Exclusive: Maria Kanellis on Her New Album, Apprentice, Divas Division Frustrations & Much More

With her debut EP, ‘Sevin Sins’ now available on iTunes, we caught up with former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis to discuss her foray into music and a host of other topics. Despite being released in February, it’s been all systems go for Kanellis with her album, ‘Apprentice’ and a new career in MMA as a backstage correspondent for HDNet’s King of the Cage.

In this 50 minute interview, Maria discusses ‘Sevin Sins’, her current stint on ‘Apprentice’, how she got her role on the King of the Cage broadcast team and much more. However, the main themes raised in this interview center around Maria’s time in the WWE and her run as a Diva. Maria reveals her frustrations towards the way the Divas are treated, the ideas that she had for her character, her thoughts on the ‘Piggie James’ storyline, who she thinks are the up and comers in the division, WWE not utilising some of the more experienced Divas, plus much more.

Maria was very open and honest, so if you are a Diva fan, you don’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind insight into the Divas division.

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To purchase Maria’s album, Sevin Sins click here. Visit Maria’s official website at MariaKanellis.net and follow her on Twitter at @MariaLKanellis.

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  • http://www.bebo.com/Official-Divas gavin harvey

    i love this interview thanks diva dirt
    i love what maria said and everything she said is so true

    maria tells it how it is and you never new she could hold an interview this long because of how long she got on tv

    mickie james and maria no longer friends wonder what went down

    maria done well and got her point across and hope to see her on tv soon

    thanks diva dirt

  • Holbrook

    I absolutely adore her.:))))))))))))) its unbelievable

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/jordanmvsx Jordan

    I’m extremely happy that she finally got everything she needed to say about the Diva Division.

    It just goes to show that these Divas aren’t happy being put in a “gimmick” match, no matter how happy they may look when they come out.

    I hope WWE listens to this and finally does something, cause the division could be so much better right now.

  • MickieFan226

    Amazing interview. Loved it! Maria is such a sweet person. :)

    This just goes to show you when people complain about a Diva doing the same moves over and over, it’s not their fault. The company doesn’t let the girls try new things in the ring. I wish Maria would have won the Divas Title at least once before she was let go. You can tell she wanted it.

    Maria also made a good point about Kelly Kelly. She isn’t given enough credit. Kelly is on Eve’s level (I would say) when it comes to wrestling. With the exception that Eve can do a moonsault. Kelly is definitely more ‘over’ with the fans than Eve is. I just hope Kelly doesn’t end her WWE career like Stacy, Torrie, or Maria. Where she was never givin the chance to shine and have a Title run.

    Anyway, getting off the Kelly topic, I wish Maria the best in the future. I hope her music and album does very well! :)

  • mffl413

    GREAT INTERVIEW!!! It sure sounds that she has a lot of respect for Michelle too

  • I <3 Maryse

    i love Maria, she tells it like it is :) she is obviously upset with the Diva’s time on TV so I can’t imagine how they must feel having to do that crap every week. I love her album btw, it is different and really good. I think she’s right about that match between Michelle and Melina at Night of Champions(i think, yea) cuz that match was amazing and I think it’s stupid that people said those moves were “too devestating”. That’s what we want to see, it was entertaining and one of the best Diva’s matches I’ve seen in a LONG time.

    Still love her, I think she had a lot of potential but I wish her luck with everything she is doing

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    @MickieFan226 i dont think kelly is really on eve;s level she is kind of boring in the ring same moves all the time.
    most likely kellly will at least capture a divas belt sooner or later at least one reign before she leaves she debuted in 2006 now its 2010 so she will be in the WWE for like maybe 4 more years. but the divas who are past or on eve;s level are katie,natalya,alicia and jillian <– divas who havent been treated right or havent had a belt AND sereena but she doesnt wrestle yet. i think jillian should leave WWE she isnt used properly and looks like she will never plus she bores me, i dont think she has enough personality in the WWE except for tht horrible singing gimmick. WWE really need to release her if they will never use her. Mickie is the Face of the WWE Divas but i despize her because WWE make her have too much spotlight same thing on why i hated Trish Stratus and Lita and Molly Holly SORRY i know there amazing wrestlers like way amazing but i was never a fan of them. i use to be a fan of maria but i started disliking her and eventually hated her the only BIG eye candy tht is my 2nd favorite is KellyKelly.
    Alicia Fox- Will be used in the future alot same with Eve. ALICIA FOR CHAMP IN LATE 2010 or Early 2011
    Natalya- Amazing Valet
    Katie- Needs To Go On The Mic More Needs A Better Personality
    Jillian- WWE Needs to release her
    Kelly- Will get a reign or 2 in the future
    Tiffany- Improving
    Layla- Follower but funny and has a great personality but just sucks at wrestling but has improved a bit.
    Rosa- Sucks Completely In WWE
    Gail- Needs to be used properly
    Melina,Beth,Mickie,Michelle,Maryse- Divas who are being used correctly or too OVERUSED *cough*cough* Maryse

