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Both Women’s Divisions on Raw and SmackDown have truly been shaken up. While we are all excited to see Paige back, we are even more intrigued by the five new women on the main roster. These of course being Liv Morgan, Mandy Rose, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan and Sonya Deville.

This week, we’re asking this: Which of these five fresh faces do you see becoming the breakout/biggest star? Here is what some of you had to say on social media!

  • @diamond_shonna:  (Liv Morgan)
  • @FightGio: Mandy Rose absolutely. And she will.
  • @harmatty: Sarah Logan! Her wrestling ability is above and beyond anything we’ve see, and her mic work isn’t too shabby either! She’s easily going to take the division to the next level, and she can do it by herself!
  • Issac Gore: I really hope Sonya does well on the main roster
  • Jonathan Melhuish: I think it’s down to Mandy rose (because they really like her look) and Sarah Logan
  • @JustinPain64: Sonya Deville & Ruby Riott
  • @KillerXInsanity: All of them
  • Luigi RubyAdventures Scalisi: Liv (Morgan)
  • @Mhussein9911: Ruby Riott or Sonya Deville
  • Ralph Hindmarch: Ruby Riot(t) without a doubt. I regularly attended Chikara shows when she was on the indies as Heidi Lovelace and she absolutely has it. Look at the short amount of time it took her before moving up to the main roster. She can have a good match with anyone, and she has the look and charisma to connect with the crowd.
  • @simons_tweet: Sarah Logan. Quiet, goes about her business, underappreciated but had one of the best matches in the . Female Braun Strowman potentially.
  • @smilelikesunny: On RAW, I think Mandy Rose will be the next breakout star. She has an great look, and with more improvement, she can easily be this gen’s “Trish.” On SD, I think Ruby Riot(t) will be the next breakout star. Talented, unique, etc. Hope they all succeed though.
  • @TheDANAmicdiva: Mandy Rose and Liv Morgan, sure!
  • Tom Fox: Honestly, Mandy Rose will be the breakout star. I’ve seen lots of people compare her to Eva Marie but that’s because they’re both beautiful and that’s the only similarity. Mandy has shown in her two TV matches that she is capable of competing and with fine tuning and working with established stars, Mandy will breakout on her own.

Also a whole bunch of Mandy Rose gifs on Twitter.

And now we turn it over to you…

Give us your two cents! Who would YOU think will become the next big thing in WWE’s Women’s Division(s)?

  • Randall

    @smilelikesunny Ugh why does everyone need to be the generation Trish Stratus? I don’t get it.

    • She’s what everyone should aspire to be. But, often imitated never duplicated

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        Pretty much. If you go to wwe of course you wanna be the next Trish. Who wouldn’t wanna be on hella covers of magazines, never being treated as second fiddle to others, always guaranteed a crowd reaction cause your that good and always in the best feuds. Even I would want to be the next Trish.

        • Wicked Emma

          The Women need their own identity.

          • YonceLuvsDivas

            In due time

      • Like Mike

        Uhg I miss that women’s title design, it was so pretty.

        • So pretty, it looked good on everyone.

      • Wicked Emma

        The women have their own identity. They don’t need to be like Trish.

        • They can’t even if they wanted to :)

          • Wicked Emma

            I have heard it all now. So you’re saying that the women doesn’t have an identity? LOL the women have an identity. Just because it don’t fit your standards, doesn’t mean that the women don’t have an identity.
            You’re delusional if you think that the women should be like Trish.

          • No sis I just said they can’t ever be like her. That’s all.

          • Wicked Emma

            My bad. You just said that the women should aspire to be like Trish. All I’m saying is that the women should have their own identity.

          • They should aspire to be as great as she was, but not her identical copy.

          • Wicked Emma

            Makes sense now.

      • Zeek Jones

        I miss this womens belt so much!

    • Mitch Von Erich

      Because Trish is Queen.And every girl is inspired by her


      SAME. As someone who loved Trish, it’s so weird for me to see people think that “pretty, blonde, model, cute = next Trish” when Trish made a name for herself by breaking OUTSIDE that mode. The girls with actual ring ability have their own characters and identies and are thriving in the business by making a name for their self (Charlotte, Paige, Asuka, Sasha). Sometimes I think the next “Trish” being thrown on every new blonde (Maryse, Kelly, Mandy, Alexa) is really just codeword for people looking for the next Torrie Wilson (pretty, popular, blonde, etc.) because if anything has been learned none of those girls have came close to matching her legacy and skill. Trish worked hard for her own legacy, she doesn’t need a copy.

