the site will be clogged. ?

  • RadicallyRadic

    You know what, screw it. Maybe as well join the bandwagon at this point.

    Everyone should just start commenting on all of their articles like this until either the site shuts down or we actually get proper, and better change.

    I only argued against people who didn’t like these changes because I WANT this site to do well. But the more, or more appropriately, LESS I see of this site, the more apparent it is that the people running things don’t want this place to do better anymore.

    Or if you are worried about the front page looking clogged up, CHANGE THE LAYOUT! Have news articles at the top, and make like, a discussion session towards the middle/bottom. Make a tab for it, I dunno. Just do something!

    • #FlairfortheGold

      Welcome Aboard????

  • Sick of diva dirt don’t posting everyday like they used to months even years ago. Such a shame.
    Anyway, I’m glad emma “The diva” finally is booking dates.

  • Diva_Fan

    This is ridiculous where has the Reduxes and the discussion posts gone bring them back !!!

  • txistedbliss

    Have to agree with everyone else, the comments not being about the subject matter says a lot. We shouldn’t have to randomly make discussion posts on articles ourselves, not to mention keep EACH OTHER up to date on the results of a show

  • Cilla

    I feel this is going to happen on all Diva-Dirt article comment sections. Can’t say I blame you lot. Who knows, maybe they may bring back the reaction pages, reduxes, and result pages when their traffic starts dwindling down.

  • Cilla


    • RadicallyRadic

      #GiveNewManagementAChance #GiveEarlyRetirementAChance

  • RadicallyRadic
    • Kyle

      thats mean.

      • RadicallyRadic

        Doesn’t make it any less true.

  • StraightUpBitch

    Y’all, not sure if you’ve checked out DD’s twitter, but they’re looking for writers. And like the divas revolution, and give divas a chance, you all did it again. Some of you apply, because your comments are so funny, but genuinely relatable (unless you a hardcore Alexa fan, I love her but girl still needs to work on her in ring skills). I would, but I haven’t been commenting for long (although a fan since 2011, so the dark diva days) and I can’t afford the network. Let’s get to work ladies!!! #GetInformation

    • #FlairfortheGold

      What do you have against Alexa fans? Lol

      • StraightUpBitch

        I don’t have anything against y’all or Alexa. I just dint like the ones who can’t accept when she has an off performance in the ring (like I can’t with any other kind of fan), and it has happened a lot this year. That said, her chemistry with Sasha has been good even if their SS and Raw main event didn’t match up to Great Balls of Fire, her match at TLC with Mickie slayed me, her match with Pamela where she won the Raw Women’s Title was dope and her matches with Naomi have been good.

    • RadicallyRadic

      I think they need more professional people who are interested in writing for the site thought.

      As cool as it would be to have someone who is loyal to this site, if they start bringing in writers with no real experience writing and are simply ‘commenters’, you can imagine the backlash it would have on the (shait) owner of this place. Like you can’t have staff of the site arguing with commenters for example, that would look bad on anyone in any field of work.

      I’d also apply, but I have a life. As in, like actual work elsewhere. Not that they would be paying people I’m sure.

      • StraightUpBitch

        I don’t know. I think we could be surprised. Like I’m definitely someone who loves to write, and I’d love to do it for this site, but like you, I am a busy person and it’d be hard to find the time. But I think having fans contribute could be a really great move

        • RadicallyRadic

          Fans would be great since they would know what they are getting involved it. But like I said, it’s the difference between someone professional and someone who isn’t.

          But so long as they get new writers, I’m down for anything at this point.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Being a Diva-Dirt OG, I can understand peoples frustration with the current shape of the site & the lack of ‘Results’, ‘Discussion’ & ‘Redux’ pages.

    Diva-Dirt has always been a social place for the fans of women’s wrestling to come & share their thoughts, hopes, opinions & even engage in gif & stan wars (Lord knows we had those) & it’d be a shame to see it decline & lose those features.

    I also feel bad for the team behind the site, they take the time to update & provide a service to us all out of their own free time & it’s a little selfish of some users to demand from & criticise them, since we should be grateful for what we receive, I mean unless some of you want to create & uphold a site of your own & to it your way.

    Although with that being said, it looks like the site is hoping to head back into what we know & love with it’s recent plea for staff, so hey, if you think you’re up to the task, go head & apply…

  • Just saw on twitter that they are now looking for new writers! I can’t upload the screenshot for some reason, so check the Diva Dirt twitter page??

  • Kyle

    Can we start a #PrayForEmma hashtag? Lol


    i miss malcolm where can i follow him? was that his name?