Tiffany & Drew McIntyre Get Married

Congratulations are in order for SmackDown Diva Tiffany and Superstar Drew McIntyre as Scotland’s Sunday Mail reports that the pair married in Vegas recently:

“SCOTS wrestling star Drew McIntyre has secretly married his former Playboy model girlfriend. WWE Intercontinental champion Drew tied the knot with fellow wrestler Taryn Terrell in Las Vegas. Drew’s parents, from Ayr, got a call 15 minutes before the ceremony. His dad Andy Galloway, 50, said: “It was a shock, but we were really pleased.” (Source: Lords of Pain)

Congrats to the couple! TNA Knockout Christy Hemme is also due to marry this weekend.

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  • Shadic

    I find it funny. They get married after Drew’s “Firing” on Friday, lol

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    Shadic – maybe they’ll go on a honeymoon…who knows? xD

    Congratulations. Miss Tiffany is one lucky girl for sure.

  • madslam2009

    Well congrats to Tiffany and Drew Mcintyre
    Drew can teach Tiffany so much.

  • Jamal

    Congrats to the happy couple.

  • ChaCha

    Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve read this in the past few days, it never gets easier!

  • Toby

    Congrats to the lucky couple!

  • RedHotVixen

    Congrats to them both! I would also like to take this oppurtunity to announce my engagement to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. We plan to wed on the first of June and hope to make many babies. Oh, look at that. Time for my medication.

  • Dorothy Gables

    LOL @ RedHotVixen

  • RedHotVixen

    I will have you know that Dwayne and I are extremelly happy. Or at least we would be happy if Dwayne would just drop that silly restraining order that he hit me with. =)

  • Shadic

    *pats RedHotVixen on the head*

    Good girl, now can you put on this jacket for me please?

    Anyway, Christy’s gettin married too? My friend will never hear the end of it and she’s a huge Hemme fan

  • AmazingRed!Fan

    So Tiffany cheated on me and ran off and got married lmao bt anyway congrats to the happy couple

  • Ayzali

    Congrats!! I’m extremely happy for them as well as Christy!! LMFAO @RHV I know how it feel’s *sighs*… Anyhoo I hope they go the distance!!

  • ahlanthony

    COngrats to them. They are both great wrestlers! =D

  • bridget


  • Lady Sheamus from Tokyo

    *sniffles and runs from the room*

  • Lady Sheamus from Tokyo

    Nah, I can’t be mad at her. Tiffany’s one lucky chickarita!