      • Mike

        I never thought of the torrie Wilson part….. deep

  • Nikki’s Sister

    Ruby for as long as she’s on SD and maybe Mandy in future. But I can easily see someone like Liv overtaking her at some point if they end up on the same brand.

    Not in terms of ring ability. Because from what we’ve seen I think Mandy is the more interesting wrestler but I can see fans getting into Liv more than her which will definitely help her in the long run.

  • Charlie Flickinger

    For me it’s Ruby. She’s fantastic in the ring and she’s showing that she can more than hold her own on the mic. I’m so unbelievably happy for her too. She’s worked so hard for this and now she’s here living her truth and is super over.

    • Nikki’s Sister

      Bianca is definitely gonna be a huge star. She has such natural charisma and the fact that she’s such a powerhouse will gain her respect the same way it did Beth.

      • That match with Kairi was crazy considering she didn’t even have a year of in-ring experience. She will only grow moving forward.

    • Wicked Emma

      Mandy will be bigger than Bianca.

    • Izzy4lw

      I really hope Bianca will do well, but the history of African American women in WWE isn’t a very good one- They don’t tend to get the main event pushes that their blond counterparts do sadly- but I hope she can change that!

      • Nikki’s Sister

        Facts. But I honestly think being a legit powerhouse will help her. The main roster is seriously lacking someone with her strength. She could be what Victoria and Jazz were to their division. At least that’s what I’m hoping Lol.

        • Izzy4lw

          Same- I don’t want to see another woman of color with sooooo much talent squandered because of the WWE’s next bland bombshell. If they take their time with Bianca, she’ll be outwrestling like 90% of the main roster in a few years

      • IconicTrio

        If Bianca’s got mic skills as well as the wrestling skills she already has then fasten your seatbelt.

        Actually I do care to dsagree. Jazz and Jacqueline were both phenomenal wrestlers but Jacqueline was woeful on the mic, Jazz was only passable, and was unfortunately out with injuries a lot.

        Alicia Fox’s lack of confidence and her only truly coming into her own (again only my observation) stopped her from reaching the top.

        Naomi has probably done the best so far in terms of title reigns, merch sales and popularity.

        • Izzy4lw

          And to some extent I do agree that mic skills pay a role (as does overall marketability) in these women, but there is also clear evidence that other women who may not have had more ability then they did – for example, Alicia Fox was never given the same opportunities that someone like, say, Maryse got and both were heels at the time, and Alicia was arguably better in ring and neither of them truly had phenomenal mic skills; Maryse was just preferred. Naomi, despite a strong initial showing in 2012 upon her debut in her match with Eve, was the very last person from NXT’s top 3 to get a reign ( 5 years into her MR run) even Sasha Banks, though she is a main event player and has been pushed over much of the roster, still hasn’t had the success or the push of her blond contemporaries Alexa and Charlotte, despite being (at one time) the most over woman on the roster.

          I will not be so ignorant as to say that one’s abilities do not factor in, because they do and they certainly should – the unfortunate truth seems to be that in WWE, if you have two women/men of a similar level of talent with all things considered (mic skills, wrestling, presence) then the deciding factor will be the look – and the WWE prefers it’s lighter skinned talent.

          • IconicTrio

            That is very valid actually and you’re making some good points there izzy.

            With Alicia I think tbh she has just had some terrible luck. Like didn’t they briefly indicate a push that was meant to make her a potential top babyface but a botched finisher on Beth Phoenix totally railroaded it before she could get some momentum? I do disagree that Maryse wasn’t better on a live mic, no she wasn’t CM Punk but she could certanly carry herself, like whenever she was put on commentary, I doubt Alicia could have done the same (at that point at least)

            I will agree with you on the pushing of Kaitlyn before Naomi was bizarre. Considering Naomi is superior in just about every aspect. AJ I could understand, she was put in a hot angle and she managed to basically up her stock by playing her role well.

