To help promote WWE’s launch of 2K18 for Nintendo Switch, Raw Superstar Alexa Bliss recently spoke with Miami Herald to discuss the newest additions to the Raw Women’s Division, a positivity to social media and reveals her dream tag team match. Highlights of the interview below.

Using social media to in a positive matter: “I feel like social media is a great platform for that. Me, personally, when I was going through my issues. I didn’t have anyone to look up to and say, ‘Hey, I’ve gone through this, and I turned out just fine.’ That’s something that is needed, especially being on the opposite end of the spectrum of wanting to know has anyone gone through this. Am I the only one? To be able to have a social media platform and following that we can be like, ‘Hey, we’ve been through this too.’ We go through everyday struggles. It’s really great we can open up and have our voices be heard on a personal level other than a character level. Obviously, at work Alexa Bliss would never admit anything is wrong with her because nothing is wrong with Alexa Bliss. As a person, everything in daily life can affect us. I think it’s great we can share that on social media and Nia preaches body positivity. I share the same sentiment. It’s like in WWE 2K18, be like no one.”

On the recent additions to the Raw Women’s division: “I’m really excited we have women returning and women coming up. Our division needs it. With the women’s revolution going on, it can only help. There is no bad that can come of it because WWE is good about evolving and bringing in new talent. That’s our source. To have people coming in and returning, it’s great. I’ve only had a few matches against Paige on NXT and a few live events. To have her on Raw, I’m real excited to see her back in action. It’s nice to see her happy and healthy. I’m really happy for her.”

On the possibility of a Women’s Royal Rumble: “I think WWE has been ready for that forever. Our women have been ready to step up and push those boundaries and glass ceiling since day one. The fact that we are in this women’s revolution and there are constantly opportunities being given to us that we’ve earned. I think it’s great. I think it’s the next step. Hopefully, one day we main event WrestleMania because I feel like our women can do that.”

Dream Tag Team match: “I’m going to throw it out there. Not saying it will ever happen, but I’d love for it to. I want it to be Nia and I versus the Bella’s versus Trish [Stratus] and Lita. Three groups of best friends, three-way tag match. I think it would be great.”

Alexa Bliss also discusses playing WWE 2K18, taking advantage of opportunities and wanting to improve as a performer.

You can read the full interview here.

What did you of the interview? Which of Raw’s newest Superstars would you like to see Alexa Bliss square off with? Do you think we’ll see a Women’s Royal Rumble in the near future? Let us know in the comments below!