    and lastly EVE TORRES- uhm all i can say is i hope they dont make her the next Mickie as in belt hogger

  • sugarrush28

    I always liked Maria but after this I like her more. I can’t believe how honest this interview was. She didn’t hold back at all and I liked that. This has to be one of the best interviews I heard on this site.

  • Mr. Glamazon

    Sensational interview!!! Loved Maria’s honestly and willingness to talk about anything.

  • ChrissyL

    Wow. Every time she speaks, it makes me love her more.

    I love how she was totally honest about her thoughts on the WWE, & it’s as if she said everything that the divas & the diva fans have been thinking for the last few years.

    It’s interesting that she said that stuff about Melina just a couple days after Melina posted those couple of tweets about how she didn’t get along with Maria too well.

    I also love that divadirt continues to keep up with Maria after she’s been released. I really wish Maria all the success in the world. Show those idiots that run the WWE what they’re missing out on!

  • http://divaderby.net/ DivaDerby

    Great interview. I love that she’s so honest about everything. Hopefully people in the WWE will hear what she has to say. I’m surprised the WWE doesn’t see the potential in the women’s division, since it would mean more $$$ for the WWE. I’m guessing that their writing team is so overwhelmed with storylines for the top guys, that the divas aren’t given enough time. Its similar to the US title, its usually ignored and the bigger titles get the biggest spotlight. They should have a writing team exclusively for the divas. That’s likely the only way the divas will get better storylines. If the main writers come up with something good, they are more likely to give the better storyline to the top guys than to the divas, which makes the divas underperform.

  • McCoolFan

    I love how Maria touches on EVERYTHING us female wrestling fans feel. I mean come on, it came straight from her mouth how effed up Management treats them. It’s really not fair and I wish there was a way we could stop it, or maybe fight to have divas treated like actually women and not sex symbols. I also love how she talks about the real side of Michelle since a lot of people think of her as a bad person. I really respect what she said about her and the rest of the girls. I always knew Michelle was always there to lend a hand to the other divas. I honestly see Maria going very far with acting and her music career and I hope and pray that WWE opens their eyes and see what a good thing they lost when they fired her. Great interview Diva Dirt I enjoyed it!

  • Goodvibes

    You guys really set the bar with this interview, Maria was open, candid , and HONEST. Like everyone else I love how she feels EXACTLY the same way every other diva fan does.

    In all fairness the Smackdown divas do recieve more of a chance to showcase their talents, however RAW is increasingly becoming the back end of womens wrestling. Melina and Maria obviously dont mix too well but its great to see her give Michelle props. I agree that Kelly should have won the title before Eve, theyre both fairly green and Kelly is more over, it wouldve been a great time for her to shine.

    All in all a great interview, great work!

  • astrozombie50

    Agreed, I don’t know how you guys could top this interview. Great job here. I don’t think Melina feels the same way though. Just sayin.

  • DPWE1111

    “and lastly EVE TORRES- uhm all i can say is i hope they dont make her the next Mickie as in belt hogger”
    @ LaceyVonErichFan, how is Mickie a belt hogger? Her last title reign lasted 23 days. And the time before she held the belt was back in July 09, with the Divas title, which lasted 78 days (shorter than Maryse, Melina & MIchelle’s reigns). The last time Mickie had a substantial Championship reign was back in 2008, after she defeated Beth Phoenix for her 4th Women’s Championship Reign.
    I don’t think Eve will hog the belt that much TBH, because I have a feeling she’ll lose it to Alicia Fox, or a Diva that comes to RAW in the Draft.