            I think it is a crime that Sasha’s not enjoyed the same success as someone so much less of a wrestler like Bliss. She reminds me a bit of Lita, how she’s arguably the most over female talent but loses often when the stakes are high.

          • Izzy4lw

            I honestly think that Alicia’s push was a filler feud; Beth had already gotten through Eve and Kelly, and Alicia was the last of the ‘model’ stable that those three had – but then she injured Beth and her push ended immediately. See I never found Maryse to be exceptionally good – at least not good enough to deserve the pushes she got (and wasn’t she the longest reigning divas champ for like 4 years or something?) Whilst Alicia got a 30 day reign that was only transitional as they needed a heel to hold the title since Melina was on her way back.

            I would agree that Sasha’s run thus far has been a bit Lita to Alexa/Charlotte’s Trish, but whereas Lita thrived even in loss because it just made you root for her more, the majority of the mystique and arguably the biggest selling point to Sasha was that she was flat out better than most. She was a dominant force in NXT, she ran roughshod over the women on the Main Roster for about a solid year, and people loved that – because here was this bad chick who would tell you she was the best, then step between the ropes and prove it time and time and time again. “The Boss” moniker was built on dominance, and watching her fail time and again to secure and keep the title on the main roster has killed her momentum, and made the crowd ambivalent to her. Lita wasn’t built on dominance or in ring superiority, so her win/loss record didn’t detract from our love of the high flying daredevil: Sasha’s entire persona, much like Charlotte and Asuka, is built on excellence.

    • Jorge Hernandez Moran

      Now thats a break out star Miss Bianca Bel Air and her 3 feet long braid whip

    • Summer_Slay

      Yes, Mandy did so good in the tag match. Oh, wait… She didnt all she was, was a punching bag for Mickie. And with signatures as a running knee to the face Rosa is quacking.

  • Jouey

    Rose to the top! Cant wait to see what she can do in the ring.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Honestly all of them will be big. But my legit choice is Mandy. She is everything WWE looks for in a superstar so I’m sure she’ll get that push. Hopefully she can handle it.

    Now like I said all of them will be big in some way. I can see Ruby, Sonya and Logan becoming key players in the division and hopefully each one will have a title reign. Liv I can see being the rascal of the division either heel or face. Eventually she’ll be in a valet position to a tag team. In the end they can have the potential it can they survive the backstage politics and WWE’s way of living.

  • MiguelAngl
    • The Wicked Bitch

      GTA pedestrian looking ass

      • Chargod Flair #5x

        Scr what

  • Doug

    Definitely Mandy Rose. She’s wrestled so few matches and the one I saw her in at NXT live was super solid. With that natural ability and her look, I think she could be huge down the line.

  • ???

    Who I hope to be ? Liv Morgan !

    Who do I think ? Ruby Riott and Mandy Rose!

    Ruby Riott did so much in less than one year which is very VERY impressive

    – She was signed in January
    – Had her NXT debut in April
    – Take Over match at May ( not quite sure but I remember it was right after her NXT debut)
    – Debut in the main roster in November !

    Ruby already showed she just has “it” to be a big star within few episodes , imagine what she can do in the next months ! And I have more faith in Riott than in Mandy tbh .

    Mandy was so impressive in her first NXT match and she was just a rookie , she also has the look to be a star ! Her mic skills need some work that for sure but it’s okay because Charlotte wasn’t good at all when she debut in the main roster and look at how she improved now ?

    I don’t know about Sarah, Liv and Sonya .. we didn’t know Sasha and Bayley were going to be something huge back then so who knows ?

    • KellyAJNaomiRoyce#Slay

      Don’t forget her first year in WWE she was also in the video game some ppl have to wait 2-3 years for that

      • ???

        Yes !! I completely forgot about that !!

  • TheDawsonOne

    In-ring wise, Ruby & Sarah are already 2 of the better girls on the roster. Liv & Mandy have a chance to become big stars based on their look, charisma and/or presence. Sonya probably has the lowest ceiling of the 5, though she can become a pretty good hand in the ring & also be a WWE representative for LGBT people.

