Year-End Awards 2009: Feud of the Year

2009 is now over and we are celebrating with our second annual Year-End Awards. This year, we have had thousands of votes as you have voted for the top Divas, Knockouts, matches and moments of 2009!And now it’s time to reveal the winners.


The nominees are:

* Awesome Kong vs The Beautiful People
* Awesome Kong vs Tara
* Daffney vs Taylor Wilde
* Maryse vs Mickie James
* Melina vs Michelle McCool

Continue for the result:

And the winner is…

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  • BulgarianAngel


  • MickieJamesFan07

    This was a good feud.

  • ChrissyL

    Yes! So glad they won. Those two are absolutely amazing together! They bring out the best in each other every time they’re in the ring!

    I’ve got a good feeling about the Beth Phoenix/Michelle McCool feud for this next year though.

  • xOxONic

    YAY! Michelle wins something. But its bitter sweet, because she haves too share it with Melina.

  • Dan

    They had some good matches, but it was a very boring fued. The Melina marks are biased :/

  • litafan123

    they had a great feud the best in recent years and i think if the wwe play it wright they could be the new lita and trish for there decade as just like them everytime they wwrestle they bring the best out in each other like trish and lita

  • Chris

    That was a given. It was definitely the Feud of the Year for me.

  • PedroPedroso17

    This was the ONLY good feud of 2009, the other feuds lacked story-telling matches and a solid build up to PPV matches. I think Taylor/Daffney was also pretty good since it involved two mid-card girls, and I’d so have Eve/Layla instead of Mickie/Maryse, also for involving two “lesser” girls.

  • chrisP

    I agree with the first poster. Feuds for WWE Divas in 2009 were garbage. Lots of stupidity, feuds that weren’t even feuds but just two women wrestling each other a lot, and the Piggy James storyline, which has just gotten people angry at WWE more than anything else.

  • Tunccy

    Yay michelle finally won something love that girl.
    Michelle vs Beth vs Mickie ( which is my prediction )

    will be the best !

  • TheWWEUberfan

    WOOO! HECK YEAH! THIS FEUD ROCKED THE WWE! They put on consecutive memorable matches! They totally deserved this.

  • perucho1990

    Just because one of their 2 matches was good, doesnt mean its feud of the year, Batista/Cena was good at SS, but the feud(buildup) was horrible.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    HELL YEAH!We can ALL agree this feud rocked!It made us jump out of our seats,bite our nails,yell at the t.v,and most important,love Melina even mroe! >:)

  • bluejay

    Melina and Michelle have good in ring chemistry together but i really do think that the problem with this feud was that it got boring.

  • faux.brit

    Most WWE feuds were rubbish. I voted Kong v. TBP because they used every heel tactic in the book. That’s what being a heel is all about.

  • charlierogue26

    I thought Taylor and Daffney had a much better feud. Melina-McCool wasn’t really a feud. It was more of a ‘You’ve got title, me wants title’. Daffney-Taylor was much more psychological and the build ups to their matches were genius. That’s what makes a feud. Not two nice PPV matches and a couple throwaway Smackdown matches.

  • baby

    i thought it was a good fued & ended with a great match

  • Mikas

    charlierogue26 wrote:
    “Melina-McCool wasn’t really a feud.”

    A feud is a rivalry between 2 wrestlers that spans a period of several months to sometimes several years. So offcourse this was a ‘real’ feud, the “reason” of a feud is irrelevant, it can even be over a picture (Mick Foley).

  • vonVile

    McCool dominating Melina to win the Women’s title doesn’t equal a feud. It’s just an overdrawn squash match. DD should add a new catagory for 2010: Squash Feud.

  • Anca

    I can’t believe it. I am really beginning to hate this web-site. You do nothing more than promoting the WWE Divas all the way, even though they suck in the ring and overall they’re the lamest women’s division in pro-wrestling right now. Why are these no-good, untalented sluts receiving prize after prize?

    • Melanie

      Anca — It’s one thing to disagree but to use words like slut is totally unacceptable. This is the second time you’ve made such disparaging comments. FYI, the awards are voted for by you guys so we’re not promoting jack. Go have your hissy fit somewhere else. It’s only the f–king Internet, seriously.

  • Dameon333

    I just knew they were gonna win because the Awesome Kong feuds were kinda lame. The Daffney and Taylor one was like nothing and it ended in that match at Monsters Ball. The Mickie vs Maryse feud, I thought it was gonna go somewhere but it didn’t. All they had were some matches. They had no drama, no suspense, none of that stuff that made me want more. I think the only segment they had together was that one where Maryse sprayed the stuff in her eyes for the fifth time. I think they were focused more on the Maryse and Miz love story other than that.

  • SereneAndTranquil

    Awesome Kong vs Tara and Awesome Kong vs TBP was actually entertaining. I loved them. Just thinking about the gimmicks each of the Knockouts had and how they operate was great.

  • KellyEve