  • http://www.myspace.com/babygrl6393 suebenden8

    I love Maria so much (: It was a shame how she was release. It is nice to hear how someone who use to be in the company feels about the diva division. I think the wwe tries to make the girls now the next Trish Status. And there will never be another Trish. Just like there will never Lita. Each diva is special in their own way and it is a damn shame that the wwe tries to make them to be the next Trish or Lita or anyone else. You can’t duplicate a era or a diva from the past. It just can’t happen. Hopefully someone kicks management in their asses. And gets them to care about the divas again.

  • Ashleigh

    I really enjoyed this interview and really liked what Maria had to say. I also found it really nice hearing someone so complimentary towards Michelle McCool!

  • Mikas

    So, WWE’s creative staff considers the Michelle/Melina match on Night of Champions ‘too devastating’? All of a sudden any hope i had that Serena, Natalya or Beth will ever be used properly is shattered to pieces.

  • theregoeskitty

    so i guess it sounds like Mickie might be one of the Divas that are only close with people on her brand at the time

    aww i love Maria XD i never expected Maria to be the one Diva that tells it like it is

  • http://www.twitter.com/thefamouseric Lee

    This was VERY honest. I remember in other interviews that she stated she left on good terms. I dont know if WWE would agree after hearing this. As a fan, thats delicious :P

    @ChrissyL what did Melina’s tweets say? She twitters so much that I truthfully ignore most of them.

    Well done team.

  • http://www.twitter.com/thefamouseric Lee

    wow just read a couple of pages of melina’s tweets. most are about this interview. fans keep trying to get her to lash out at maria. we diva fans are such drama queens sometimes :/

  • theregoeskitty

    @chrissyL i saw what she tweeted to maria and i’m thinking along the lines someone has twisted maria’s words i dont recall her saying anything bad about melina in this interview but melina tweeted to maria

    “Wow. Listened to your interview… That’s what I get for warning you about Dolph! :p Our little Maria, I wish you can find it in your soul to be honest one day. To tell THE TRUTH. I admire your strong will and believe you will always shine in some way because you have it in you, no doubt. I just pray you see the truth about certain things in life and Speak The Truth. Treasure the fact that you did so much with the wwe (& did it successfully!). Now you are doing amazing things and your album is doing great!!! You are blessed and are young so there is more to come. If saying those things make you feel, I hope you do. All I hope is that you are happy. I love you no matter what Maria. And I’m still proud. – Melina” it sounds kinda bitchy

  • xxQOXxx

    Wow, i don’t usually change my mind so quickly about someone but i think i really like Maria. She sounds so sweet & sincere when speaking about the wrestling buisness.

    Oh, and i guess those sweet smiles the face girls have when teaming with Melina are NOT so sincere. She really doesn’t sound so impressed with Melina’s attitude.

    Please bring her back as a heel!

  • http://www.twitter.com/thefamouseric Lee

    @theregoeskitty melina mentioned listening to the interview and was redirected to a certain part by a fan. The part in question is when Maria stated that Melina would scold her for using certain moves, and she felt that Melina claimed ownership to moves that she shouldn’t have.

    That being said, I couldnt find Melina tweet’s about Maria and her not being close. The only negative one I found pre interview was in which Melina RT’d a fan who said nasty things about maria on the apprentice. Although Melina did add an LOL so I think she may have been laughing at the silly fan.

    Anyway, I still think this was a great interview. I like how Maria added that Nikki was a hard worker (and then added Brie in what I think was to not hurt Brie’s feelings). I have felt for a long time that Nikki outshines her sister ringwise and would like to see her get more solo opportunities.

  • Zephyr5326

    Possibly the best interview ever conducted here on Diva-Dirt.

    Maria was more than honest and left us some REALLY interesting points to think about.

    Why is she no longer close to Mickie? What went on there?
    Is Melina a bit of bitch?

    And she also answered why Michelle has got to where she is, and it’s not because she sleeps with The Undertaker.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview, I’d love to hear more from Maria too, maybe by answering questions from the fans, that’d be cool.