Slammy Nominations Revealed


The nominees for the 2009 Slammy Awards have finally been revealed! In a twist, there are no Diva of the Year nominees. Instead, fans will get to vote for the winner in a poll on tomorrow.

That’s right, instead of taking the time to narrow it down to a whole four nominees, who perhaps may deserve the award [storyline wise], as with all things Diva [WrestleMania] it’s thrown open to every Brie, Nikki and Rosa. Pathetic.

It just goes to show how little WWE thinks of it’s women’s division that they can’t even pick just 4 Divas. The fact that it’s made to feel like a special treat for the fans is absolutely laughable, because in actuality, it’s just because they couldn’t be bothered to pull their fingers out.

We’ll see tomorrow if the public vote actually decides the winner — in which case it’ll likely be a popularity contest [may as well engrave 'Mickie' on it now] — or if it’ll be another rigged WWE poll with the outcome chosen by the Creative Team.

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  • Armando

    The Queen Maryse will win Diva of the Year!

  • Armando

    Also it isn’t pathetic because even if WWE had chosen four divas people would still be like “OMG SHE DOESN’T DESERVE IT, THIS *DIVAS NAME HERE* DOES WTF WWE WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID” so like this when the winner is chosen people won’t be like omg its WWE’s fault as the fans had the say in that category.

  • chrisP

    A fan vote? Kelly Kelly actually has a realistic shot, then.

  • MickieJamesFan07

    Mickie FTW!!!

  • Erin

    I think it’s pathetic because it’s basically a cop out. They didn’t have to take the time to consider which Divas had the best year, since there were no narrowing down of the nominees. Now it’s just a glorified popularity contest.

  • KrissyVaineLurver

    That’s so stupid. Michelle McCool deserves to win and now she has no shot unless her megafans like I can rig the vote >_>

  • Armando

    Regardless the WWE diva fans will still be bitching about who won anyways even if they had four nominee’s so who cares. If it’s a popularity contest, I see Piggie James taking it this year.

  • karl

    I guess im going to have to vote for jillian like 500 times then ;)

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    This is total bullshit im sorry but 4 real they cant take time to narrow it down to 4 to 5 divas…..

    Mickie James
    Melina Perez
    Beth Phoenix
    Michelle Mccool

    Those 5 Diva is that so damn hard…

  • Azza316

    Just give Piggie the Slammy now and we can all move on. Even if it’s riggied or fan-based it is kinda easy to see who will win. 5 names come to mind…

  • Paparazzi808

    i think melina mickie and kelly will stay the same but the last slot is open for anyone hopefully michelle will take it.

  • xxChristinaxx

    I’m voting for Michelle or Melina.

  • SheamusNoKoibito

    I can recognize the accomplishment of some of my non-favs but it is very much a popularity contest doing it in this way, if the fan vote really will determine who wins. Rarely do fans vote on the things that make the most sense; instead they’ll vote for who they think is hottest, etc. If I was to vote based on who I think “deserves” it, I might say Mickie or Melina; if I was to vote on who I LIKE the most, I’d say Beth Phoenix, Gail, or Alicia. So that’s how that works. So in the end it doesn’t matter to me.

  • Mr.Glamazon

    I might vote for Natalya because her bodyslam on Jimmy Wang Yang this past week on “Superstars” was my favorite Diva moment of the year! :-)

  • rico

    wow this is weird!!! its like everything i want to happen wrestling wise does happen! just yesterday i was hoping we would be able to choose diva of the year and looky looky!!

  • rico

    oh im gonna vote maryse lol(pure bias) but notable mentions for this award include melina michelle mickie and beth

  • nicorette

    wow how lazy can they get??? if its going to be like this i am just going to vote for natalya. if we could vote and it was 4 divas we could choose, fine, i would vote who i thought had the best year, probably mccool even though she isnt my favourite. if they are going to do it like this i am just going to vote my favourite natalya..

  • spiffy

    These aren’t the Oscars or Noble Peace Prize. It’s the Slammy Awards, for crying out loud. Why take it so seriously? I hope it’s scripted, if anything, to work into an angle. Instant promo material too, like how Jericho makes it known he was wrestler of the year and how Owen Hart would even print it on his tights. I hope a heel like Maryse or Michelle wins. I’m even down with Rosa winning. I don’t think I care who wins, as long as the recipient entertains me.

  • Tamms

    baseing it on the year while Mickie did have a great year nobody had a better year then Melina and I think with them not narrowing down and giving choices its really a crappy thing. Its proving once again that they dont care about the Womens Division

    I see Melina winning it though and Maryse coming out and attacking and stealing it or something.

  • ChrissyL

    Why does everyone keep saying Beth? She’s barely done anything all year long! She totally deserved it last year, but this year she was definitely not the Diva of the Year.

    I think Melina deserves to win it. She had an incredible year and the fans love her.

    …But I’m voting for Michelle McCool anyway. Michelle was absolutely unstoppable all year long and she never EVER stops improving herself, be it with in ring skills or just how far she’s come as a speaker. GO M.C. COOL!!!

  • THETommyTommy

    Hate to jynx it but I think they’re gonna make this a complete joke and have Vickie Guerrero win it. She’s nominated and is on the top of the list while all the other divas are listed alphabetically. I’m kinda pissed off that Katie Lea isn’t a nominee but I guess that’s because her contract is currently void. She wouldn’t have won regardless its just a shame she’s been kinda released without being released. I’m hoping this isn’t rigged because I would much prefer to see Mickie win it then Vickie.

  • ChrissyL

    You know, I don’t think there was one match all year long of Michelle McCool’s where she didn’t, at one point, do something that made me say, “Holy crap!”. Her strength and ability combination is completely incomparable. Michelle McCool is the Diva of the Year.

  • Erin

    Spiffy, the reason we’re taking it seriously is because it’s just another example of the Divas being treated like throw-away items on the agenda. I could give two shits who actually wins the damn thing, it’s just the message that they send by doing this that irks me.


    why is this a bad thing? it gives all the diva’s a shot..your saying this a bad thing compared to four nominees that would include Kelly Kelly but leave out someone like Beth? i think this is a better thing so no one is left unnoticed and everyone has a fair shot..popularity contest or not.

  • xmelissaa

    Hmm… 4 divas?
    Michelle McCool, Mickie James, Melina, Maryse. 4 divas, 4 great years.
    It’s not difficult, WWE…