  • Tunasha

    Ruby Riott for me. But I think if Mandy can get more comfortable on the mic, there’s nothing stopping her. I still wanna see how she does inside the ring this time tho. (Haven’t seen her live matches so far).

  • perceval

    Hard to say this early, though the SD ladies already have established characters, so have a head start.

    • Screaming at Sarah

      • Stacey

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      • Susana

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      • Donna

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    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      LMFAO that is hilarious….. Dying at Ruby “let me talk” lol

  • StraightFire

    I’m going with Ruby. She’s one of the only newbies with any star quality and mic skills.

  • RadicallyRadic

    Ruby hands down. Like someone earlier commented, just look at what she has done in not even a full year since being signed with WWE in January. She’s destined for amazing things. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we see her as champion by the end of next year, maybe even the middle of next year with the way things are going.

    But apart from her… I think Sonya honestly. She’s the dark horse of the group who will do some great things if given enough time.

  • Maddox

    AS Alexa Bliss has proven, you just need Mic skills and charisma (and good looks) to be a star so maybe Mandy Rose or Ruby Riot

  • Jo9834

    Ruby has already BROKEN OUT, she has a whole stable named in her favour, has literally pinned the top woman in the business, and has a huge upside in the ring which means she’ll be the go to girl in the division for years to come.

    Sarah Logan- Will forever be remembered for asking Daniel Bryan if he tasted Gay Meat…but is killer in the ring, and fairly young, so theres a good chance she’ll do well.

    Mandy – Future ‘It’ girl, trust me, if she gets her mic skills down and character on lock, there will be nothing stopping this girl.

    Sonya – Dark horse and potential star if she turns on Paige down the track – but if Bazsler, Rhonda and the girls come up, expect her to be cast aside.

    Liv Morgan – Will be a queen on Smackdown where 3 star matches are the MOST that is expected out of any girl. BUT I don’t know how well she’ll do as a heel, its a face turn that will truly tell how much of a star she is.

  • DivaLicious?

    It’s simple Ruby riott? She screams star power she has the mic skills, ring ability, the confidence etc.. she is the total package. Vince McMahon always talks about that “bass ring” well ruby has it.

    Sarah Logan mic skills are god awful. Just watch last week smackdown live?? every podcast was talking about how awful her promos are and that she not ready for prime time just yet. She was called up to early. Which is truth.

    Sonya is another one who has bad mic skills. Fake wannabe MMA fighter. I just don’t see it for her.

    Mandy rose is improving I can say that. She is very attractive. The fans will love her if she gets the proper push. Yes her and Eva Marie is ???

    Liv Morgan is a swagger jacker she stole out of Carmella locker room without asking. Plus she lost to asuka in like 15 sec in NXT. Liv Morgan & Dana Brooke hold the records for the biggest losers in the women’s division.

    • Sonya competed in MMA matches, nothing fake about her gimmick.

    • Kvngbalor

      Lets just clear up one thing Liv was wearing fitted caps sneakers sporty urban wear before Carmella Idk why ppl don’t look at the timeline when Liv debuted with the urban white girl from hood gimmick and look Carmella was still doing the fabulous diamond chokers big fur coats wearing leather and animal print Carmella didn’t start getting sporty gear til later in her NXT run Liv from day one live shows and all was wearing custom made fitted caps, jersey tops & Jordan’s.

  • Wicked Emma

    Mandy Rose and Ruby Riott

  • Mandy has to be she has it all

  • Exotic

    Mandy, Liv and Ruby.
    Sonya will have a cute run.

    Sarah flop ass is not going any further after the Riott Squad disbands.


    Ruby Riot is quite easily the most well rounded of them all. She has a great and unique look and has a great appeal. Look at her already and it hasn’t even been a full year since she’s been signed.

    If we follow the generic Vince rule, Mandy and Liv Morgan “should” do well. Now, if you look at them closely, not so sure…
    Liv Morgan is someone I see ending up being in Dana’s actual spot because you always need a jobber right?
    As for Mandy, from the way she carries herself alone, it seems like she is struggling even more than anybody else when it comes… being more than just a generic heel. She’s quite bland so far.

    • ???

