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Former Impact Wrestling couple split up

Add another wrestling couple to the list of those that didn’t work out. If looking at the social media of former Impact Wrestling Knockout Angelina Love is to by, her and then-husband Davey Richards, have separated.

Looking at Love’s social media accounts, it mentions how she is a ‘single mama’. She also officially confirmed it on Twitter on November 25th 2017, claiming they ‘have been for awhile.’

The couple of married back in June 2015 and welcomed their first child, David, in March 2016.

The two were a heavy feature for a majority of 2017 when the two feuded with Eddie Edwards and his real-life wife, Alisha Edwards. The two couple even competed in a Full Metal Mayhem match at Slammiversary with the former couple losing in their last TV appearance together.

We at Diva-Dirt wishes Angelina Love and David Richards all the best and hope they remain positive in these difficult times.

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