YouTube Classics: Gail vs. Trish vs. Lita vs. Victoria

Welcome to the YouTube Classics! With the recent-breaking news of Gail Kim’s sudden TNA departure and imminent return to the WWE, our theme this week will be “Gail Storm”, reminding you of Gail’s most memorable WWE moments during her previous tenure with the company. Today, we have Gail vs. Trish vs. Lita vs. Victoria in a Fatal Four-Way Women’s Title match from Bad Blood 2004. With such big names in the match – Victoria as the Women’s Champion; Lita and Trish at each other’s throats – it seemed as though Gail may be overshadowed, but you can guarantee she’d get her fair share of licks in:

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  • Aza

    This is an awesome match!

    Lita should of won it though, Trish didnt deserve it

    Lita was going to be the one to reign as champion 7 times, But When Vince decided this, Lita got injured + New Years Revolution 04-05 So they flung the 7 titles over in Trish’s direction … This makes me quite sad :(

  • Lee

    I can’t imagine they would just decide to make someone a seven time champion. The decisions are made at a slower pace than that.

    What is true is that Lita was to be the star of the women’s division, and Trish took her place when Lita broke her neck.

  • Becky

    None of what you two said is true. Why didn’t Trish deserve to win this match? She had the hottest (no, I don’t mean physically) character at the time when Victoria was doing the dancing, Gail was lost in the shuffle and Lita was set to become “ZOMG pregnant!!11!”

    In 2002 before Lita broke her neck the women’s title was going around Trish and Jazz and Lita was off with the Hardys. Explain that if Lita was supposed to be the star of the womens division. And if Lita was supposed to be the star why didn’t they book her to win the title when she came back from the the neck injury against Molly? And how come they didn’t let her win it against Victoria? There were plenty of times when she wasn’t injured and they still didn’t invest in Lita as a champion.

  • Aza

    I said her leg incident, the other person said her neck injury.
    N i know im right =)
    It was in a magazine, Im trying to find it atm, But iv got quite alot of them lol

    They didnt invest on Lita being hampion then because Trish’s character was developing the most, And when she came back from her knee injury she was helping Christy out for her Wrestlemania match with Trish.

    Then she was in all those segments leading up to her fleeing away from Kane + joining forces with Edge =/
    She then took more of a manager role in the company whereas trish was still gaining more womens titlereigns under her belt, Once she hit 5x womens champ, lita was on like 2, it would of been stupid for them to then get lita up better than trish cause she would of had to have had the title 4 times within a year =/

  • Becky

    No, you’re not right. You mentioned both her neck and knee injuries because you said “got injured + NYR 05″. I think the “+” was implying both her two major injures.

    They didn’t plan 7 title wins for anyone. Things happened the way it did as time went by. After Lita made her comeback and wasn’t injured or involved with Kane or Edge they still didn’t invest in her as women’s champion. And really? I think Amy wanted it that way. Lita made more of a name for herself outside the womens division if you look at her career.

    I really don’t think you know what you’re talking about because when Trish became a 5x champ, Lita only had one, not 2. When Lita was managing Edge Trish was gaining no more title reigns. So you are wrong again.