      Mandy needs to be decent in the mic (at the very least) if she’s going to be a top star .. she has the look and most likely the ring skills but only needs to know how to cut a decent promo .

      The problem with Dana is that she got called up way too early , Liv been in NXT long enough so there’s no excuse for her to not do well (I hope she’ll do well though )


        Well, Absolution’s first promo has shown that Mandy isn’t a natural talker so she will have to work on that. She has a good look but we haven’t seen much of her in the ring to really judge her. So we’ll see tbh. Maybe it’s nerve and things will get better as we go on.

        As for Liv, I agree on the fact that she spent enough time on NXT. You can only stay there so much tbh, you have to move up at some point. Now, while I don’t see her making it that far, I feel like she has a strong dynimic with Ruby. Not sure what they imagined for her character but she’s doing well so far.

    • TabbyK

      I agree about Mandy. I know people think she’s about to run the division but she seems a bit awkward. Even the way she walks down the ramp lacks the kind of confidence she should have if that makes sense? I dunno maybe it’s just nerves and hopefully she gets what she’s missing.


        I totally see what you are saying and I see some Eva Marie vibes (before her time on NXT) from her. A bit robotic and awkward. Let’s hope it’s just nerve and that she gets better with more time.

        • TabbyK

          Omg yes she totally gives me Eva vibes. A little more time will help her for sure. She just needs to get more comfortable. Because while Eva got better there was always something missing for me. So I really hope I don’t feel the same way about Mandy in a few months time.

          • MK126

            That thing missing was called passion…

    • you praising Sarah but saying Mandy is generic. now sis…


        You can read so that’s good. Anything else constructive to say about Mandy?

      • #FlairfortheGold

        ?? “Gay Meat”

  • TabbyK

    I don’t see Sonya or Sarah getting to do more than job tbh. Mandy and Liv are cute but I just can’t see them breaking out just yet. So that leaves Ruby she at least knows how to carry herself both as a heel and a face.


    Sarah Logan is also one I wanted to mention. I think she will do better than people expect from her. She’s definitely one to watch. She’s a great in-ring worker and I think has a great appeal as a face. On NXT let alone, every time she was appearing, she was able to connect with the crowd and elicit pretty good reactions because she has a natural charm to her.
    Plus, her intensity makes her stand out. It was said already but she makes me think of Becky Lynch.

    • Izzy4lw

      Honestly I think anyone who watches more than WWE is expecting a lot out of Sarah Logan; I don’t really like this gimmick and sure she could polish up her mic work, but when she gets into the ring She can really do some great work. I just hope they let her be her crazy Mary Dobson character at some point because it’s just out there enough to really have gotten over.

      Also, I’m still pissed that they didn’t use her obvious country-ness to make her sister Abigail. Her crazy character could have gotten her majorly over. Instead we got Bray in his rupaul drag race audition.


        Honestly, I am very happy that she wasn’t with Bray. I have never been a big fan of his act (even if he had some brilliant moments) and I feel like he’s been so stale for quite a while because they don’t know what to do with him. I feel like she would have been wasted in a role where she likely wouldn’t have been able to wrestle that much for a while.

        Now yeah, as a fan of her work before WWE, I feel like her old persona is something WWE could definitely use and that could be a big hit but sadly, I don’t see WWE fully going in that direction.

        I don’t know if it’s just me tho but when she’s talking, it’s so hilarious that I don’t view it as being… bad per say lol

  • Seraphina Rosenhart

    Mandy Rose. She has the looks, the power, and her first few matches were impressive considering the she had very little experience. I don’t know how good she’s gotten now, but her finisher is amazing! Plus, it helps that fans already kinda know her from Total Divas.

  • Tnn Crs
    • Izzy4lw

      She’s super talented. But I don’t know if she’ll be a breakout star unfortunately.

      • Chargod Flair #5x

        She looks like her mic skills will be horrid.

        • Kvngbalor

          Why because she black?

        • Jorge Hernandez Moran

          Ok this is my opinion i dont know Bianca’s mic skills but if she were bad i think that be ok for her, cause i kind see her as like a Beth Phoenix, where she just needs good enogh mic skills cause her presence and body languege does the rest. I mean that girl has IT, in the MYC she walk out there she didnt talk, she didnt smile, all she had to do was play with her braid and give that look that she does and i was hooked.

