WWE Signs Fitness Model?


Fitness model, Zivile Raudoniene claims that she has been signed by WWE and is currently working in FCW down in Tampa, Florida. The 27 year old spoke to RXMuscle.com about her training which can be seen here.

Though it has yet to be confirmed, Raudoniene seems to know her stuff which makes the signing plausible. If true, she follows in the footsteps of Orlando Magic dancer, Trinity McCray who reported to FCW in August.

I’m not sure where she’s from, but I can’t help but feel they are trying to model their latest signings on Divas that are already on the roster & doing well. I am sure there will be Maryse comparisons for Zivile.

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  • PedroPedroso17

    She obviously isn’t your regular….human beeing, that’s beeing polite.
    Seriously, I hope she’s good, but I get terrible vibes from her, unlike Trinity McCray, she doesn’t even look that good in comparison to all the divas currently signed to WWE. I really hope she can deliever in the ring, if she does, I’m pro-Zivile, if she doesn’t…can’t say I’ll be that surprised! At least she’s used to -erm- working out?!
    Only good thing I can take from here is that WWE didn’t sign a “glamour” model or a playmate.

  • aiden123

    i hope shes good but typical blonde hair blue eyes reminds me of jillian more than maryse but there are too many divas already because most of them are hardly ever used. Fingers Crossed she is good wrestler.

  • http://goth-goddess.org kerry246

    How can you get terrible vibes from a video clip?
    I will refuse to pass comment on her until I see videos of her work in FCW.
    I’m glad WWE have signed an attractive woman who has done work in fitness and should be strong or athletic. Other women they have hired in the past, with a fitness model/bodybuilding background have turned out to be worth signing (Trish Stratus, Victoria are 2 examples).
    But as always we will get the “oh no another blonde” comments…

  • SweetSanny

    Another diva? They have so many talented girls and yet they hire another one? Why? But who am I kidding… it’s the WWE we’re talking about.

  • aiden123

    theres a few videos of her on youtube but none are wrestlers but she has got nice tone, so she looks tough

  • aiden123

    i meant i cant find a video where she is wrestling

  • PedroPedroso17

    Oh no, another blonde :(

    Joke, :P, I got terrible vibes from Madison Rayne, but she’s pretty good, I got terrible vibes from Tiffany, she’s not that good, but she ain’t terrible either. I’ve got good vibes from Milena Roucka AKA Rosa Mendes, well, guess that didn’t turn out to be true :P

    So yeah, I’m not always right, but I got terrible vibes from Lacey Von Erich, and she didn’t do acceptably good in her debut. And I got amazing good vibes from April Lee, she’s amazing, so that turned out good :D

    I hope I’m wrong about her, I just don’t see her in the ring, I hope she turns out to be great, the more good wrestlers you have, the better ;D

  • MrMiracle

    Sigh, I guess Johnny Ace has been looking through magazines again.

    She seems like a nice girl though, so let’s hope she’s got some talent for this.

  • xmelissaa

    Kinda reminds me of a certain Miss P.Anderson in that photo…
    either way, as long as she can wrestle, s’all good in my hood.

  • johnny

    well at least it’s a step up from the Bikini models Fitness models do very well in wrestling Trish,Torrie,Victoria.

  • http://goth-goddess.org kerry246

    People always get “terrible vibes” if they see a blonde haired woman with big breasts come into the wrestling world, it’s peoples stereotyping and prejudice if a woman has a certain look, you mentioned Madison Rayne, Tiffany and Lacey and they all fall into that blonde, big boobed female category.
    I won’t judge from some photographs and I don’t think there is anything wrong with hiring women from the fitness industry as past females brought into the business from fitness and bodybuilding – Trish, Torrie Wilson, Victoria – to name a few, have all become big stars and some of them blossomed into great wrestlers aswell.
    FCW have a great training facility and most of their girls that train there for a good length of time end up becoming good workers and breakout stars – Alicia Fox was hired by WWE after Johnny Ace saw her modelling work, she was a swimwear model, but after a good time training in FCW – look at what she has become.
    So I’ll never write anyone off until they have been given time to show what they have learnt and with her fitness background and dedication to training, hopefully she will become good in the ring.

  • PedroPedroso17

    No, it wasn’t because they were blonde LOL.

    Tiffany – looked to generic, wrestling in skirts turns me off.
    Madison Rayne – didn’t look strong to me, reminded me of Velvet.
    Lacey – didn’t like her since I first saw her, no reason here.

    Not because they’re blonde, if Tiffany was a brunette, she’d still look generic to me.
    Oh, and I never said that I have no hope for this girl, she might become big, I’m not saying that she sucks, I did say that I get bad vibes from her.

    PS: It happens that my 3 favourite female wrestlers in WWE are blonde, Beth, Natalya and Jillian, so yeah, love blondes, nothing against.

  • http://www.stratusfacts.com C-Ray

    I would like to comment on this for a bit. I actually knew about this for quite some time, as this was posted on a board that’s related to her profession and on a popular fitness website (who broke the news first). When the news was released, it took until just now for more information to be released. I’m not going to post the links here, as that would fall under the category of advertising. Melaine is getting the links through email, though.

    Johnny brought up a pretty good point about the FITNESS models doing well in WWE. If history is any indication, we might have a pretty good WWE Diva on our hands. :)

  • RKOyou

    I think she might tie Jillian for biggest “you know what” in WWE,lol

  • RKOyou

    I think she might tie Jillian for biggest “you know what” in WWE,lol

  • Spike7000

    ewrestlingnews.com is confirming that she has signed with WWE

    Zivile joins AJ Lee (Miss April), Liviana, Mia Mancini (Serena Deeb), Jemma Palmer, Penny Cash, Rachael Lynn (Rachael Carr), Trinity McCray as the New Divas from development

  • Mikas

    “ewrestlingnews.com is confirming that she has signed with WWE”

    No, thats NOT a confirmation. Several wrestling “news” sites read the story on diva-dirt and are now posting it on their own site as if its already confirmed news. Do you really think they picked up the phone and ask Steve Keirn in florida for a verification?

    There are only 4 sites that are “somewhat reliable”: pwtorch/pwinsider/411mania/f4wonline. All other sites are just gossip-sites that copy their news from either those 4 sites, or from various forum-gossip.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie Rob

    Funny thing is, that Rachael Carr girl isn’t even in FCW. She went there for a five day tryout, cashed in on the publicity with a British newspaper and wasn’t seen since.

    Mikas, I guess we’re not considered ‘reputable’ but we report our own news where possible :)

  • Mikas

    Melanie: But diva-dirt never claimed to be a “news site”, unlike those other sites. Diva-dirt clearly states its a BLOG (in the about section). When it comes to the news sites only a few are reputable, and even the main sites like the torch and observer dont always verify the news they print on their sites.

  • mpezza

    I personally like her, she seems sweet. Does anyone know what her nationality is?