Mickie James on Music: Starting Over as a Singer, Interesting Comment Relating to Maria’s Release

Former WWE Women’s Champion, Mickie James, speaking about her upcoming CD release ‘Strangers & Angels’, comments on why she ‘started over’ as a country music singer even though she already has a successful career in wrestling:

“I don’t know. Why not? I’m always up for a challenge and I like to challenge myself. When I first debuted with WWE, I just started going back to college. The day I debuted was my first day of college. The first two and a half years, I was doing double duty then. I was going to school full-time and I was on the road full-time.

I think it’s important to challenge yourself and constantly set the bar higher. With music, it’s always been a passion of mine. It’s always been something I wanted to do. The difference between it is that you’re so vulnerable on stage because in the ring, it’s like a dance. You’re performing, you’re feeding offthe energy of the crowd, but it’s totally driven by raw passion. Whereas, this is a part of your heart and your soul and you’re very vulnerable because it’s just you and a microphone sometimes.

It’s just you up there, you’re giving it your all, and you’re giving a piece of yourself. I think it’s just a way for me to give my fans a piece of me that they wouldn’t necessarily know—a deeper side of me. What you get on the screen is this butt-kicking girl that kicks tail every Friday night, so this is a little softer side, a little different side of me.”

It’s really interesting to hear Mickie talk about studying in college at the same time as her early push in WWE. That’s definitely something I didn’t know before — well done to her. That sounds like a crazy schedule but I think it’s very responsible that Mickie worked hard to make sure she had something concrete to fall back on; we all know that the entertainment industry is very hit and miss. One day you’re a star and the next, you’re not.

Interestingly, Mickie also made a comment that relates to the recent release of Maria Kanellis — although her comments were obviously made before Kanellis’ release. In her interview on Saturday night, Maria alluded to the fact that she has many passions and didn’t want to tie herself down to simply being a WWE Diva, which WWE pretty much didn’t like. Mickie, speaking in this interview, says:

“[...] I believe you can have more than one passion in life. You can do more than one thing. The only limitations we have our within ourselves…”

It seems Mickie has the same belief as Maria — and I totally agree with them both. No one is made only to do one thing, people have many different passions and hobbies and things they want to accomplish in life. Interesting that Maria is axed for that belief and Mickie was treated like dirt on national TV.

Read the rest of the interview by clicking here.

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  • H0D01986

    So if this is the reason Maria was released then should we all start to expect Mickie to follow suit, or is it that Maria had a few other lined up as well? I’m still annoyed with what happened on Friday and would love Maria to go to TNA, i could do with watching a fresh wrestling promotion

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    I dont think they should have fired Maria b cuz of her music carrer! If that was the reason. Like Mickie said every one is entitled to have more than one passion. WWE never likes to see thier superstars do something outside of their company. And Honestly that is the sad part of all this…

  • JaiRate86

    I guess they see Mickie as less expendible than Maria! Also, anyone pick up that she wrote a song about a cheating fiance? Would that be Kenny Dykstra?

    A LOT of cheating going on these days! Ashley Cole, Tyger Woods, John Terry etc.

  • dan333

    The diffrence between Mickie & Maria is that one is better in the ring then the other. Also Mickie has only recently been setting her sights on music while Maria has been doing bits and bobs for some time like her fasion (and I say that with laughter), her music, reality series etc. Maria wants to do so much but Mickie has only chosen to do one thing at this time. That is why I think Maria was released

  • http://johnreport.wordpress.com/ johnreport

    The interview was done during the country music festival she was at and it was before Maria got released. My feeling is Mickie’s safer than Maria because she’s a lot more valuable to WWE because she’s popular, plus she can work good matches. If Maria was better in the ring I believe she’d still be there even with the outside projects.

    And yes, the ex-fiance Mickie’s referring to is Ken Doane. They broke up and he was future endeavored soon after that.

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie

      I’m aware the interview was before Maria’s release. I just think it relates to how Maria feels.

  • Kaledrina

    “I guess they see Mickie as less expendible than Maria!”

    totally. i mean, they’re okay with chris jericho doing his music stuff.. even taking time off to do it. also on jericho, he gets rewarded the belt while helms gets his ass fired. wwe and their double standards hate my brain.

  • http://johnreport.wordpress.com/ johnreport

    I know you’re aware, Mel. Just accentuating the point, that’s all. I agree that it relates to how Maria feels. That’s very true.

    On Kaledrina’s point, Jericho doesn’t miss time. If he has autograph signings for Fozzy they are in the city where Smackdown’s touring. And he hasn’t missed any dates since coming back to WWE. Helms is a good talent, but he wasn’t being used. Jericho’s a main eventer with 20 years of experience. Their “arrest” was such a minor thing. Fifteen years ago we never would have heard about that. The internet blows it up.

    In Mickie’s case, they’ve supported her music by writing about it on WWE.com too, so it’s not like they’re upset about it. As long as she doesn’t miss dates, even house shows, they are likely fine with it. She gets Wednesday-Friday off from WWE and what you do on your day off is your own business. Nothing wrong with pursuing a dream. I also agree with those that think WWE wants to “own” their talent to prevent them from doing other stuff. To some degree they do. It’s hard to find that balance. That’s why a lot of people think Mickie will leave WWE soon. I have no idea if she will.

  • theregoeskitty

    i hope Mickie doesn’t get fired because of the music thing, I’m sure shes safe but i would be real sad to see her go

  • johnny

    I find pretty pathetic that WWE would fire someone for that I remember Vince McMahon saying something like our superstars should have other passions as well not just wrestling something like that after Miss Elizabeth’s death so why is he firing people for pursuing other things out side of WWE.

  • Mikas

    “so why is he firing people for pursuing other things out side of WWE”

    A lot of WWE superstars have activities outside of wrestling. But in Maria’s case, she was just doing too much. She already missed a long period because of the taping for that reality show. And now there is that music career. With all those activities there just isnt much time left to spend for WWE. So they have all the right to fire her. Dont forget that they all signed -exclusive- contracts with WWE, that means you have obligations towards the company.

  • xDynasty

    Actually, I can understand Vince. Being a WWE Superstar/Diva is a job and I can’t think of a boss who would be happy if their employees were too busy with other things instead of their main job. Mickie’s lucky that she only got ‘punished’. If they want to do other things, I think they should find the balance. Chris Jericho is actually a great example how you can have your passions and still be the icing of the cake of what you do.

  • JaiiMvX

    aye wwe liked mickie becuase she can sing an can wrestle and isnt a whore.