          • Chargod Flair #5x

            She’s nothing like Beth

          • Jorge Hernandez Moran

            I know shes nothing like Beth what i was comparing was that Beth wasnt too great on the mic either but she with her character she didnt need to be Beth would let her presence do most of the talking and then say a few words. Which is what im saying Bianca could do, if she happens to not be good on the mic cause we dont know if she is do we

          • Chargod Flair #5x

            Bianca probably won’t be that way for long. She’ll probably eventually be given mic/promo time when they find something for her. And when it does happen I expect her to not be that good.

          • Seraphina Rosenhart

            I think it’s way too early to expect her to be good or bad on the mic, especially considering we have never once seen her do a promo. Let’s just wait and see before making any judgments.

          • Chargod Flair #5x

            She had a good match with a Kairi but everything else was forgettable

          • Tnn Crs

            I rather see her as the new Jazz… Not because she is black but because she has this agressiveness & the strength. If her mic skills are bad (we’ll see) she could have a manager & just kicking ass

    • Jorge Hernandez Moran

      That braid is the break out star. Everything she whips it i live for it.

  • Ryan Stratus

    Mandy Rose of course! Love that chick ??

  • Xaos

    Queen Liv!??

  • Troy Smith

    Mandy Rose. WWE has always pushed hot blondes with big boobs as the top woman. That’s been their thing since the early 90s. The only exceptions being AJ and Nikki. One got over so big that you couldn’t ignore her. The other was the top guys girlfriend. Now it’s back to business as usual. If she can put on a half decent match, Mandy is the girl.

  • I think for SD Live! It’s Ruby, her unique looks, Wrestling ability is everything. For RAW it’s too obvious; Mandy Rose, has the “It” thing that Vince McMahon always ask for.

  • Chargod Flair #5x

    For Raw Mandy and for SD Ruby.

  • Diva_Fan

    Harmatty saying Sarah Logan’s mic skills ain’t to shabby either …. girllll why you lying !!!


    I don’t know if Mandy could ever truly become the face of the women’s division after that insensitive social media post that got her in trouble. A lot of people still call her a racist, though to me it came off at the least very bullyish of a wwe superstar to make fun of a strangers hair on social media, so that might always haunt her from being a “IT” girl.

    I would say Ruby is the next breakout. I feel like girls like AJ, Paige, Becky, etc. have been so over with the crowd because unconventional women are appealing more to the crowd. They’re just who the crowd seems to root for. Ruby has good ring skills, decent mic skill, I can’t see why she won’t break out even if she isn’t their first choice.

  • #FlairfortheGold
    • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

      Her name is Bayley! Stop calling her by her government name! Do you want me to do that to you? Stop it “Bob”!

      • #FlairfortheGold

        Bitch my name isn’t Bob nor do I use it artistically. It’s John and yes I would love that? That backfired for you didn’t it skank

        • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

          Right “John”. Stop being a Bayley hater and get over yourself Bob!

          • #FlairfortheGold

            Awww I love Bob the builder so I like that name too. Nice try loser

    • MK126

      Aye look at my comment! ???

    • The Wicked Bitch

      Sjsksks petty

  • mckenzie

    Mandy Rose is a bit plain to me. She doesnt have much oomph Like I can see just being a valet to a top superstar or in a girl clique with someone like Nia Jax or Charlotte but not so much a standout yet. Not too much individuality being my reason. I’m more into characters like Liv Morgan and ruby riot.

    • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

      Tbh Sonya and Mandy are just Paige’s lackeys right now

  • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

    I don’t care who is it if it means “she” will send Alexa to catering and keep Nia Jax’s butt on 205!

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Tough call between Mandy and Ruby. Mandy is almost completely unknown to the wwe have universe so she has no expectations put on her to be amazing so she can completely come out and shock people and win them over. Ruby is already established in the Indies and on nxt so people are going to have higher expectations for her compared to the others, especially Mandy, leaving her lots of room to disappoint people that expect to much of her. So it’s between the greenest in the ring and the ring general.

  • Kiana Taylor
  • Jtiera
  • ?K . A . T ?

    Ruby Riot! Girl has already ran with ball and it hasn’t even been a year yet!!

  • Let’s go Mandy!

  • Kvngbalor

    Liv Morgan will be this generation Kelly Kelly. She’s gorgeous girl next door she’ll appeal to teenage girls who dress and act like her and she’ll attract teenage boys once they turn her face which they will it’s going to be big for her and she can only get better in the ring working with the likes of Becky, Naomi, Charlotte & Natalya

  • Kvngbalor

    I would say Mandy Rose but only thing i see getting in her way is Alexa the battle of mini Trish’s on RAW and Alexa is already established and we know is the higher ups fav a move to SD is where Mandy will flourish



    She’s the leader of the new SD outfit and doesn’t have anyone to overshadow her the way Mandy, another star, has in Paige.

  • Geo14

    Peyton > Bianca > Mandy > Ruby >>> The rest > Shayna.

  • ssilva872

    Mandy seems like she will be pushed the most soon enough.

    Ruby has the most upside right now and the other three can just be there.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Mandy rose, the tilt a whirl sitout frontface slam she done on ember was iconic

  • The Wicked Bitch
  • #Fabulouslasskicker

    Whoever said Sarah’s Logan mic work isn’t too shabby must of been doing something else during the ‘have you every tasted gay meat’ backstage segment.

    • Organization XIII

      Y’all keep saying “gay meat” & she said “game”

      • #Fabulouslasskicker

        Well duh, but that was a monstrosity of a promo and that choice considering her accent didn’t help.

        • Organization XIII

          So just say it was a monstrosity lol Y’all changing her words making it something it really isn’t

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    I feel like all of them will be big. Mandy will definitely be the first breakout star though.

  • Mike

    Ruby for SD and probably Mandy for Raw but I’m pulling for Sonya!

  • MK126

    I feel like all of them will be breakout stars in some way. Some before others and maybe not even in their groups. Right now the obvious one is Ruby. With the way her career has gone since first being signed she’s definitely going to be a major force on SDL. I remember when she first was signed and everyone thought she was just being brought on for the MYC and now look at her. On RAW the obvious is Mandy Rose. It’ll definitely be Ruby>Liv>Sarah on SDL and then Mandy> Sonya. The good thing about these women is that they don’t need to be in their factions to be successful. For all we know Sarah might become the sister to Harper and Rowan and find her footing there. When Liv turns face the crowd will cheer for her because she looks like the ultimate underdog. Put her in a feud with Nia (after they actually make her look like a monster threat) and you got the perfect david vs goliath feud.

  • Super Mateo

    Easily…it’s going to be Sarah. She’s the most well rounded of the bunch, although I expect her promo skills to get better once the nerves calm. Otherwise, she’s got everything she needs.

    Liv Morgan is all right, with a major advantage of being super attractive. She’s still adding things to her moveset and she could, with a little in-ring seasoning, win people over. If she can connect her charisma with her wrestling character, she has a good chance.

    Sonya isn’t bad, but until she escapes Paige’s shadow, she’s going to be hidden. She’s got a lot of the current Universal Champion in her, except she’s clean and he isn’t. She struggles on the promos, she does silent beatdowns, and she has an MMA background. As long as she makes sure she won’t be in any way similar to that guy, she’ll be ok.

    Ruby…I don’t know. There’s nothing that stands out about her, other than her alleged “uniqueness” in her look. However, I’ve seen women that look like that before…so I don’t know.


  • Hangga

    everyone has a chance except for sarah logan. she is super boring

  • Ian Willbeian Archer


  • Marlon Eric

    lol someone actually said Sarah Logan

  • Marlon Eric

    I’m expecting the two white blondes to be the most celebrated but Sarah Logan? lol

  • Summer_Slay

    For sure not Mandy, Sonya or Sarah maybe Ruby and Liv.

  • Carolution

    liv and mandy was likely but sonya could break through as well. ruby is the most well rounded but her look could hold her back and sarah logan’s accent is going to hold her back.

  • Kristina Buford

    When Peyton Royce debuts in the WWE, I say she will be. But, right now,….Vince wants Mandy to shine ( I can already tell) but, I go Sarah.